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VIDEO: Why You Need to Take the UFO Issue Seriously. Can You Say "Secret Government Spotted?"

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Even in the world of truth seekers, the very mention of the topic of UFO's can draw ridicule. Well, my friends, if you take a few moments to look past the green men, or should I say gray men, you will realize that the UFO issue demonstrates something other that the existence of extra terrestrial beings; it demonstrates, irrefutably, the existence of a secret government whose power supersedes that of the public, or so called official government of the United States of America.


VIDEO: Regarding "Revolution"

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Jesse Richard, founder of, comments on the current mood of the nation. He explains that many Americans feel that the nation is ripe for revolution.

Revolution against the government is illegal, but more importantly it is unnecessary. Jesse explains that the purpose of revolution is to change the type of government of a nation. For example, people living under a dictatorship may revolt in order to form a democratic government.

The people of this nation do not want that! They simply want to restore their government to a legitimate representative body that obeys laws, represents the people and is not merely a tool of the establishment. No matter what the rhetoric, this is not a desire for revolution, nor is it revolutionary. It is common sense and it is quite understandable to most civilized people.

This commentary includes a special message to law enforcement and military personnel.

Restoration is not revolution. And restoration not illegal.



The Truth About the Leahy Bush Truth Commission

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Jesse Richard, Founder of, sets the record straight about the proposed whitewash of crimes committed by the Bush administration, also known as the Truth Commission.

Are you glad that Senator Patrick Leahy is going to try to create a commission to "investigate" the crimes of the Bush administration? Well...don't celebrate yet. Listen and learn...the commission is nothing more than a whitewash. Nobody will be held accountable and the criminals will once again get away with a multitude of crimes.



Condy Rice - War Criminal - Gets a Free Pass on "The View"

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Former Sec'y of State Condoleezza Rice made it to ABC's The View this morning, so naturally, Barbara Walters showed up as well.  Wow, another big name interview for the wannabe political forum, - right after some quasi-relentless sparring with Ron. Blagojevich just a few days before.  It was the perfect time for Babs to bring 'er on, and finally ask the tough questions about war and torture and eight years of Bush hell.  Yeah, right.


How Thousands of Troops Spend Christmas Thanks to Cheney and his Hemorrhoid, George W. Bush

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This is how thousands of troops will be spending every Christmas, thanks to Dick Cheney and his hemorrhoid George W. Bush. Courtesy of the idiots of this nation who would believe anything at all as long as it is wrapped in an American flag, and the establishment media who tell them what to believe.

Think about it...Jesse Richard, Editor,



Which American Are You?

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A personal message from Jesse Richard.

I often say that comedians can identify all that is wrong with society while musicians sing about the solutions to society's problems. I say this because for my entire life I have been the class clown, and since my teens I have been a musician. So to me some of the problems of the world are so obvious that they are funny in a disturbing way, and sometimes I see clear solutions to at least some of the world's problems. Taking this into account you can understand why from time to time I point out the importance of some comedy routine or bring attention to the sage advice contained in some lyric.

Sadly, those of us who are long time connoisseurs of both comedy and music realize that the problems we face in our society are nothing new. We can see that they have only gotten worse. And for those of us who spend our lives trying to make things better... we can see how our obstacles have grown exponentially.


Video; The US Auto Industry Bail Out - What the "Mainstream Media" Isn't Telling You.

E-mail Print PDF editor, Jesse Richard, shares his thoughts on the proposed bail out of the US auto industry. He explores aspects of the bailout that are not being discussed in the mainstream media.



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