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Bail Out the Citizens, Not the Corporations!

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Bail out the people and we will not need anyone to save us from the bank collapse! And that's a fact!

Why do we have governments if not to provide for and protect the people? We are told every day that America is the greatest nation on Earth. We are told that communism is bad and that capitalism is good. We are taught to be afraid of socialism and we are told that basic human services for people at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder are bad. The term "entitlements" is used in a negative manner in order to describe all government support for the needy as giveaways for people who just don't work hard enough.

Apparently entitlements are OK when it comes to the survival of predatory corporations. Socialism is fine as long as poor people are not the recipients of the handouts. Well reality is setting in, isn't it? At least that is what George W. Bush and a bunch of criminals in Congress want us to believe, as they are all set to hand your money over to the very people who caused this economic collapse!

Liberals are looking pretty smart right now as hardcore right wing greed is starting to victimize members of that same elite right wing!

Let me tell you what the problem with the Wall Street collapse really is. You see, we, the people. have had to save our pennies and plan for our retirement for one reason and one reason alone... because the system at hand forces us to provide for our own basic security. I am talking about the security of knowing that we will always have a place to live, food to eat and medical help should we need it. So what have we had to do to make sure that we provide security for ourselves? We have had to invest for the future. Well guess what... the bastards in government have not only created a situation where your investments are not secure but they legally protect and financially provide for the people who are stealing your money or making your investments worthless!

Where was the bailout for the people who lost their pensions thanks to George W. Bush's pal Kenny boy, when he fleeced the public and the employees of Enron?

If Bush and the Republicans had it their way, your social security also would have died along with this crash because part of the big plan to take our money away, and that is what is going on here...a pre-planned wealth undistribution. You see Bush and company tried really hard to get your social security money invested in the stock market - the same stock market that is now collapsing. That was part of the agenda! When are you going to understand this?

Here is how you solve this problem...don't bail out the banks...bail out the homeless, the hungry and the uninsured, the unemployed. Let the banks fade away. Let the investment companies die. Protect the citizens. If we had a system where we did not have to worry about criminals with money charging us criminally high interest rates just so that we could by a home, we would not have to worry when that system collapses.

The truth is that we would barely care if the banks collapsed, if we had security as it relates to our homes, food and health care, and that is a fact! We have homeless people in this nation. Homeless veterans! Homeless middle class hard working families. We have banks taking homes away from people because they cant make the payments on mortgages with interest rates so high that they end up costing the buyers 5 times more than the price of the home! It is sickening. Your government is now protecting the lenders and it is the lenders who are at the heart of the destruction of our economy. If we had a government that would lend our citizens money at minimal interest or no interest at all, we would not be in this mess.

Did you ever look at an amortization chart? Did you ever wonder why the overwhelming percentage of each mortgage payment is interest? The law protects the moneymakers, not the hard working citizens. The American dream did not include a scenario where you have to pay $239,508.90 for a $100,000 loan where the priority of the agreement was making the lender rich! If you had a $100,000, 30 year fixed loan at 7% interest, you would pay $665.30 per month in payments. The first payment would break down into  $81.97 in principal and $583.33 in interest. The system is all about making money for the people who have money. It is not about the people of this country. This is nothing more than diluted loan sharking. The American economic system is a sham and many of you are just starting to see the big picture.

Let the banks all die. I said this in the 90s when merger mania was in full day when we use the phrase "I am going to the bank" it will mean just will be going to "THE" bank. We are watching a fascist takeover of our country and we are forgetting about the very reason governments are permitted to protect us. They should be protecting us, the people, not the corporations.

And here is a a little reminder for you...the Federal Reserve is a private bank! Did you know that I told people about this collapse a few years back when the Fed announced, with no hoopla by the criminal media...that they would not report how much money they were printing!!! They were devaluing your money, your investments, your savings, the value of your services! They just printed more money...and gave it away to their partners in crime...the other banks related to the private Federal Reserve bank. What the hell do you think they mean when they say that they "infused" money into the system? What the hell does that mean? Check your bank account...did any money infuse into it lately? Think about these things for a minute!!!

Now, even the spoiled rich will understand what the "conspiracy theorists" have been saying for years...greed is at the heart of system. It's a scam. It is a rigged system. It is not capitalism, it is fascism! It is not fair play, not free markets, not small is greed and nothing more.

Bail out the people and we will not need anyone to save us from the bank collapse! And that's a fact! Think about it. Jesse Richard - Editor,

Reference:  George Bush's "Ownership Society" is Unfolding Before Your Eyes  - You see when Gorge W. Bush talked about creating an"ownership society" he was telling the truth. The problem is that nobody questioned what he meant by that. Nobody asked him "who" would be owning more of society. Well I told people what he meant years ago and I'll tell you again... More...

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