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9/11 and the Myth of Terror

The World Did Not Change on 9/11

    "The more aggressively we use our power to intimidate our foes, the more foes we create and the more we validate terrorism as the only effective weapon of the powerless against the powerful." - John Brady Kiesling

Bush learned much from the Nazis

Unlike popular opinion I do not believe 9/11 changed anything. Let me explain. For decades every day of every year our Intelligence Agencies, along with the Intelligence Agencies of the world have been conducting an unseen war. We have used black ops to destabilize regions of the world, we have conducted or supported coups (even of democratically elected leaders), we have conducted espionage and counter espionage and of course we have continually conducted counter terrorism.

Every day of every year radical groups around the world have tried to plan and orchestrate acts of terror against each other, including against the United States. Due to national security the public does not hear about every “battle” in these private wars.

As you will learn from this site (as I add to it), or from other sites, or from realizing the obvious, 9/11 represents one of the following three situations:

  1. Intelligence Failure - During this particular “battle” of this unseen war, we got out smarted. They got one by us. Not the first time, there have been attacks on US Embassies and other US interests and assets like the USS Cole. Of course if you add up all the facts you will find it hard to believe that we could have failed this badly. It is like having someone shoplift a piano and the ten thousand guards at the door missed it. Interestingly enough within a day of the event we knew every detail of the operation. Pretty amazing considering we were not aware it was going to happen. Not only did we know the suspects, but we had the entire plan, logistics, chain of support, history of events all within about 3 days. Pretty amazing considering we did not know it was going to happen.
  2. We Hit the Snooze Button - When you do the research, or when I finish compiling the information for this site, you will realize that it is very likely that the Bush administration let this one get by us. After all as many of 10 members of the current administration were a members of a think tank that openly proclaimed that they needed a “New Pearl Harbor” in order to get support for their plans. What a stroke of luck, we got one. The first one in 60 years! What a coincidence, especially taking into account the incredible capabilities of our intelligence community, not to mention the INTERNATIONAL intelligence community. Wow, a bunch of guys caught the entire global intelligence community off guard, even though they were all on watch lists and that all of their actions, travel, contacts, schooling lunches, snacks favorite colors and shoe sizes were available 24 hours after the attacks. What a coincidence. It is not like they had any advanced WARNINGS!
  3. The evidence supports complete complicity by the Bush administration in the events of 9/11. (Point added after a great deal of research)

Either way, the bottom line is that we are just as safe now as we were 10 years ago. There are just as many threats now as there were 10 years ago. 9/11 did not produce new terrorists, of course attacking Iraq sure will, thousands of people came out and said so. Not just speculators, but the future terrorists themselves. I was watching on MSNBC (I am embarrassed to admit), hundreds of Jordanians saying that they will become martyrs because we are killing civilians. Nice going Bush. Good thinking. Need I remind you that one of the 1st directives from the newly appointed Bush administration was to have the intelligence agencies “back off” of the Bin Laden investigation. This so angered the head FBI Bin Laden investigator that he resigned. He died on the 1st day of his new job as head of security for the World Trade Center, yes he died on 9/11

The only real threat might be that Bush may need another terror attack on the US so that he can say I told you so.

Now I will explain how we are not safe from terror. Terror means being terrified. It does not mean we are being attacked. We have been living in terror ever since 9/11. The Bush administration has done it’s best to keep us terrified. He has not protected us from terror, he has instilled terror in all of us. He has incited the world to hate us and want to kill us. He, or I should say the intelligence community has kept us safe from attacks but this has been the case for decades. Orange alerts cause terror regardless of what actually happens. We did not avoid terror, the alert was the cause of terror.

The anthrax attacks and the sniper stopped the nation. May I remind you of the Unibomber and of Son of Sam, we always have these types of incidents, only now they are being taken advantage of.

