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Dear Lou Dobbs, Who Owns the Federal Reserve?

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Originally published July, 2007.
"It is well that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

May I suggest that everyone who reads this message send a letter to Lou Dobbs, Mr. American Middle Class Champion, and ask him to explain exactly who owns the Federal Reserve and why we allow the Federal Reserve to continue to control our entire economy. Then ask him why he, and everyone else in the media, have refused to explain this to the American people.

As Lou says every day: It's time for answers!

Write to Lou Dobbs here:

The real answer to this question is that the Federal Reserve is like a big Mafia loan shark. It owns our nation in the same way a loan shark owns his "clients!" There is absolutely no difference between the two.

No matter what the situation, whenever there is news related to the Federal Reserve a big, loud, coordinated, conspiratorial lie of omission is committed by every single news outlet in our nation. What is this lie? It is keeping up the false impression that the Federal Reserve is part of our government! The Fed is a private, for profit bank, that controls our government and economy. They control the money supply, inflation, depression, recessions, etc. They are not accountable to Congress, the executive branch or anyone in government.

The revolutionary war was started primarily to get away from a similar situation in England where the Bank of England held the same control over their nation. Revolutionaries realized this and they put an end to it. Unfortunately some traitors in the Senate reversed our true liberation and now we have a private bank controlling our personal financial status.

Let me ask you a simple question: what country in its right mind would create a system that would force it to lend itself money and have to repay the money WITH INTEREST? What country would charge itself interest? What nation would put itself out of business by making it bankrupt because of interest? The answer is none! America is not charging itself interest on its debt, the privately owned central bankers are doing this and they are hiding in plain sight! Congress (with the exception of Ron Paul), every US president and every single member of the corporate media are either part of the conspiracy or just plain stupid!


Celebrating the Anniversary, Mr. Bush?

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The war against Iraq began at 5:30 AM Baghdad time (9:30 PM EST, March 19), when the U.S. launched Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Five years, George. Five ugly, deadly, bloody years. This is quite an anniversary. If you wait a day or two, you’ll be able to celebrate the 4,000th US military death as well.
Break out the champagne.

It’s been a fairly quiet five years, George. No photos of the dead or dying. No flag-draped coffins, no talk of the legless, blinded or horribly burned. Not a murmur about hundreds of thousands of dead and terribly injured Iraqis. No concern about the millions who had to flee the country of their fathers… no fanfare about daisy cutters or depleted uranium. Celebrate….we’re making progress.

Great news management, George, -you’d hardly know such carnage was involved. . Good for you.

You’ve waged such a clean, carefree war, George, if just a tad costly. That $12 billion a month you’re spending on this foray really is hardly worth a mention, considering what you’ve done to the dollar. But, a cash cow is a cash cow. Let’s drink to that.

And let’s hear it for the never-ending, euphoric ‘progress,’ in your lovely war, George. Let’s not quibble about the lack of water and electricity for the Iraqis, or the devastating shortages of doctors and medical supplies. And, luckily, a blown up bus or marketplace here or there is hardly newsworthy. Not a word in the establishment media about the daily killings or kidnappings you’ve set in motion all these years.

Hey, the networks deserve a hand here. Almost three quarters of Americans believe that you’ve caused the deaths of only three thousand American troops. Hard to believe, but they’ve inadvertently written off the lives of a thousand young soldiers and marines. Hell, ignorance is bliss. Party on.

And best of all, your coalition of intimidated allies has all but disappeared. Your illegal, immoral and ugly war is largely a private affair now, George. Enjoy.

We’d love to see the guest list, George. Surely an anniversary bash of this order has to include those who made it all happen: Do send photos of Dick and Condy and Colin and Donald – and not to forget Wolfy and the neocons. . We’ve heard so little from them lately.

Yep, this is a big one George. Five years of death and destruction, and still going strong. And here’s so much more to do. Have a ball, George, - it’s your last hurrah and your legacy is nearly assured. Not quite, but almost. You have only months to go before you sleep, George…..and you still have time to go out with a bang.

There is still an outside chance that your painful failures in Afghanistan and Iraq may be forgiven and even forgotten. You have the old crew on hand for this festive occasion, so take a moment to plan another one, George. Just think ahead…..and use what’s left of your military might to liberate the people of Iran.

It’s what you’ve wanted all this time….so go for it, George. The American people are becoming far too complacent, and too many are losing their sense of imminent fear, forgetting that terrorists are waiting at the borders to attack and eat our children.

Are you celebrating, George? It’s been five long years since Shock and Awe. So, where have all the flowers gone?

