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You are here Editorials Jesse Richard's Commentary VIDEO: Why You Need to Take the UFO Issue Seriously. Can You Say "Secret Government Spotted?"

VIDEO: Why You Need to Take the UFO Issue Seriously. Can You Say "Secret Government Spotted?"

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Even in the world of truth seekers, the very mention of the topic of UFO's can draw ridicule. Well, my friends, if you take a few moments to look past the green men, or should I say gray men, you will realize that the UFO issue demonstrates something other that the existence of extra terrestrial beings; it demonstrates, irrefutably, the existence of a secret government whose power supersedes that of the public, or so called official government of the United States of America.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video in it's entirety. You may not learn much about UFOs but you will see, very clearly, that there there is an authority that usurps that of the US government and the military You will see that "permissions" are granted and denied to government officials, ranging from members of Congress to the President, from a place unseen and undefined to the public and to the government.

You will realize that extra constitutional power is yielded and the source of that power is concealed from the public and from our government officials. This fact is not up for debate...this is evident by official historical record.

The question is no longer whether or not a secret government exists. The question is who is actually behind the secret government and how do we stop them?


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