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Read the stories that TV news networks forget to report!

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"The Program CNN & FOX News
Wouldn't Want You To Hear"
"It's Not What They Say...It's What They Don't Say!"
Live Every Thursday Night at 8PM ET (GMT-5)!

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Do you trust the TV news networks?
Do you believe that talk radio keeps you well informed?
Do you think you can tell when you are being deceived?
Well, think again!

Listen live as the editor of, the Internet authority on media deception, exposes the lies of the mainstream media. Hear the rest of the news that is conveniently omitted by our corporate news giants. Learn who the liars are and learn to spot deception!

Learn to start thinking for yourself again! Tune in and learn how to stay in tune: to reality!

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    Recent Guests Include:

  • Larissa Alexandrovna - Managing Etor of
  • Jim Brewster - Discussing 911 Eyewitness DVD
  • Jodi Evans - From Code Pink
  • Eric Hufschmit - Conspiracy Researcher - Painful Deceptions 9/11
  • Mary MacElveen - Writer for
  • Loren Moret - Scientist, testified at Tribunal convicting Bush admin of war crimes.
  • Bill Munro - 81 year old self cured cancer survivor - hydrogen peroxide & cancer.
  • Jerry Policoff - Freelance Writer
  • Bill Press - From CNN’s Crossfire & MSNBC’s Buchanan & Press. Writer, Radio-TV host, political insider
  • Michael Ruppert - - Discussing 9/11 & Peak Oil.
  • Kevin Trudeau - Of Infomercial fame discussing his book: Natural Cures
  • Alfred Weber - Attorney charging Bush/Cheney with complicity in 9/11
  • Webster Tarpley - Historian & Author discussing 9/11, Synthetic Terror, Made in the USA!
  • Jimmy Walter - Of
  • Dylan Avery - Filmmaker discussing Loose Change, 9/11 documentary.
  • Mark Crispin Miller - Author, Professor, Discussing the Bush admin, election fraud & the media.
  • Karl B Schwarz - Former Republican operative exposing Bush admin crimes related to 9/11 and more.
  • Brad Freedman - From, discussing election fraud.
  • Mark Karlin - Editor of discussing current events.
  • Kristina Borjesson - Media expert and author. Discussing media deception.
  • Anthony J. Hilder, Filmaker, discussing 9/11 & secret societies.

Memories from our original program... 


Monday, November 17th 2003, 12 noon ET.

ANNOUNCEMENT! TVNL Radio is OFF THE AIR!!! We were informed by that due to lack of financial support they had to cancel our show. TVNL Radio was the number 1 rated show on the network and was costing LewisNews the most money to broadcast (bandwidth cost money), therefore they would save the most money by eliminating our broadcast. We were in the process of finding sponsors which would have helped out.

The fact that TVNL Radio was the highest rated show on the network was the reason we were targeted as a cost saving cancellation. The more people listen the more bandwidth us used. This costs LewisNews money!!! TVNL did not have any sponsors.

TVNL needs approximately $1000/month to finance the program. This cost goes up as we get more listeners. If you wish to sponsor the show please let us know.

We wish to thank our listeners and we hope to be back on the air one of these days. Please check back for updates on our show.


Scheduled guests:

Past guests:

  • Tuesday, October 7th - Punditman, of A Canadian perspective.
  • Thursday, October 9th - Grant M. Scheiner Editor of
  • Friday, October 10th - Kelly James, author of THIS editorial, among others. Mr. James teaches political science and is a freelance columnist. You can access his mini bio at the bottom of his recent political humor piece here.
  • Tuesday Octorber 14th, K. Bendib, political cartoonist and author (see his work here).
  • Thursday October 16th, Rob Kall, editor of
  • Friday October 17th, Meria Heller - The host of the #1 Internet radio program for 4 years in a row!
  • More guests being scheduled.
  • Wednesday, October 29th, CWO (Chief Warrant Officer) Hollis Stanford  , Retired, US Army - CWO Hollis is one of approximately 700,000 Disabled Military Retiree's who are being cheated out of their Earned Retirement Pay, based upon a Law dated in 1890...which only pertained to the Civil War Veterans of that day! - The Disabled Military Retiree's are the only group of Federal Service Retiree's that suffer this shame full discrimination!  All other Federal Service Retiree's are allowed to draw both full VA Disability Compensation and their full retirement pay. - Disabled Military Retiree's are not allowed to draw both full  VA Disability Compensation and full retirement pay. - Please help to inform the public about this great injustice. CWO Hollis is involved with groups that are in the process of implementing a new political party!  You may visit them at &
  • Thursday, October 30th - Marie Coady - A freelance columnist contributing a weekly and a bi-weekly column for a newspaper company that publishes dailies and weeklies in 10 communities just northwest of Boston, MA. Before moving to dailies, Coady was a columnist with a chain of 130 weekly publications covering communities throughout New England. - We will discuss censorship and the current political climate as it relates to the press.
  • Tuesday November 4th, Billy Ray Kidwell, founder of a Civil Rights Group for Active Military, Retired Military, and Veterans. You can read about Mr. Kidwell  by clicking here here: Please join us as we discuss issues related to supporting the troops and our war veterans. - 3,500 Fragrances, up to 70% OFF- FREE Shipping  

SCHEDULE: Monday-Friday. 12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM ET (Eastern Time US)

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