Israel & the Media: The Real Anti-Semites

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Let me tell you about the real onslaught of ant-Semitism that few people seem to notice. Let me tell you about the exploitation of Jews the likes of which outweigh the anti-Semitism practiced by Hitler and the Nazis. Let me tell you about atrocities and injustices being committed while their perpetrators hide behind the word "Jews" and allow Jews around the world to take the heat, and face wrath of people they have not themselves victimized.

Let me tell you about Israel, a nation living on a false reputation and claims that are contradicted by reality and history. And let me remind you about the alarming rising tide of anti-Semitism that is targeting Jews in many countries around the globe.

First off, let's get something straight once and for all...Israel is neither a religion nor a people; it is a politically established nation. Opinions, discussions, reports, analyses or commentaries about Israel have nothing to do with "Jews," "Jewish" people or "Judaism!" Once you understand this you can now understand how anyone who stifles accurate commentary about Israel by slapping the commentator with an anti-Semitism label is using, and may I say exploiting the Jewish people by directly connecting all Jewish people with the actions of the State of Israel.

If I chose to write an article critical of Jewish people or Judaism, the words "Jewish people" or "Judaism" would be in the article. I would write about the religion, the people who follow the religion or the Jewish community in general. When I write about Israel or about something done by Israelis I am not connecting that topic to the religion of Judaism or people who identify themselves as Jews. Why is that so hard to understand?


Enabling a Madman: George Bush and American Amnesia

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It just doesn’t stop. With painful consistency, there always is a new effrontery, a new attack on the Constitution, and a new slap in our collective faces. And every day, the American public responds largely in silent quiescence, seemingly unperturbed and indifferent to the insults and abuses being hurled at them from the man who reigns supreme in the White House.

And with this apathy, the people of the United States offer aid and comfort to their greatest enemies from within, and unwittingly give tacit approval to a madman and his masters.

I refuse to give total credit to Bush himself for his actions. The man does not have the intelligence, insight or experience to personally inflict all the damage done by his administration. However, for the sake of simplicity, I will refer to George Bush as the major culprit involved in the crimes against the nation and the world.. In fact, responsibility lies with the entire cadre of neocons and delusional managers who placed a sociopath in the White House and allowed him to play a role he was ill equipped to handle.

Therefore, just consider what George Bush managed to slip past a sleeping public in just the past few days: First, he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as water boarding “to break suspected terrorists,” Never mind the Geneva Conventions, never mind US military law, never mind the danger to our own military personnel at the hands of a future enemy. Never mind, because the wimpish Congress will go along without a murmur.

And never mind because the American public, if they know about it at all, will very soon forget.

Then consider that just today the arrogant, self-aggrandizing President of the United States issued another record-breaking signing statement, adding to the more than 750 of his administration. This time Bush declared his right to open mail under emergency conditions, contrary to existing law and contradicting the bill he had just signed.

Hey, people…. That’s about opening YOUR mail….contrary to existing law. But never mind, because the American public, if they know about it at all, will very soon forget.

After all, they’ve forgotten so many other crimes for which this administration is not accountable. Here, at, we’ve been writing about these crimes for years, as have so many other concerned investigative news sites. In doing so, we have enlarged the proverbial choir and increased the murmur of discontent. But in the long run we have failed.

We have completely failed to stir America to the point of outrage that would have resulted in massive protests in major countries around the world. And that’s because, despite all they learn about the criminal behavior of their government, Americans forget.

And by forgetting, they aid and abet the Bush administration as it destroys the fabric of American life and liberty.

Take a moment to explore a fractional realm of American amnesia as it relates to the past seven year.

Think about some of the crimes that far too few Americans remember:

• the WH refusal to investigate 9/11 for an entire year
• the mounds of evidence countering the official version of 9/11
• the lies that led us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
• the linking of Iraq to Al Qaeda
• the Powell lies to the UN
• the outing of Valerie Plane as a CIA operative
• illegal spying by the NSA
• suspension of habeas corpus
• rendition of detainees to foreign countries of torture
• Abu Ghraib atrocities
• violations against detainees at Guantanamo
• use and defense of water boarding and other tortures
• the firing of federal prosecutors for political motives
• the disappearance of millions of WH email messages
• the refusal of subpoenaed WH witness to appear before Congress
• the protection of telecom companies who allowed illegal spying
• the censorship of photos showing returning US military dead
• the censorship of Iraqi and Afghan civilian deaths
• the censorship regarding military wounded….

Get the idea? It’s all been said over and over. So now, what?

