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Bill Kristol, PNAC, 9/11 & The Media

An Exposé By

“… While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein."

A Report of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC),
Rebuilding America's Defenses - September, 2000

To understand Bill Kristol, you have to examine his modus operandi – his devious ways of plying a nefarious art. Bill Kristol is a master neocon, a heartless warmonger and an accomplished charlatan.  But Bill Kristol works behind the curtain.  He sets the stage and pulls the strings, while others do his dirty work. And Bill Kristol, with little fanfare or publicity, is one of the most influential architects of George W. Bush’s wars.

To know the man, you have to look behind his overt persona. Bill Kristol makes no secret of his views or his philosophy.  He has never hidden his affiliation with of the Project for a New American Century PNAC), of which he is a founder. And yet, when introduced to the public, he is never, ever connected to that organization. He is always presented as the editor of the Weekly Standard, as benign an introduction as can be.

Neither Kristol nor the magazine is ever tied to PNAC by the corporate media. The dots are never connected. The truth is never told, and the facts behind the story remain hidden.  But just this week, a slight slit appeared in the mask. A recent feature article in Kristol’s Weekly Standard gave this editor food for thought. Some signs of anxiety and concern on the part of the always-smiling, always-suave Bill Kristol may just be seeping through. See if you can follow me.


You just have to smile when you read an article with the byline Sonny Bunch. I’m sorry, but the name takes something away from the stature of an assistant editor at a reputable magazine. Then again, when the publication is Bill Kristol’s Weekly Standard, it’s not unusual to confuse the ridiculous with the sublime.

Sonny Bunch is an assistant editor to Bill Kristol, and Sonny Bunch writes claptrap. Kristol makes the rounds of TV panel shows, always sporting the frozen grin of someone whose underwear is a bit too tight.  Bunch stays out of the limelight and writes articles that highlight his abject ignorance about the real world.

Together, they play good cop, bad cop with some very explosive and momentous issues. On September 26th, Kristol’s neocon magazine took on the McKinney inquiry into 9/11.  Bunch was sent to Washington, D.C. to cover a series of panel discussions titled "The 9/11 Omission: Did the Commission Get it Wrong?"   His approach was almost laughable.

Unable to discredit the message at the conference, Bunch went directly after the messengers with a headline fit for the sleaziest of tabloids.  It read: March of the Conspiracy Theorists: America’s nuts make the long journey to Washington.

Even for the Weekly Standard, this was a substandard bit of reporting. Bunch gave a fairly accurate account of the panel and the topics under discussion.  Strangely, he never once made an attempt to disprove a single allegation about 9/11. He offered no counter argument by anyone who supports the Kean Report. He made no substantive attempt to discredit the claims of the speakers, many of whom were highly respectable people with unimpeachable credentials.  And yet and yet…..

And yet…the article was filled with insults and denigrating comments, designed to ridicule the panelists.  Cynthia McKinney was lumped with the lunatic fringe.  Wayne Madsen was dismissed because his hatred of all things George W. Bush, and love of all things conspiratorial, almost rises to self-parody. Michael Ruppert was described as the grand-daddy of all conspiracy theorists.

Apparently, according to Bunch, not a single credible person had anything meaningful to say.

Once again, Bunch refuted nothing that was presented by the panelists.  Rather, the article offered a rather benign picture of a group of eccentric people who came together to discuss something quite unimportant and totally insignificant. So why take the time to cover the conference and write the article?  Why, indeed.


A bit of background: In 1994, Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz, with financing from Rupert Murdoch, established the Weekly Standard magazine. In 1997, along with Robert Kagan, Kristol founded the Project for a New American Century, a neoconservative movement that openly advocated military action in Iraq to "protect our vital interests in the Gulf" as early as 1998. There is no doubt that the man, the magazine, and PNAC are inexorably intertwined.

A subsequent PNAC plan written in 2000, was entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century,” The treatise clearly showed that members of the Bush administration had planned to take military control of the Gulf region one way or another, long before the attacks of 9/11.

Remember also, that PNAC members became deeply entrenched in many powerful and strategic positions once George Bush was installed as President. Clearly, the plan could now become a reality. But, how?

Here’s how: The PNAC plan openly called for a “transformation” of the U.S. military into an imperialistic force of global domination. That was more easily said than done. The American people would have to go along with the idea, and that was a problem, but not an insurmountable one. Read the next line very, very carefully:

     “The process of transformation,” the plan said, “is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event—like a new Pearl Harbor.”

Let that sink in: like a new Pearl Harbor…like a new Pearl Harbor….like 9/11. Is there any question that 9/11 constituted a catastrophic and catalyzing event very similar to Pearl Harbor?  Is there any question that the PNAC plan for war against Iraq became feasible only because of 9/11?   Is there any question at all that PNAC got its new Pearl Harbor exactly at the right moment in history?

Let that all sink in and calculate the possibility of all this being sheer coincidence.  Would you bet the ranch on the odds?


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….well, you know.  If it looks suspicious, sounds suspicious, and smells suspicious, - maybe, just maybe it is suspicious.  The official explanation of the events of 9/11 is filled with holes. We don’t know what actually happened on that day, but the story we’ve been give has no credibility whatsoever. Bill Kristol knows that.

