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Israelis with a conscience!

What is war? - (A must see. Turn speakers on first if you have them.)

Political Watchdogs:

  • Center for Public Integrity - Great site to see how corrupt the Bush administration is, etc.
  • Judicial Watch - These Folks Deserve our Thanks!
  • Black Box Voting - Keep an eye on issues related to voting fraud.
  • Citizens For Legitimate Government - Excellent site! - A multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d'etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.
  • Free Speech in the USA - The greatest threat to freedom is the absence of criticism!
  • Evil GOP Bastard - Exposing the ugly truth about the Republican Party's diabolical plot to replace constitutional democracy with an oligarchic fascist theocracy...
  • - The organization has one top priority... To create a global consciousness whereas each and EVERY HUMAN BEING on this earth realizes that blind trust towards any society, government, political party, religion, corporation or organization is wrong and NOT in the traditions of “freedom”.
  • - We believe that to be contrary is necessary, but to offer alternatives is the way we mature this nations' discussion.
  • - A sarcastic look at reality. Cool site.
  • - Keeping an eye on the masters of deception.

Political Activists:

  • - The Difference Between Money and Real Wealth
    Creating Community Currencies
  • Taking Aim - Lifting the veil of deception, arming the people with information
  • Citizen Works - Information and resources for taking action.
  • WNYC - Public radio. Fair, but has recently been very influence by the neocons
  • Students for Smart Government - A group to ensure against governmental abuses, and abuses of the corporations that greatly influence our government through informing the public of their actions.
  • CODE PINK - Women’s pre-emptive strike for peace!
  • Women's Vote Center - Dedicated to educating, engaging, and mobilizing women voters across the nation to help elect more Democrats to office at all levels of government.
  • Psychoanalysts for Peace and Justice - Psychoanalysts and psychoanalytically-informed citizens united for peace and justice.
  • The Real Patriot News Network - CLEARINGHOUSE FOR FREEDOM AND NEWS!
  • The Peace Pretzel - Counter propaganda posters, free to print, post, and share.
  • Daniel Patrick Welch - Writer, singer, translator and activist. TVNL has published several of Mr. Welch’s fantastic editorials. Good stuff!
  • Massachusetts Activists and Activism - For justice, peace and a democratic world.
  • Traprock Peace Center - Explore Nonviolence, Foster Community, Work to end war, Promote Communication & Take Initiatives on Justice and Environmental Issues
  • Worldwide Renaissance - Many interesting issues addressed here.
  • - Good resource for Democrats.
  • Serendipity - Asserting the natural right of people everywhere
  • BRING THEM HOME NOW! - A campaign of military families, veterans, active duty personnel, reservists and others opposed to the ongoing war in Iraq and galvanized to action by George W. Bush's inane and reckless challenge to armed Iraqis resisting occupation to "Bring 'em on."
  • Democrats.US - Online thinktank for Democrats.
  • - A thourough protest site.

Media Watchdogs:

Bush Watchdogs:

  • Vote To Impeach - Effort to impeach Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld. You can sign the petition at this site. Set up by former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark.
  • - Links to current news and commentary.
  • - We believe the people deserve the truth wherever that may lead us.
  • - Just a cool site!

9/11 Facts:


  • Why Are We Back In Iraq? - Liberal political/media bloggery, literal satire, and lots of attitude. May be workplace unfriendly.

Israeli/Palestinian Relations:


Animal Rights, Lies and Violence:

General Resources:

  • Canada Resources - Good portal for information about Canada. Nicely organized. News, books and regional resources

Woman’s Issues:

Truth Finders:

Other Important Issues:

  • - A free online community of the opinionated.  Any visitor can view, vote, contribute and discuss any topic, any opinion, on any subject, in real-time including every function without our dynamic opinion polls.
  • Native Nations Network - Global news plus extensive coverage of issues related to Native Americans, (the MOST overlooked victims of “American Democracy”).

Personal Web sites

  • A site created by’s most valued contributer.
  • Two Unemployed Democrats Co. - Decompression for the Democrat!™ Outrageous Political T-Shirts, Bumpers, Buttons and more for the progressive Democrat.
  • - Distrusting governments since 1984
  • Anthony Leoppert - Some interesting links to video, photos and news.
  • FreemanZ - Fantastic collection of images and sounds, available on CD. Documentaries on the Patriot act etc., available too.
  • The Worried Shrimp - George Bush ‘art’. Great stuff!
  • - Protests... in Paint & Words
  • Flatulent Technologies - Extracting Energy from Everything that Stinks or Rots

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