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We don't critique the media, we expose them!

In March of 2003, I decided to start a website that would teach the public how to spot media deception. This action was a response to the outrageous lies being sold to the American people by the corporate news media as the Bush administration was preparing to launch an illegal, immoral and unnecessary war on Iraq.

Public response to my site was so great that I left my professional career in technology and dedicated myself to a full time battle against media deception. Since that time I have had little outside income with which to wage this vital fight. For the first few years the entire cost of maintaining and operating the site was my own and had drained me of a good portion of my personal life savings. I still had to pay for rent, food, and all living expenses without an income. In addition, I had been without health insurance from 2003 through 2007. On top of that during the months following 9/11 I developed severe asthma. I lived several miles down wind from the WTC and I was covered in soot, as was my home.

I share this with you to emphasize the importance of my purpose, not to evoke sympathy on your part. Getting the truth to the American public has become my most important priority, and I have made some difficult choices towards that end.

To date not a single dollar donated to has been used to pay for any of my personal expenses. No salaries have been paid. No rent has been paid. Aside from paying our telephone bills, purchasing office & computer supplies and funding several advertising campaigns, ALL EXPENSES HAVE BEEN PAID FOR WITH MY PERSONAL FUNDS. Funds have also been used to travel (mostly locally) to media or 9/11 events where I spoke or gave a presentation on media deception or 9/11. I do these presentations free of charge but the money to get to them has to come from somewhere.

TvNewsLIES has assumed a unique position among media watchdogs. We have worked towards educating the public as opposed to fighting the behemoth corporate media. We also take the position that the establishment media have become an enemy of the people and not some legitimate press that simply needs to be fair, balanced, or less bias. We clearly show that the establishment media are not the "free press", as protected by our Constitution, they are a public perception management apparatus controlled by the ruling elite. We don't critique the media, we expose them! We know of no other organization that has taking this approach.

Our goal is not to fight the media, it is to expose the media and render their tactics useless. They are too big to beat and unfortunately our system of government has become so corrupt that legal solutions do not exist to the systemic problems related to the ruling class in this nation. So we simply expose the criminals and try to help our readers to see the media for what they are...America's Worst Enemy!

A Most Humble and Sincere Thank you to Our Many Readers,
Jesse, Editor,

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