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Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

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Today, Chris Matthews continued his ongoing canonization of Tim Russert. Early in this evening’s Hardball show, Matthews repeated a segment of his original tribute to Russert’s career. By doing so, he either shamelessly established Russert as a leading 9/11 gate keeper or a blithering idiot. I strongly suspect the former.

Of all the endless possibilities, Matthews chose to memorialize Russert for some uncanny and privileged insight into the truth about what happened on September 11th. He wanted us all to know that

“[Tim Russert] knew on that horrid morning of September 11th that the hijackers had grabbed the transcontinental flights because they’d have enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers.”

Wow, just like that, on the morning of 911, Tim Russert KNEW the motivations of a whole group of incinerated hijackers. That’s really fantastic. He also KNEW the planes had enough fuel to melt the girders of the World Trade towers. He just KNEW the temperature of burning jet fuel, and he KNEW the melting temperature of steel. Tim Russert was not only a mind reader of the dead, but an undeclared expert in aviation practices and thermal physics. I’m impressed.

But I’m also outraged. Real or imagined hijackers aside, there are a myriad of questions that still remain answered about 9/11. In this article, I will address ONLY TWO. My purpose is not to delve into the mountains of evidence that have utterly decimated the nonsense in the official story of the attacks and the fairy tale known as the 9/11 Commission Report. That can be done by any one with the ability to use a search engine on the Internet.

My intent is to put to rest the notion that Tim Russert KNEW anything before or after there was any pretense of investigation by anyone. I also want to to illustrate how Matthews' commentary effectively thwarts the attempts by the 9/11 Truth community to expose the truth or even raise the vital questions about what happened on that day.

For the record, let's look at the Russert quote with some sense of reality.

For starters, in relation to the Russert quote, there is significant controversy about how much fuel would have been on board either 767 on that fateful morning. One theory that bears serious consideration has been outlined by people with far greater scientific credentials than Tim Russert. Here’s the counterpoint:

Since the aircraft were only flying from Boston to Los Angeles, they would have been nowhere near fully fueled on takeoff (the aircraft have a maximum range of 7,600 miles). They would have carried just enough fuel for the trip together with some safety factor. Remember, that carrying excess fuel means higher fuel bills and less paying passengers. The aircraft would have also burnt some fuel between Boston and New York.

So much for Russert’s unsubstantiated knowledge of the use of aviation fuel.

Second, there is considerable challenge to the claim that jet fuel from the 767 could cause the collapse of either of the Towers. Even at the maximum possible temperature a jet fuel could reach at combustion, there is serious question that a 767 aircraft could melt 96,000 tons of steel, and crumble 14,000 cubic foot concrete slabs between floors into dust particles. That becomes even more enigmatic when you consider that the pool of fire created by the impact of the planes was consumed in less than five minutes.

Perhaps Tim Russert knew something the rest of us do not, but I wonder why did not KNOW why the clever ‘hijackers’ opted against using the larger 747, with its greater fuel load. As it stands, we, too, will never know.

So, there goes any confidence in Tim Russert’s knowledge of thermodynamics.

Chris Matthews insists that Tim Russert knew things simply ‘because new them.’ Now there’s a credible reason for stating that he KNEW what has never been truly investigated or in any way corroborated about the events of 9/11.

This evening, the official nonsense fed to the public about the attacks of that day was reinforced in spades. Chris Matthews used Tim Russert’s passing to elevate the man’s credibility beyond challenge by the average American. That leaves a huge burden on those of us who know that all has been smoke and mirrors, and that nothing we have been told about 9/11 by anyone in the government or the mainstream media is true.

And that is why I took the time to write this article. I could not sit by and allow Chris Matthews to slide this lie past the public, unnoticed.

Ironically, in his tribute, Matthews also compared Russert to Tom Sawyer. That’s interesting, because one thing we all associate with Tom Sawyer is the term ‘white wash,’ Tom conned his friends into white washing a fence. That was harmless and innocent.

But using Tim Russert to help white wash the truth about 9/11 is neither harmless nor innocent. It is the calculated work of a complicit corporate gate keeper.

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