Dozens of individuals and groups have raised serious and pertinent questions about the flaws in the official version of events. Bill Kristol knows that, too. Maybe, just maybe, Bill Kristol and his neocon warmongers are getting nervous. The Congressional Black Caucus's annual legislative conference moderated by Cynthia McKinney was given fairly good publicity for its genre. Its airing on C-Span must have given Kristol a Prozac moment. It stands to reason he needed to make a move.

Was the Bunch story the fist step in a well planned counter-offensive? The Weekly Standard is a highly regarded and influential publication, as evidenced by the reprint of the entire Bunch article by CBS News on September 29th. Oddly, the story itself is a textbook example of poor journalism, lacking any justification for its disdain of the panelists, and saying very little of substance at all.

But think about this a bit more. Bill Kristol knows better.  He is a seasoned professional who allows very little to get by him.  Possibly, there is more to this than meets the eye.

It is very possible that what Kristol wants, Kristol gets. He knows the power of words and very cleverly labeled the panelists America’s nuts in his headline.  Bunch didn’t need to defend the insult. It was clearly meant to devalue the serious nature of the conference and dismiss it as a ho-hum non-event.  Darn clever, these neocons….and very darn dangerous.


Not very much of consequence, if the public remains as uniformed as it is. Walk up to the first ten people you know and ask them what PNAC is. Ask them if they know the PNAC members in Washington and beyond. Most of them won’t have a clue.  Try it.

The corporate media won’t touch PNAC.  They won’t touch the treatise that started the fireball rolling into Afghanistan and Iraq.  And they’ll never, ever expose the discussion of a new Pearl Harbor and its frightening implications. So don’t wait for them to do so.

But you have the power to make a difference. Share the information that is available. Not the propaganda, - the information, - the facts.  PNAC has its own website with all its plans and goals on record. Share it with people you know: Expose these people and their hold on the nation.  This is not a secret society.   If you are not familiar with the names, the signatories to the PNAC Statement of Principles will floor you.

The questions about the official version of 9/11 must be answered. The investigations and their revelations cannot be dismissed as the work of conspiracy theorists. And, right this minute, Bill Kristol has to be exposed as the founder of PNAC, the organization that controls the destiny of this nation.

What’s next is up to all of us.  If we do nothing, PNAC moves another step closer to its goal of military domination of the globe.  If we inform those who are unaware, we have a chance to bring them down. Bill Kristol has to be exposed for who he is.  That, for starters, is Kristol clear.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Having Kristol or his people discredit the independent 9/11 researchers is like having John Gotti write editorials about how there is no Mafia. As a matter of fact having Kristol appear on FOX News and other so called news networks, as an analyst of current events is like having John Gotti Jr. acting as a court reporter during his father’s trials! Kristol can not comment on the Bush administration’s policies because he is one of the authors of those policies. Kristol is the chairman of the group of people who expressed how having a “NEW PEARL HARBOR” would help to advance their agenda. This is group that was in a position to prevent, enable or conduct the events of 9/11, which turned out to be a “NEW PEAR HARBOR”! These people had the greatest motive, means and ability to ensure that the attacks of 9/11 took place and they have been the greatest beneficiaries of those events. This is enough to launch a criminal investigation into their complicity in those events, yet Kristol is seen week after week on FOX News as a neutral, unbiased, fair and balanced journalist. This is like having members of the Bin Laden family appear on a Saudi news networks claiming that Osama is a fine decent upstanding citizen, yet they never disclose their family ties to Osama. How would the American public feel about that? What would FOX News say about that?

Let’s face it, a great deal of the current Bush policies are taken verbatim from the Project for a New American Century by the proxy of the 10 members of PNAC who comprised the Bush administration as they took office. Bush was not even a member of this organization. Bush was groomed to front for this group of people. None of the polices in place today originated with George W. Bush. Virtually all of the policies originated with the neocons at PNAC. Even the Bush doctrine of preemptive military intervention was recycled from the Wolfowitz doctrine, written by Paul Wolfowitz while he was part of the group known as “The Crazies”, within George H. W. Bush’s administration. This doctrine was laughed off as insane at the time. It is now US policy. The Crazies now occupy most of the key positions within the White House. Bush creates ZERO policies. PNAC is our president and Kristol is their Chairman. This is undisputed...just check the PNAC website.

While Kristol has every right to appear on TV to discuss his views, by not disclosing his association with PNAC, FOX News, and every program that Kristol appears on, deceives the public. In other words they lie by omission about who this man is and about his conflict of interest when it comes to sharing his views about our administration for in essence he is part of the administration. I defy any member of the media to publicly state Kristol’s affiliation with PNAC and their association with the current White House occupants. They will not do this because it will expose the great deceptions perpetrated by the so called news media on our nation.

Ask yourself why, in 5 years, have the media refused to mention PNAC, and why they have given the chairman of this organization a public forum without disclosing his PNAC connection? What are they hiding? Perhaps they are hiding many of the smoking guns related to 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, oil, the UN, reduced freedoms for Americans and plans for an American empire built upon a fascist regime! Think about it...Jesse, Editor -


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