Who benefits? The Bush administration benefits. Using the old Nazi doctrine of making the people think they are being attacked and they will agree to anything, the Bush administration is reducing the power of Congress and the Constitution while he increases Executive powers. This was a long known desire of Dick Cheney. The media benefits, higher ratings!!!

Be aware that when the terror alert is raised there is probably a story that is being hidden. The first orange alert covered up the fake Colin Powell dossier story, although it hit in Europe like a ton of bricks.

The only difference between pre 9/11 and post 9/11 is that before the attacks the public was not made aware of the daily threats and chatter picked up my our intelligence community and now this information is used to scare the public.

Do the math. Stop being frightened mice. Educate yourself and spread the word.

TVNL Comment: 9/11 was the perfect excuse for the Bush/PNAC administration to proceed with their entire agenda. Take notice on how many times you have heard this phrase from the administration: “9/11 changed everything”. It is their stock excuse for everything. They needed it; they asked for it, they closed their eyes and let it happen, and now they are benefiting from it. The Bush administration is carrying out the “crime of all time”!

  • NAZI GERMANY’S WAR ON TERRORISM - Hitler used the 1933 burning of the Reichstag (Parliament) building by a deranged Dutchman to declare a “war on terrorism,” establish his legitimacy as a leader (even though he hadn’t won a majority in the previous election).
  • 'They hate our policies, not our freedom' - Pentagon report contains major criticisms of administration. - 'Muslims do not hate our freedom, but rather they hate our policies [the report says]. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the long-standing, even increasing, support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan and the Gulf states. Thus, when American public diplomacy talks about bringing democracy to Islamic societies, this is seen as no more than self-serving hypocrisy.'
  • "International Terrorism" is a Contrived Threat - According to the report Patterns of International Terrorism 2003, issued by the US Department of State on April 2004, thirty-five (35) American citizens died from international terrorism world-wide in 2003.- The extent of the harm to U.S. citizens does not either warrant a "war on terrorism": In the same year as 35 U.S. citizens were killed for political reasons world-wide, 16,503 persons were murdered and 93,433 persons were raped in the U.S. alone (FBI statistics). This alone demonstrates that the motive for the "war on terrorism" is not the number of victims nor their identities.  - TVNL Comment: During the same year 5 million people died from smoking related illness. Which is a bigger threat to life?
  • Inevitably, The Politics Of Terror - Fear Has Become Part Of Washington's Power Struggle - "Mr. President, the only way you are ever going to get this is to make a speech and scare the hell out of the country."
  • Terror War Eroding Rights - The U.S.-led "war on terror" has made the world more dangerous and left people feeling less secure; Amnesty International
  • Fear Factory - The Bush administration's dangerous manufacturing of post-9-11 dread -  Jim McDermott, U.S. Congress - Here's how it works: Throw a hundred claims against the wall and poll every night to see what sticks. Leak stories that are later discredited. Get a graduate student's dissertation and plagiarize it. Lift paragraphs from a war-industry magazine. Every so often, raise the danger level to code "yellow" or "orange." Give the people a rest. Then start all over again. Mix it all up and put an official seal on it. Now it seems true, despite the skepticism of intelligence professionals.
  • WH defends GOP plan to sell Bush 9-11 photo - TVNL comment: 9/11 is thier exuse for everything in their agenda and it is their mind control drug of choice using it to put the public in a trance and make them follow the flag regardless of where it leads to.
  • Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war - He is critical of Britain for allegedly colluding in propagating the myth of a global war of terrorism. He asks: "Is collusion in this myth and junior participation in this project really a proper aspiration for British foreign policy?"
  • TWO YEARS LATER - Bush Cites 9/11 On All Manner Of Questions - In the past six weeks, Bush has cited "9/11" or Sept. 11, 2001, in arguing for his energy policy and in response to questions about campaign fundraising, tax cuts, unemployment, the deficit, airport security, Afghanistan and the length, cost and death toll of the Iraq occupation. - TVNL Comment: As we said, 9/11 was the BUSH/PNAC excuse/justification/free ticket for proceeding with their radical agenda.
