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An Open Letter To A Failing Republican

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By Terry Sneller

As far back in human history as we can determine, there have primarily been two classes of people – the ruling and the ruled. Rarely have there been groups of organized humans where one group didn't dominate the others. The means of control have varied from raw physical power, to beads, to gold, to superstition/religion, to control of resources, to land/territory, to intimidation, etc. One common thread that runs through most means of control is fear.

In our contemporary period of history, the Nazis honed the fine art of control through their development of fear- based propaganda. Through the decades, those lessons of how to control and then manipulate masses of people were not ignored by right leaning individuals and groups in their obsessive and psychopathic/sociopathic pursuit of power. In fact, those methods have been masterfully studied, improved upon and adapted to today's expanded and expanding forms of communications.

Today, the ruling class in America has a vast economic power base that has been used to seize control of ALL major industries, - not only in the US, but in much of the world as well. They rarely do anything illegal, as they now have the power to make the laws they live by. In our country, they now not only control our financial institutions, but the political, military, government, and industrial realms as well. Through their highly effective use and control of what is referred to as the “Main Stream Media” and the various voting processes, a relatively small group of sociopathically insane, but excessively rich, individuals have been able to manipulate the thinking and votes of a large enough percentage of the public to achieve effective political control.

You can ask me for more details regarding how they accrued all of this power, however I’d like to simply use this note to give you an overview and explain how their devious activities have, most likely, directly affected you.

They have exquisitely used the old phrase “divide and conquer” to pit many different factions in our country against each other. We now have a society which is politically at odds -- as well as racially, religiously, sexually and financially at war with itself.

In this maelstrom of media splintered groupings, people combat their artificially induced fear by taking advantage of the various forms of new media outlets to find refuge among those with similar leanings. In this artificially induced climate of fear and lack of trust, common ground becomes difficult and the separations begin to metastasize and become endemic and toxic, as well.

Unwittingly, I believe that you have fallen victim to these various, malicious forces that surround you. You live in an area that not only promotes, but glories in the particular aspects of our culture that are covertly and insidiously detrimental to it. You have been powerfully brainwashed to believe that the “other” is responsible for your various difficulties and that if “they” could just be either eliminated or at least brought under control, all would be well.

I sense that with the recent elections and some of the political maneuverings since then, you are losing some of your faith in the lies and half-truths you have been told. Perhaps a small puncture of accurate truth has moved you to have doubts as to the veracity of your beliefs. Now, you are involved in a very real dilemma, since your recent belief system is proving to be unreliable and you can't possibly “join the other side,” you feel isolated, impotent, fearful, and feel that apathy is the only source of relief … and THAT is exactly how the powers that be want you to feel – apathetic.

An apathetic populace diminishes activism. An apathetic populace is easier to control. Those who have been seduced into the mass control systems at play in the world are often considered to be existing in a “bubble.” Escaping that bubble takes a concerted effort. It is similar to kicking an addiction, in that once you start excluding these negative and self-defeating influences from your life, you must accept that you can't weaken and ever again allow them to re-indoctrinate you into their effort to subvert your morality to theirs.

Breaking away from one group does not mean that you must join another. What must be taken as an ongoing process is the search for independent input that provides you with unbiased and reality-based facts. Seek out truths that fit your personal sense of morality. Be diligent when it comes to your sources, for they will become your lifeline to your true self.

It seems that there are three phases of maturity. As babies and small children we are primarily concerned with ourselves. As we grow and mature, we become interested in, and develop concern for, those in our immediate life – our family, friends, teachers, co-workers, local community, etc. The last phase, which too many never reach, has to do with being concerned with the rest of the world. May I propose that you evaluate yourself to see in what phase of maturity you exist. What phase of existence will provide you with a more fulfilling and fruitful view of yourself and others? Be honest with yourself and allow your ever expanding self-awareness to determine how and where, on The Great Wheel Of Life, you want to spend the rest of your days.

My very best to you,

Terry Sneller

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