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Nuclear Arms and Fluoride: The Conspiracy

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It always comes as a shock when we learn that we have been deceived. In the world of politics, deception and ulterior motives have become normal and are accepted as part of the game, and it is the people who are removed from the political spectrum who are fooled and manipulated. Because We the People have been undisciplined and distracted towards our responsibilities towards ourselves, our neighbors and our planet, we have allowed large corporations, the government agencies, politicians and scientists to usurp our power as a collective unit. We have watched them manipulate, distort and pervert facts, information and technology while they present their reasons and motives in a sugar-coated package that is wrapped in sweet words, dancing logic and confusion. We just shrug our shoulders and nod, and we go back to our sitcoms and video games with a contrived sense of peace and safety because, after all, it is our God-like scientists and our Altruistic government who are behind the actions and inventions. We accept the reasons why our government is bombing yet another country; we surrender to their misuse of technology in producing genetically modified foods and passify ourselves when they explain why they need not be labeled; we turn our backs to the destruction of the environment, and we blind ourselves from the realities of our modern system.

Our scientists have become prophets, and their findings have become laws. As a collective unit, we have flooded science with our faith and trust. We have elevated science's position from one discipline among many to the supreme discipline who's theories, findings and statements become truths that are accepted and unchallenged. Science has become a vehicle of deception and lies and is an institution that has been used by politicians, corporations and big business to manipulate facts and findings so that their product or invention can be marketable and profitable. Dirty science is behind the manufacturing and marketing of many products, including many which we use without hesitation or reserve. In the case of fluoride, science has played a central role in its acceptance and forced use by American residents. Because fluoride is recommended by most dentists and is considered by the masses to be a safe and important substance in our oral hygiene care, we use it without a second thought. Because we have been told that it is safe and effective, because we believe our scientists wholeheartedly, we turn our attention to the newest electronic gadget rather than doing our own research on the safety, effectiveness and consequences of fluoride use. One look into the fluoride issue immediately inspires suspicion and mistrust of the substance and the way it is used in today's society.

Fluoride and the Atomic Bomb

During the height of "World" War II, the United States government was scrambling to produce the infamous atomic bomb, and the Manhattan Project was created to make their ideas a reality. Since then, classified papers of the US military group that built the atomic bomb have been released. According to the documents, Fluoride was the key chemical in atomic bomb production.

Fluoride is an extremely toxic chemical, and huge amounts were required for the manufacture of uranium and plutonium needed for nuclear weapons throughout the Cold War. Fluoride became the leading chemical health hazard of the US atomic bomb program. Then, in the summer of 1943, farmers downwind of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours Company chemical factory in Deepwater, New Jersey, began to report that crops were being affected by an unknown agent. After a severe thunderstorm, poultry in the area died. Horses and cows were having difficulty walking and seemed stiff (a sign of fluoride toxicity). Farm workers who ate the produce they had picked began vomiting violently. Meanwhile, the New Jersey factory was producing millions of pounds of fluoride for the Manhattan Project, and unsurprisingly, a severe pollution incident had occurred.

Peach crops in the area were devastated. Vegetable crops were found to have an extraordinary fluoride content. Fluoride levels in humans and animals were abnormally high. Local citizens began to panic, and farmers began to sue. The du Pont factory refused to reveal the key piece of the puzzle - how much fluoride had vented into the atmosphere during this period, claiming that to do so would damage the military security of the United States. Farmers eventually received very modest settlements (in some cases, only $200!), and inside research began on the affects of fluoride.

Post-War Fluoride Research

After the war ended, research on the affects of fluoride began. Much of this work was performed by the University of Rochester in anticipation of lawsuits against the bomb program for human injury. The University had housed a division of the Manhattan Project and had previously studied health affects of materials such as uranium, plutonium and fluoride that were being used to make the atomic bomb. After the war, millions of dollars were funneled to the research at the University from the Manhattan Project and its successor organization, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).

Postwar faculty at the University of Rochester medical school included Stafford Warren (the leading medical officer of the Manhattan Project) and Harold Hodge (chief of fluoride research for the bomb program).

The University of Rochester's classified fluoride studies - Program F - were conducted and housed in Strong Memorial Hospital, the same institution that previously injected unsuspecting hospital patients with toxic doses of radioactive plutonium! Their goal was to furnish scientific findings to back up the government and its nuclear contractors for use against lawsuits for human injury. Harold Hodge directed Program F.

The University of Rochester eventually became the leading academic center for establishing the safety of fluoride (directed by the same person who led the research on fluoride for the Manhattan Project!) as well as its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay. It was at this time that Harold Hodge pushed for the fluoridation of public drinking water in Newburgh, New York. They needed human studies, and under the guise of helping reduce children's cavities, the Newburgh Demonstration Project was formed. The proposal was approved by a committee that consisted of Harold Hodge as well as other individuals who were related to the military use of fluoride in the Manhattan Project. Newburgh was fluorinated.

Over the next ten years, Newburgh residents were studied by the State Heath Department and Program F scientists. The final report of the Newburgh Demonstration Project (led by Harold Hodge) concluded that "small concentrations" of fluoride were safe for US citizens and was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association in 1956.

Danger! Fluoride is poisonous

Fluoride, the miracle ingredient in our toothpaste,mouthwash, and drinking water, was introduced to society based on findings from studies whose primary purpose was to accumulate evidence that would support the Manhattan Project and its contracted chemical companies in the anticipated law suits for human injury caused by the chemical!
Fluoride is not the safe and helpful substance dentists, government officials and unethical scientists will have us believe. It causes dental fluorosis (brown staining and pitting of the teeth), skeletal fluorosis (weakening of th bones) and still births, miscarriages and genetic damage. It has been linked to cancer, alzheimer's disease, thyroid problems, and decreased brain ability/intelligence, among other conditions.

Fluoride has never been proven safe. And fluoride's effectiveness on the prevention of cavities is extremely questionable.

We are exposed to fluoride in many more ways than we realize. Unleaded gasoline is one large factor, as is fluoride in toothpaste and water. The environment is suffering from fluoride pollution by major industries, such as aluminum and pesticides, where fluoride is a waste by-product.

Shady Beginnings, Troubled Endings

The conditions in which fluoride has been introduced for common human use should provoke the uncomfortable feeling that tells us that something is inherently wrong with this situation. It is only because we remain ignorant of the facts, or because we choose to ignore them, that we allow our water to be contaminated with fluoride, one of the most dangerous chemicals to human life. The amount of fluoride in a simple tube of toothpaste is enough to kill a small child, yet we happily encourage our children to brush their teeth and rinse their mouths with the poison-filled minty paste. Over two thirds of all cities in this country have fluorinated water, and the environment is becoming more and more contaminated with the chemical.

The entry of fluoride into the human food chain is one of great deceit, ulterior motives and contaminated science. We must wonder how a substance can be so widely used when its history is so very tainted and full of corruption. The huge corporations, big businesses and government agencies have proven themselves unworthy of protecting us from the destruction of the world; they have not the tools or the will to do so, as they are the ones perpetuating the destruction! We have accepted fluoride with wide, toothy grins and drink fluorinated water daily. We have attributed our pearly white teeth to the fluoride toothpaste with which we brush and the fluoride treatments our dentists provide. Meanwhile, while the long-term health consequences of this substance are beginning to show, new "things" are being introduced into our food chain, such as genetically modified foods. We have been set up to accept these frankenstein foods easily, just as we have accepted fluoride: without reservation, concern, or proof of safety and necessity. We blindly trust scientists (the modern prophets ) and their studies, not bothering to check their accuracy, history or intentions.


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