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  • Decoding the media fixation on terrorism - Al Qaeda dominates headlines while U.S. dominates the world
  • Distractions won't hide truth about war in Iraq - First, there was the media attention drawn to the happy homecoming of Pvt. Jessica Lynch, the West Virginia 20-year-old who became the Pentagon's poster child for grit and courage at a time when it looked as if the war in Iraq was not going well. ...
  • Lessons in how to lie about Iraq - The problem is not propaganda but the relentless control of the kind of things we think about - In the West the calculated manipulation of public opinion to serve political and ideological interests is much more covert and therefore much more effective.remembered. Lessons to be learned.
  • Political Deflection: The War in West Virginia - We distract ourselves welcoming Jessica Lynch home as the Bush administration presents a budget removing $265 billion from the entitlement programs upon which many West Virginians rely, including $14 billion in veterans benefits.

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The TV News Entertainment Networks do not report the news anymore. They report a few news headlines and spend the rest of the time in talk show mode. They spend the bulk of the time covering one issue to death. Most of the time that issue is of regional importance and has no impact on the nation. They use this to distract us from the issues or the portions of issues that they do not want you to be aware of. They did not realize that TvNewsLies.org  would wake up the world! With your help we can! Pass the word on, help us out, take action! Thank you!

When you watch a news story on a national broadcast ask yourself if the story you are watching will someday end up on our history books. Then ask yourself how many stories that are not being reported will end up in the history books. Doesn’t this tell you something? Important historic events are being overlooked while trivial local dramas are being presented as the most important stories of the day. Is this journalism?

Here is a list of the stories used as distractions by the TV news entertainment networks.






It is getting harder for me to turn on the TV news these days but for the purposes of running this site I have no choice!  Well today or I should say today and yesterday the TV news jokers seem to think that every American should be on the lookout for Saddam. They are making sure we know what he would look like had he altered his appearance. So keep a keen eye out for him when you are at mall! They are scaring us with the latest terror warning. You do realize that this is based on the words of 1 person who has been held in captivity for over a year!

For starters more and more indications that Bush/PNAC knew of the 9/11 attacks have been coming out. Bush’s buddies the Saudis have been implicated and now there is a direct money trail back to Pakistan, another Bush buddy. The lesson here folks, if you have oil and you play with Bush/PNAC you will be safe! There is so much news not being mentioned on TV that I can not keep up! Keep in mind that this site only focuses on a few issues! There is a lot more news out there folks! In the meantime the TV news entertainment networks continue to forget that they are not Court TV and they continue to air court hearings that have no impact on the nation, like Kobe Bryant, yet they ignore the cases that do, like all the Cheney hearings! More real news here:


I did not watch too much news entertainment TV today but from the little that I saw it appears that they are in a full blown blitz to discredit Democratic presidential candidates. They are trying so hard to make people believe that Bush/PNAC are unbeatable and that any attempt to discuss the numerous scandals, 9/11, Iraq, etc.., are just politically motivated moves.

Just for starters the top story of the day should be the fact that BUSH/PNAC are involved in several blatant cover ups and they are covering up even more. They know that the US media will ignore this. Get this; they are actively forcing Niger to shut up about the entire incident! What are they hiding? I think we all know!


I am starting to shake before I go to turn on the news these days. I get furious. I want to show up on every one of these news broadcasts and be there to tell them, on the air, exactly what they are doing wrong journalistically at any given time! Well gay clergy and gay unions are all over the place these days. This is a non-issue. How does 2 people of the same sex dedicating themselves to each other cause a problem for anyone? What’s the problem? The bible thing again? It is a story book, not a users manual! Is anyone going to tell me that the clergy, especially the Catholic clergy are not populated by homosexuals. I suppose this is 2 sins, one for being a homosexual and the other for lying about it! Lighten up folks. It is not like male/female marriages are exactly setting a standard for holiness. Have you seen the divorce rates over the last 1/2 century? Maybe gay people can improve the statistics! Oh, one more thing, it is official, MSNBC is now Court TV 2. These guys should stop kidding themselves. Fox is not much better between Gretta and Heraldo they are Court TV 3.

