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UN Headquarters Bombing in Iraq Exposes US News Media Bias
Jesse, Editor, 19-August-2003

This morning, a car bomb explosion ripped through the hotel housing the UN headquarters in Baghdad: A live shot of the explosion was captured by NHK, a Japanese news crew covering a UN press briefing in the building at the time.

Why were no US news organizations covering this news briefing?

How does the US news media set its priorities?  Why is it more important to cover every press conference held by the principles involved in the trials of Scott Peterson, Robert Blake, Kobe Bryant, Martha Stewart and a slew of other people who have no impact on the people of America or of the world, than to cover UN press conferences in Iraq?

The corporate media that purport to report the “news? have not found it newsworthy to even scroll a single sentence about the numerous court proceedings involving the secret Dick Cheney energy meetings!  This is a journalistic outrage! On the other hand, every time Secretary Rumsfeld chooses to reinforce his war propaganda, the media outlets are there broadcasting every word. It is becoming ridiculously transparent that CNN, for example, only broadcasts what the US government wants the people to know. This morning, the CNN anchor woman had no idea what the press briefing at the UN headquarters was about. No one at the station had any idea what was being discussed. How can a news organization like CNN selectively ignore a press conference such as this? What is it that they are refusing to report? How can they call themselves a news organization? This brings into question everything that is being reported about Iraq! Everything!

As a result of the blatant disinformation reaching the public, is issuing the following message to FOX News:

Yesterday, August 18th, 2003, much of your broadcast was once again dedicated to bashing France in the standard vile and unprofessional manner we are so accustomed to hearing from your network. Today, you should ask yourself why the people of France and the rest of the world refuse to stand by the US blindly in the way that the Americans do. The obvious answer to that question is that the rest of the world knows the facts! They are not brainwashed or distracted on a minute by minute basis with the trivial dribble that you present as news. The entire industrialized world knows more about America’s domestic and foreign policy than most Americans. -  and this is largely your fault, along with that of CNN, MSNBC (the new Court TV Light) and the rest of the TV News Entertainment networks.

FOX News owns the trademark to the phrase “Fair and Balanced?, but they apparently never paid attention to the word “NEWS?.

The US broadcast news media is clearly a model of incompetence, irresponsibility and is having a dramatic negative impact on the American people.  Their pretense at dispensing information has been replaced by distracting them from what is important, by misinforming them about a majority of issues, by keeping them in the dark about vital issues and by misrepresenting facts and events.

US polls continue to show support for the invasion of Iraq yet the polls do not show how misinformed the people are on the issues. Polls show support for the Bush/PNAC administration, yet the people have no idea what is going on because they are bombarded with Kobe Bryant coverage while Dick Cheney continues his looting of America. 47% of the American people think that Iraq was involved with the 9/11 attacks. The news networks own polls reflect this. Don’t they realize that this represents a complete failure on their part? The media have failed to inform the public, which in term is unable to make informed decisions. Their own polls reflect this! Is this evidence of incompetence or calculation?  You decide.

A note to CNN, FOX, MSNBC and company: The American press has historically been the guardian of democracy. It is not supposed to by preoccupied by ratings. News networks should not compete with entertainment shows in order to win the top time slot in the Neilson ratings. They are supposed to serve as the nation’s watchdogs and to serve the interests of people. We appeal to you to start doing your jobs now. It is still not to late to stop the circus and begin reporting the news!


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