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I will provide a detailed examination of Bush’s campaign promises/lies as I continue to add to this site.

As the days go by I will provide links to documentation validating my points. I would like to make this point in advance however.

Before we examine specifics it is important to understand Bush’s 2 most obvious, yet least noticed campaign lies.

If you recall Bush’s campaign, he professed 2 main points regarding his goals for the nation.

  1. In a pledge to America, George W. Bush vowed to restore integrity and dignity to the White House after the Clinton years. - Well, let me pose a few examples of Bush’s idea of decency. Please tell me where the integrity and dignity is?
    1. He appoined 2 convicted felons plus others involved in the Iran Contra scandeal to high positions, sidestepping Congressional approval.
    2. He built a Defense Policy Board consisting of 9 members who sit on the corporate board of at least one defense contractor. One person sits on the board of 9 defense contractors.
    3. He increased defense spending while he cut Veterans benefits and he cut funds for the education of children of persons in the military.
  2. Bush campaigned on the promise of Compassionate Conservatism
    • Why then did he build the administration out of the most right wing hawks this nation has ever seen?
    • Why then did he select 10 members of the neo-conservitive think tank called The Project for a New American Century, to be his vice president and his top advisors? These are the same people who spoke of a new world order, doing away with the UN, using military power over diplomacy, using preemptive war, realigning the middle east map and spoke of the need for a New Pearl Harbor” in order to get the support for their ways? This is like saying that you are not a racist and then you hire Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members as your chief advisors. Say all you want about how you feel, you are better judged by the company you keep rather than by the words you say.

The Lies:

  • On the Environment - Rolled back promise within 60 days of taking office. - More on Bush’s assault on the environment here.
  • Blatant Lie During Campaign - Another one on the Environment
  • US will destroy its enemies, says Cheney - The United States will not pursue deterrence or containment policies in its so-called war on terrorism but would instead seek to utterly destroy its enemies, said US Vice-President Dick Cheney. - TVNL asks: Does anyone remember Bush’s campaign promises? What exactly did he mean by “compassionate conservatism?” Why did he say that America won’t be a bully? Why did he then go ahead and pack the administration with PNAC jerks like Cheney and Rumsfeld?
  • The Buck Stops There - Bush shifts the blame for his Iraq whopper.- When George W. Bush ran for president, one of his big selling points was responsibility. - He promised an "era of responsibility" in which leaders and citizens would no longer "blame somebody else."
  • Federal spending soars under Bush's watch - President Bush came to office saying he was a fiscal conservative, but federal spending has skyrocketed on his watch. And it's not just the Pentagon that's getting more federal dollars.
  • The Uncompassionate Conservative - It's not that he's mean. It's just that when it comes to seeing how his policies affect people, George W. Bush doesn't have a clue. - What is the disconnect? One can see it from the other side -- people's lives are being horribly affected by the Bush administration's policies, but they make no connection between what happens to them and the decisions made in Washington.
  • Hopes for Civility in Washington Are Dashed - In Bush's Term, Tone Worsened, Partisans Say - Thirty-seven months ago, President-elect George W. Bush stood in the Texas House chamber and called for the nation's leaders to "put politics behind us and work together" after the bitter Florida recount. - Early in the term, "I had high hopes for Bush" changing the tone, said Rep. Ray LaHood (R-Ill.), a voice of civility in Congress. "We were on the high road then, but now I think we've hit an all-time low." - "It's his way or no way," said Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.), the Senate minority whip. "He's a man who campaigned on having a better relationship, and it's exactly the opposite of what he said he would do. I've never served with anybody who is so uncooperative."
  • The State of Compassion - When Bush started calling himself a "compassionate conservative" during the 2000 election campaign, critics dismissed this as an oxymoron—or "baloney," to use the technical term.After four years of "compassionate conservatism"—what is it? - So, to sum up: Talk loudly. Carry a big stick anyway. Spend money. Borrow to pay for it. Fiddle the books. I guess that's a governing philosophy of sorts.


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