Well in case you did not know this, David Kay, the former weapons inspector, former TV news analyst and once again weapons inspector is not exactly qualified to inspect for weapons. He is not a scientist. He is preparing a “bombshell” with his report on what he is finding/planting in Iraq. Why is this man in charge? Hmm, I wonder! Also...Colon Powell is stepping down! Maybe he got the e-mail that our readers sent to him in our letter writing campaign. We were the first entity to call for his resignation. Weeks later everyone else joined in. At least we made some waves! By the way US military casualties from the occupation of Iraq have been more than twice the number most Americans have been led to believe because of an extraordinarily high number of accidents, suicides and other non-combat deaths in the ranks that have gone largely unreported in the media. More real news here:


It has been a busy past few days. I apologize for not keeping this page up to date but interestingly enough the distractions of the past few days have been easy to spot. Kobe Bryant is still taking up an abundant amount of air time. A lot of time has been dedicated to the Gay issue. What’s the big deal? How primitive are we as a species that we can not accept the fact that homosexuals exist and it is not a problem. How is recognizing and accepting homosexuals hurting anything? It is a non issue to me. Today is .ARNOLD day! There will also be a lot of time spent ripping Al Gore for his comments about Bush that he made at NYU today. The comments were accurate so the networks will try to attack Gore. No surprise here.

What we are not hearing much about is that another insider ripped into Rumsfeld, and the conclusion drew parallels between the Iraq invasion and the Iran Contra scandal. Hans Blix also chimed in with his most critical comments on the motives behind the invasion. Bush quietly slipped into place laws that prevent US companies from being held accountable for crimes they commit in Iraq even if they are crimes against humanity or outright fraud. The lesson here is that only Americans are permitted to commit  crimes. This is also proven in our exemption in the World Court regarding war crimes. We can commit them, but we can not be tried for them. There was also an admission today by a pilot about how we used napalm (fire bombs that violate Geneva Convention), on Iraqis during the invasion. This is a war crime. Not a word on TV. You can find these stories and more here. Also...poke around...this site covers many of these topics in depth.


Arnold, Arnold, Arnold. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe. Journalism is dead in America.

Here is a story that should be front page, back page, lead story, and the entire news report. Bush Misuses Science, Report Says - Democrats Say Data Are Distorted to Boost Conservative Policies - The Bush administration has repeatedly mischaracterized scientific facts to bolster its political agenda in areas ranging from abstinence education and condom use to missile defense, according to a detailed report - "The Administration's political interference with science has led to misleading statements by the President, inaccurate responses to Congress, altered web sites, suppressed agency reports, erroneous international communications, and the gagging of scientists," according to the report, posted yesterday at www.politicsandscience.org. "The subjects involved span a broad range, but they share a common attribute: the beneficiaries of the scientific distortions are important supporters of the President, including social conservatives and powerful industry groups." - TVNL Comment: This is called outrageous lying. Simple fact. It this were about Clinton or Gore we would see another imeachment!


The last few days can be summed up like this: Arnold Arnold, Arnold Arnold; “Arnold!” Arnold Arnold, Gary Coleman”, Arnold Arnold. Terror terror terror, Arnold Arnold, Grey Davis is a terrible human being, Arnold Arnold Arnold. On a lighter note; Arnold Arnold Arnold, Larry Flint, Arnold Arnold. Today’s weather will be Arnold Arnold with a Arnold front moving in. In Sports Arnold 28, Grey Davis, 14. The Lottery numbers today are A R N O L and the bonus number is D. September 11th, terror, boo, be scared, Saddam, closing in, Arnold Arnold, Kobe and here comes Scott Peterson.

Although I feel that this is a vital part of the web site the fact that I have to watch the news every day to analyze the distractions is killing me. There is so much going on that is not being mentioned! Today on C-SPAN the families of Iraq Invasion troops spoke out. One man told of how the official Pentagon report about how his son died described his son being shot in the back of the head, execution style by an Iraqi yet the members of the dead soldier’s division said that he died because he stepped on an unexploded bomblet from an American cluster bomb. Do you understand how outrageous this is? I am going to keep the section up to date but I may not have the patients to update it daily. I am starting to think violent thoughts when I watch these criminals who claim to be reporting news! While we are at it can someone please tell why box office results are national news? Isn’t this entertainment? Don’t we have stations for this stuff? E TV, MTV, VH1 etc.?  Here is a little story that you may want to hear about: the Bush Administration Tried to Plant WMDs and Failed: WhistlebloweReal news here:


From first glance the economy is getting a little attention. Of course the TV News is asking the public for a solution. They are focusing on the poll is not reflecting well on Bush’s handling of the economy rather than discussing the actual Bush economic policy. The guy who tried to sell hand held Stinger missiles is getting too much attention. This has happened thought the decades, only now it is news. Scott Peterson is back in court which means MSNBC has their daily program schedule filled. No, Arnold did not go away, there is plenty of Arnold talk again; it is MSNBC’s lead story. Hmm, I would have bet on Scott Peterson!

