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Politics continues to trump science and even common sense

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The Obama Administration's FDA is attempting to sidestep a Federal Judge's ruling removing all restrictions on the sale of the Morning After Pill. The so called Plan B contraceptive will now be sold on the same shelf with condoms and similar products, but will still be age limited contrary to the Court ruling. The age will be lowered to 15, but anyone attempting to make the purchase will be required to show a valid ID to complete the transaction as the product scan code will alert the checkout clerk. This FDA rule only applies to the 'Plan B' trademarked drug, generic versions will continue to sold only from behind the pharmaceutical counter to age 17 and up, also required to 'show papers please'.


This 'technicality' will not only make it unavailable to most younger teenage women who lack official ID, but also any adult similarly lacking in 'papers'. The drug is only effective if used within 72 hours and best if used in less than 24, and it has no effect if the woman is already pregnant  It also introduces the 'shame factor' into the transaction reducing effective availability. The reproductive rights group who brought the original lawsuit has indicated that it will continue Court action.


The FDA has admitted that it doesn't have any scientific or medical reason to deny access to the contraceptive medication that is nothing more than a triple dose of the commonly used birth control pill. This is strictly the heavy hand of the 'women are the origin of all sin' men's club coming to bear through their domination of the government. Obama needs to intervene in this case, while the FDA should operate without political influence. This agency that is supposed to function in the public good is simply not acting in good faith. Obama has three women in his House who need to take him to school. twitter @BruceEnberg  and on Facebook Prairie2 News

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