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Enabling a Madman: George Bush and American Amnesia

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It just doesn’t stop. With painful consistency, there always is a new effrontery, a new attack on the Constitution, and a new slap in our collective faces. And every day, the American public responds largely in silent quiescence, seemingly unperturbed and indifferent to the insults and abuses being hurled at them from the man who reigns supreme in the White House.

And with this apathy, the people of the United States offer aid and comfort to their greatest enemies from within, and unwittingly give tacit approval to a madman and his masters.

I refuse to give total credit to Bush himself for his actions. The man does not have the intelligence, insight or experience to personally inflict all the damage done by his administration. However, for the sake of simplicity, I will refer to George Bush as the major culprit involved in the crimes against the nation and the world.. In fact, responsibility lies with the entire cadre of neocons and delusional managers who placed a sociopath in the White House and allowed him to play a role he was ill equipped to handle.

Therefore, just consider what George Bush managed to slip past a sleeping public in just the past few days: First, he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as water boarding “to break suspected terrorists,” Never mind the Geneva Conventions, never mind US military law, never mind the danger to our own military personnel at the hands of a future enemy. Never mind, because the wimpish Congress will go along without a murmur.

And never mind because the American public, if they know about it at all, will very soon forget.

Then consider that just today the arrogant, self-aggrandizing President of the United States issued another record-breaking signing statement, adding to the more than 750 of his administration. This time Bush declared his right to open mail under emergency conditions, contrary to existing law and contradicting the bill he had just signed.

Hey, people…. That’s about opening YOUR mail….contrary to existing law. But never mind, because the American public, if they know about it at all, will very soon forget.

After all, they’ve forgotten so many other crimes for which this administration is not accountable. Here, at, we’ve been writing about these crimes for years, as have so many other concerned investigative news sites. In doing so, we have enlarged the proverbial choir and increased the murmur of discontent. But in the long run we have failed.

We have completely failed to stir America to the point of outrage that would have resulted in massive protests in major countries around the world. And that’s because, despite all they learn about the criminal behavior of their government, Americans forget.

And by forgetting, they aid and abet the Bush administration as it destroys the fabric of American life and liberty.

Take a moment to explore a fractional realm of American amnesia as it relates to the past seven year.

Think about some of the crimes that far too few Americans remember:

• the WH refusal to investigate 9/11 for an entire year
• the mounds of evidence countering the official version of 9/11
• the lies that led us into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
• the linking of Iraq to Al Qaeda
• the Powell lies to the UN
• the outing of Valerie Plane as a CIA operative
• illegal spying by the NSA
• suspension of habeas corpus
• rendition of detainees to foreign countries of torture
• Abu Ghraib atrocities
• violations against detainees at Guantanamo
• use and defense of water boarding and other tortures
• the firing of federal prosecutors for political motives
• the disappearance of millions of WH email messages
• the refusal of subpoenaed WH witness to appear before Congress
• the protection of telecom companies who allowed illegal spying
• the censorship of photos showing returning US military dead
• the censorship of Iraqi and Afghan civilian deaths
• the censorship regarding military wounded….

Get the idea? It’s all been said over and over. So now, what?

Thank the gods that be for the new Spitzer scandal in New York. That should fill the news void for a while and replace the 24/7 coverage of the Obama-Clinton feud for a while.

Again, not to worry, Americans will forget about it all in time, although sex and prostitution titillate the mind and keep a story going far longer than crimes against the nation and the Constitution. Fun is fun.

Personally, I am weary of it all. Life around me goes on as if nothing is remarkably amiss in America. Five American soldiers reported dead today. Scores of Iraqis reported dead two days ago. More than sixty thousand vets diagnosed with PTSD, so many others who are homeless and have brain injuries or severe loss of hearing. An aberration, we are told. No big deal.

Not to worry, America. None of this is really newsworthy. Madness is as madness does, and surely…no of this is important enough to remember.

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