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Bleaching in the Sun

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As much of America's heartland turns to desert, at least for this crop year and Texas perhaps permanently, the availability of food comes into question. You might expect that conservative global warming deniers would have a bounty of words to eat.

Sadly, stupidity knows no bounds. They still cling to the weasel words, "you can't link a weather event to global warming". When extreme and formerly rare weather events become the new normal, the bones of that reasoning are just bleaching in the sun.

The fall back position for the intelligence challenged is that food production will simply move north into Canada when Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri and most of Iowa become uninhabitable. Yeah, that'll work. At least the refugees will get free healthcare.

It's incredible that there is a very real possibility that we could elect a President that just tells outrageous lies. Willard doesn't even bother with the hypothetical economic and security state promises that Bush made in order to get appointed by the Supreme Court. He's simply running on the notion that Obama is so bad that an idiot like him would be better.

If we let this happen, then we really don't deserve to survive as a species, and we won't.

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