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Jesse’s philosophy. “Don’t trust me; test me.” Don’t believe me or anyone for that matter, just because we say things that you like to believe. Read/listen, then investigate for yourself. If everyone practiced this we would not have to worry about propaganda of any kind. People “believe” whatever they want to; the problem is it is not a matter of believing, it is a matter of knowing. This is not religion, where we can choose to believe in something that has absolutely no proof other than a few books written thousands of years ago; a game of “my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend”. This is real life. The facts are there. They can be seen, touched and there are many witnesses. Stop believing and start investigating.

Let’s set some ground rules down. If you disagree with any of the contents of this site, please feel free to contact me and explain your point. If you have corrections for me I will be glad to incorporate them, although I am doing a pretty thorough job of fact checking prior to publication.

I do not feel that everyone has to agree with me; I do however, feel that people should have all the information before they form opinions. This is not happening today. The Press is clearly and admittedly distorting, omitting and manipulating facts in favor of the Bush administration and the owners of the big media companies.

I don’t mean to typecast political groups, but I am going to state an observation about my right wing and conservative friends. This observation encompass many of the “culprits” I describe. It has been my experience that when right wingers disagree with me they usually do so by calling names and hurling insults.


Let me show you an e-mail I received tonight from one of the fine decent literate right wing intellectual gentlemen.

    Two things to remember.

    "An appeaser is one who feeds a
    crocodile hoping it will eat him last."
    --Winston Churchill

    "If all young people in America were to
    act as you intend , the Country would be
    defenseless and easily delivered
    into slavery" ..Albert Einstein, 1941

    Grow up youngster.

    You are just one more "I know better than you because I think I am smarter than you" Liberal weenie!

    The difference is that you are sick enough to think we owe "the European Community, France and Germany, our neighbors (Canada, Mexico)" an apology. HAAAAHahahahahahaha

    Go away moron!!!!!


(Click here to read the letter I received when this person found his e-mail published!)

Now what is the problem with this response? Easier question...what is right about it? Well, he spells well, other than that? He spells better than I do, for sure! Notice he provided no reason for his view. As right wingers do, they just blurt out their views. I would bet that he, along with many of his people, can not even explain to themselves why they believe what they do. This is the problem with the right wing in general. Even so, they sure are passionate about their views!

Here is an e-mail I received on 08-APR-2003

    im sure u have plenty of mail regarding your me its a joke...but being that we live in America its called "freedom of Speech"Anyway i sent your web-site to the President.We know hes not acually going to read it, but I took a chance.Hopefully, 1 day someone will,and will prove to you and alot of other people that your site has alot of false information.....bye for now....we will talk again...

Here is my response:

    Well, instead of just acting like a child why don’t you tell me where I have false information and I will correct it. I have no interest in providing false information. That is why I provide links to examples of everything that I am saying.

    Why should I wait for someone else to prove that I am wrong? You are claiming that I am wrong, you should prove it. Are you not qualified to do so? If not, then how are you qualified to claim that these are false facts?

    That is the problem with right wingers, they never back up anything they say, but they sure do say a lot.

    Please provide me with any corrections that you feel I should make.



    PS Regarding Bush, I don’t think he reads much. I don’t think he will check out the site. “

Now in defense of some of my conservative friends, I have received a few very eloquently stated comments and criticisms from some very conservative people. I actually made a few corrections to this site thanks to them. See, we can play nice if we try. I will post some e-mails in the near future; left, right and middle views will be included.

Here is my idea, let’s exchange observations. If I can learn from you, that would make me smarter. I love getting smarter. Makes me feel powerful! I have to be smart because I do not have model good looks and I need other attributes to make people like me:-)

A great rule of thumb is that when you communicate with someone that you disagree with your goal should be to have at least one of you be better informed as a result. If your goal is to insult, trust me, I am a big boy, and I am waaaaay too secure to feel hurt when I get an e-mail from a person with the intellect of our sample friend. (This is a real e-mail though). I have had more enlightening conversations with my parrot.

Talk to me. If you want to influence me use your head. I am trying to inform you about why I form my opinions. Don’t just tell me that you disagree, tell me why, tell me where I am wrong, or try to tell me something that does not make you sound like an ass.

OK? Great. Thanks. Now let’s be friends:-)



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