Well let’s just say that this outrageous activity is going on in the light of all of what is happening: Troops in Iraq face pay cut - The Pentagon wants to cut the pay of its 148,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, who are already contending with guerrilla-style attacks, homesickness and 120-degree-plus heat. Yep, let’s give out more tax cuts! Of course the missile guy report is not what it seems to be!


Can you guess what caused the latest news “black out”? I fell victim to the black out too. I have been unable to update the site but I was able to watch and listing to a ittle news. OK, update  us. Don’t speculate. As soon as the blackout happened the blame game began. It started out like a South Park episode where everyone was blaming Canada. Then it turned into the same old nonesens; instead of telling us the rest of the news of the world they filled every second by asking people these brilliant journalistic questions such as “are you hot?” and “was it dark?”. Keep us posted, tell us what is important, and report the rest of the news. PS. Bravo to Canada, the mayor of Toronto said “Tell me, have you ever seen the United States take blame for anything?” Bravo Mr. Mayor!

Still catching up...check back later.


Well imagine this, one of the current distractions is directly related to the fact that one of the huge distractions of the year will be less of a distractions soon! There will be no cameras allowed in the Scott Peterson case hearings!!! The judge who decided that should be nominated for the Supreme Court! What will MSNBC do? Oh my! I guess they have to concentrate on the basketball player death follies. Also just as the world continues to collapse we get a new sniper to distract us. The California recall circus is still in high gear too.

Well, I would say that the most important bit of news (which is not new news to most of the informed readers of this site) is the fact that is is now being exposed that Blair knew that Iraq was not only NOT capable of threatening anyone in 45 minutes, they were not capable of threatening any one, anywhere, anytime! HE LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH AS DID BUSH/PNAC!!! Oh, one little note, THE TALIBAN ARE BACK! Hey BUSH/PNAC, RETREAT IS NOT DEFEAT! Temporarily relocating the Taliban is not a victory! Real news here:


Today (and yesterday) we are experiencing the most deceptive form of distraction I have seen since I started this topic. This can be equated to a deserter hiding out in the middle of a battlefield. Yesterday’s bombing of the UN HQ in Iraq is distraction from a bombshell of an issue. What is it you ask? Look to your right:-)

UN Headquarters Bombing in Iraq Exposes US News Media Bias!!! While everyone was concerned about the bombing nobody noticed that there was a UN press briefing going on at the time. What is so odd about that? NO AMERICAN NEWS ORGANIZATIONS WERE COVERING THIS! This is the ultimate example of one sided information, in other words, BIAS!!!


Well, let’s see, other than Arnold we had a bit of a distraction by the judge in Alabama who is breaking the law by crossing the line between church and state with the 10 commandments statue in the courthouse. Well, let me clear it up in a very brief few sentences: The court ruled that the statue must be removed. The judge must follow the law by removing the statue. If he does not follow the law that means he is breaking the law. If he breaks the law he should be removed. Disagreeing with the law does not entitle someone to break the law. If a judge does not realize this he should be removed. Only in a lunatic society driven by religious nut jobs can something so obvious span so much discussion. You religious people are causing the great majority of the problems on this planet. When are you going to realize this. Practice your religion but do not thrust it on anyone else until you have proof, real actual tangible proof that your theories are correct and that your imaginary friend exists.

Well, over the past few days we did not hear much about the fact that the White House pressured the EPA to LIE about the air quality just days after 9/11. In turn 10s of thousands of people will end up dying early deaths over the next few decades due to the toxins we inhaled. I myself have become a severe asthmatic over the past 18 months. We also missed out on the fact that Tony Blair is being ripped apart by the press in Europe because the inquiries have proven that he knew that Saddam had posed no imminent threat to anyone prior to our invasion yet he lied and told everyone that Iraq was able to launch a WMD attack with a 45 minute notice. Austrailia is being accused of lying about Iraq too, but you should be concentrating on Arnold, not this trivial stuff. Hmm, let’s see,  did you know that Bush/PNAC made a deal with Pakistan and promised NOT TO FIND BIN LADEN because it would cause political unrest in the region? Did you hear what I said? Stop watching TV and start reading. This is getting sickening. Real news here:

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