Thank the gods that be for the new Spitzer scandal in New York. That should fill the news void for a while and replace the 24/7 coverage of the Obama-Clinton feud for a while.

Again, not to worry, Americans will forget about it all in time, although sex and prostitution titillate the mind and keep a story going far longer than crimes against the nation and the Constitution. Fun is fun.

Personally, I am weary of it all. Life around me goes on as if nothing is remarkably amiss in America. Five American soldiers reported dead today. Scores of Iraqis reported dead two days ago. More than sixty thousand vets diagnosed with PTSD, so many others who are homeless and have brain injuries or severe loss of hearing. An aberration, we are told. No big deal.

Not to worry, America. None of this is really newsworthy. Madness is as madness does, and surely…no of this is important enough to remember.

Clinton Intersects With Bush in Brooklyn

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Clinton Street intersects with Bush Street in Red Hook Brooklyn. I find this to be the most intriguing city planning coincidence that I have ever seen.
Is someone trying to tell us something? Some things just make you go hmmm! -Jesse Richard - Editor,
Here...see for yourself. Link

I Know! Let’s Rape Grandma!

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By David Glenn Cox

With the current subprime crisis, most lenders don’t sleep well at night. For years they lived an idyllic life style, lending out a dollar and getting back a buck and a quarter. Come in late and leave early; only a pimp had it better. But bankers never had to contend with the cops or wayward hookers. Like a drug dealer they just stood on the corner and waited for the suckers to come to them.

Not that bankers don’t do good things for a community, they can. Marijuana growers in Northern California donate to the United Way and support the Little League; no one is all good or all bad. But the predatory aspects of American capitalism tend to bring out the worst, rather than the best. During the good times, bankers extended credit at higher interest rates to those who probably couldn’t afford it. Home equity lines could turn the roof over your head into a new car, or bass boat, and the banker profited on both transactions.

I hear ya out there, libertarians mainly, "They made a choice, don’t blame the banker." Tony Soprano used to say the same things: don’t gamble, don’t borrow money from us. People make bad choices all the time; no one is immune. If you don’t believe me, check out the docket in divorce court. But when we ask the government to tightly regulate the lending industry we’re called communists and anti-capitalists, and told that the government should leave free enterprise alone. Ok, I’ll accept that, it's no business of the government to protect people from themselves.

By that reasoning, marijuana prohibition laws are void, as are all drinking laws; after all, I’ve known people very mature at 17 and people immature at 35. You said it! "The government has got to stop trying to protect people from themselves."

These same people want tax credits because they want to send their kids to private school but it doesn’t bother them one iota that we send Columbia 5 billion US tax dollars to fight drug trafficking. Most are deficient in their knowledge of Columbia; President Uribe is the son of a politician who went to prison for drug trafficking. Uribe was himself removed as the administrator of Columbia’s air ministry for supplying pilot’s licenses to Medellin drug cartel pilots. He then became the mayor of Medellin where he was a close personal associate of Medellin’s first citizen, Pablo Escobar. So close, in fact, that he was forced to step down as mayor after Escobar’s demise. This is the man that we trust with 5 billion US tax dollars to fight drug trafficking? But, sshhh, the government are people, too, and sometimes they make bad choices as well.

But, you know, it’s the funniest damn thing, the local drug dealer buys from the bigger guy who himself buys from the bigger guy still and somehow all that money makes it back to Columbia. Bankers wouldn’t get involved in that, would they? Millions of dollars in cash? No, they wouldn’t. Besides, if American bankers did that, someone would be arrested. But it’s funny still, all that money and all those transactions and yet they never seem to be able to catch anyone besides the low-level dealers. Our prisons are full of them, tens of thousands and no one talks, nobody knows nothing.

But times are hard today in the banking industry; they are at a loss as to what to do. The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates three times and they’re betting 90 to 10 that the fed will cut again. But why? That’s helping people who have made bad choices. People who have taken the last three rate cuts and, rather than pass their good fortune along, have instead raised mortgage interest rates and put the difference in their back pocket. Proof positive, the government shouldn’t help people who make bad choices.

The banks are struggling for new areas of revenue; mortgage loans are toast, equity lines of credit are gone as home values decline. Car financiers have come up with a great new plan, Nine Year New Car Financing! Talk about your bad choices, a car loan that you might not live long enough to pay off. If you have to finance a car for nine years maybe you need to lower your sights some. Yes, they’ve had to come up with new and imaginative ways to draw in depositors. The pre-paid debit card! You give them your money and, for just a small fee, you can use it on anything you want!

