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Special Broadcast - 9/11 Facts

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Special Broadcast - 9/11 Facts
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Broadcast Time: Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 8:00 PM ET.

During this special broadcast I will try to highlight some of the more disturbing elements of the official account of the events of September 11th 2001. During the years following that event, volumes of information have come to light dramatically contradicting the official account. While it would take many hours to even scratch the surface of these facts, I will use this one hour broadcast to provide a starting point for people who have not yet become aware of the many disturbing details.

The following information can be used as reference material for those who tune in:


We have posted the following bits and pieces of information simply for those of you who are not yet aware that the OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD of 9/11 does not support the common perceptions of what took place that day. As a matter of fact the more you examine the public record the more impossible the official explanation will seem.


With the amount of information available it is virtually impossible to select the most powerful evidence, but we did try to select enough to encourage you to start your own research.

So in no particular are some things to think about. Please read my comments on each item.

Thank you,
Jesse Richard

In no particular order:

Michael Meacher, British Member of Parliament, and until recently environment minister in Tony Blair's government, added a lot of credibility to conspiracy theories about the 9/11.




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