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Celebrating the Anniversary, Mr. Bush?

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The war against Iraq began at 5:30 AM Baghdad time (9:30 PM EST, March 19), when the U.S. launched Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Five years, George. Five ugly, deadly, bloody years. This is quite an anniversary. If you wait a day or two, you’ll be able to celebrate the 4,000th US military death as well.
Break out the champagne.

It’s been a fairly quiet five years, George. No photos of the dead or dying. No flag-draped coffins, no talk of the legless, blinded or horribly burned. Not a murmur about hundreds of thousands of dead and terribly injured Iraqis. No concern about the millions who had to flee the country of their fathers… no fanfare about daisy cutters or depleted uranium. Celebrate….we’re making progress.

Great news management, George, -you’d hardly know such carnage was involved. . Good for you.

You’ve waged such a clean, carefree war, George, if just a tad costly. That $12 billion a month you’re spending on this foray really is hardly worth a mention, considering what you’ve done to the dollar. But, a cash cow is a cash cow. Let’s drink to that.

And let’s hear it for the never-ending, euphoric ‘progress,’ in your lovely war, George. Let’s not quibble about the lack of water and electricity for the Iraqis, or the devastating shortages of doctors and medical supplies. And, luckily, a blown up bus or marketplace here or there is hardly newsworthy. Not a word in the establishment media about the daily killings or kidnappings you’ve set in motion all these years.

Hey, the networks deserve a hand here. Almost three quarters of Americans believe that you’ve caused the deaths of only three thousand American troops. Hard to believe, but they’ve inadvertently written off the lives of a thousand young soldiers and marines. Hell, ignorance is bliss. Party on.

And best of all, your coalition of intimidated allies has all but disappeared. Your illegal, immoral and ugly war is largely a private affair now, George. Enjoy.

We’d love to see the guest list, George. Surely an anniversary bash of this order has to include those who made it all happen: Do send photos of Dick and Condy and Colin and Donald – and not to forget Wolfy and the neocons. . We’ve heard so little from them lately.

Yep, this is a big one George. Five years of death and destruction, and still going strong. And here’s so much more to do. Have a ball, George, - it’s your last hurrah and your legacy is nearly assured. Not quite, but almost. You have only months to go before you sleep, George…..and you still have time to go out with a bang.

There is still an outside chance that your painful failures in Afghanistan and Iraq may be forgiven and even forgotten. You have the old crew on hand for this festive occasion, so take a moment to plan another one, George. Just think ahead…..and use what’s left of your military might to liberate the people of Iran.

It’s what you’ve wanted all this time….so go for it, George. The American people are becoming far too complacent, and too many are losing their sense of imminent fear, forgetting that terrorists are waiting at the borders to attack and eat our children.

Are you celebrating, George? It’s been five long years since Shock and Awe. So, where have all the flowers gone?

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