Wal-Mart advertises their card for only $8.95 with no credit check! Wow, no credit check! You’ll take my cash without checking my credit! Cool! Just the tip of the iceberg as the banker’s wring out the sponge of American prosperity. Pay day loans, car title loans, which I've always affectionately referred to as the First Bank of Crack Head. But, all attempts at humor aside, these are industries whose profitability depends on fleecing those the most in need. These aren’t bankers redeveloping blighted urban areas or lending money to build schools or hospitals, these are pimps.

But, you can’t get rich on nickel and dime car loans made to people during tough times. There has got to be someone somewhere, someone with money socked away. Enter the reverse mortgage. Yes ma’am, we will lend you money against the value of your home, and because we’re such damn nice guys, you don’t have to pay us back, not one thin dime! We like you! You remind me of my own grandmother. That? Oh, that’s just the interest rate, don’t worry about that because you don’t have to pay us back!

As Grandma says, "Now I can pay for my Healthcare! (God Bless America) And take that trip to see my children who think I’m leaving them this house!" The reverse mortgage gives grandma half the value on the property, depending on the program, along with the ticking time bomb of credit card interest rates of 14, 15, 16%, compounded per month. But, no worries, you don’t have to pay it. But someone does.

Lawmakers in Australia have already begun to reign in the reverse mortgage for what it is. Just another way to scam the elderly. To take from them what has taken them a lifetime to earn with a promise of easy money. People on a fixed income, in declining health and fearful about tomorrow. Some of them alone for the first time in decades, solicited by mail , TV and Radio. With wealthy elderly celebrities telling them what a great idea this is.

It makes me wonder, it makes me question capitalism. A society where, in our future, we will all end up as road kill for the buzzards to pick at the bones of our lives. To work and struggle to build a home and raise a family, to obey the laws and follow the rules and to be treated by that society as just so much carrion for our trouble. It makes me question what sort of parents have raised their children to behave so?

How many nights did they lean over the kitchen table, writing checks to the State University instead of putting it away for their own retirement? How proud were they on graduation day? The picture that still sits on the coffee table, of them smiling with the robed and tasseled, excited, young graduate. Who then moved up the ladder of success and into the boardroom and when the CEO asked for ideas to grow the bank’s revenue, raised their hand and said, "I know, let’s rape grandma!"

Hey, Raul, find those Cuban Oil Reserves!!!

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Wanna lift nearly five decades of embargo?  Wanna make the US your best friend?   Wanna take photos of you and Georgie holding hands and smiling like lovers?  Get those oil reserves on record, Raul.  Time’s a-wasting.

Fidel’s a done deal.  He’s old and sick and done for.  As Brother Raul, you’re in charge and the barbs are out.  Every US presidential candidate will take the Bush lead and aim at your brutal rule, your political prisoners, your embrace of communism, and your refusal to follow our extraordinary example of democracy and freedom..  And, for the record, Florida has twenty-five electoral votes in play, Raul.  Deal with it.

Better still, repent and be loved.

Take a lesson from the Saudis. They’re our best friends, Raul.  Never mind that they sentenced a victim of a gang rape to 90 lashes for daring to speak to the press.  Never mind that they convicted a woman of witchcraft after a confession obtained by torture.  Never mind that they have no religious freedom at all, and never mind that just today the Saudi secret police arrested 37 men for …you guessed it….flirting!!!!

In case you're wondering, the men are accused of wearing indecent clothes, playing loud music and dancing in order to attract the attention of girls, but remember, Raul, they’ve got the oil.  And where there’s oil we can control, human rights are irrelevant.  That’s the American way.

Hey, Raul, you’ve got political prisoners languishing in your prisons.  Not nice, so just stop it!  Never mind that Saudis working for social change have been jailed for years with no access to counsel.  Kind of like Gitmo, right?  Just last year ten men, - lawyers, doctors, academics, a former judge were hauled away for their crimes against tyranny.  They’re still in jail

But that’s okay, they’ve got the oil and you don’t.  So there.

You’re close, Raul. Foreign interests are sniffing at your door.  Spain, China, Argentina, India, China, Norway, and others are making deals with you as we speak.  Don’t leave us out, Raul,, - we want to get in on the kill, but we have to know for sure.  Repentance  is revelation, Raul: get those studies done and show us what you have.  If your oil reserves are what they’re suspected to be, all will be forgiven.

Barriers will fall, Raul.  Diplomacy will arise from the ashes and the devil will be exorcised from your collective souls.  And surely, love will follow.

We are waiting, Raul.  Get a move on.

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