  • The Politics of Indignity - When proud people feel like afterthoughts they get angry, whether in restive Iraq or rural America. And some get violent - Harvard professor Jessica Stern, in her wise and thorough new book “Terror in the Name of God,” argues that humiliation is a core motive for many who join violent movements around the world.They start out feeling humiliated, enraged that they are viewed by some Other as second class,” Stern concludes. “They take on new identities as martyrs on behalf of a purported spiritual cause. The spiritually perplexed learn to focus on action. The weak become strong. The selfish become altruists, ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of their lives in the belief that their deaths will serve the public good. Rage turns to conviction.” - TVNL Comment: This applies most accurately to the Palestinians.
  • Our Enemies at Home - In April, as Baghdad fell and American soldiers began searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, federal officials uncovered a cache of deadly chemicals much closer to home — in the eastern Texas town of Noonday. - No, the domestic terrorists of the radical right will never realize their fantasies of "Aryan Revolution." But they do remain ready, willing and able to kill for their causes. As we saw in Oklahoma City and on 9/11, it takes only a handful of committed zealots to wreak havoc. Given the violent track record of America's hate groups, the F.B.I. and the public would do well to pay closer attention to our home-grown version of Al Qaeda.
  • American Government Terrorizes America After 9/11 Attacks - "It does not take too long before the public will wary of the "sky is falling" routine. There might be another life-destroying disaster to keep the fear levels up, or to intensify them so as to remove more American freedoms." - Apparently, all Al Qaeda has to do is to "chatter" via nameless radio communications and the Homeland Security Department will declare "Code Orange" or "Code Red" and the American people will be terrorized into fear of an imminent attack.
  • Journalists faced 'record censorship' in 2003 - RSF says that "arrests of journalists and censorship of media reached a record high in 2003," and that this is "undoubtedly linked to the fight against terrorism and to anti-terror laws adopted by some countries since the 11 September attacks".
  • Fake Terror - The Road to Dictatorship - It's the oldest trick in the book, dating back to Roman times -- creating the enemies you need.
  • Ending The “War On Terror” Myth - The so-called “War On Terror” is a dangerous myth that is undermining American national security. This myth is a deliberate creation of the Bush Administration and their political allies. It has been very useful in promoting the Corporate Agenda of the Bush Republicans. Their fellow travelers in the Corporate Media have helped promote this intellectually dishonest way of looking at the threat posed to America by the Bin Laden terrorist organization.
  • Liberation eludes Afghan women - Forced marriages, beatings, suicides persist despite Taliban's fall - This country supposedly was liberated by the U.S.-led military campaign that ousted the Taliban, but the conservative warlords who run Afghanistan's far-flung provinces support strict rules that bar women from public life and turn a blind eye when their armed militias rape women and girls.
  • Using and Abusing 9/11 Fears to Set National Security Policy - "It has become a mantra that 9/11 changed everything," Keeley said at the group's news conference. "In fact it didn't. The fundamentals of protecting … our national security have not changed…. What has happened is that mantra has been an excuse to say the president can do anything he wants because … 9/11 changed everything."
  • The making of the terror myth - Since September 11 Britain has been warned of the 'inevitability' of catastrophic terrorist attack. But has the danger been exaggerated? A major new TV documentary claims that the perceived threat is a politically driven fantasy - and al-Qaida a dark illusion. - Much of the currently perceived threat from international terrorism, the series argues, "is a fantasy that has been exaggerated and distorted by politicians. It is a dark illusion that has spread unquestioned through governments around the world, the security services, and the international media." - The Power of Nightmares seeks to overturn much of what is widely believed about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. The latter, it argues, is not an organised international network. It does not have members or a leader. It does not have "sleeper cells". It does not have an overall strategy. In fact, it barely exists at all, except as an idea about cleansing a corrupt world through religious violence.

Bush Terror Lies

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