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Special Broadcast - 9/11 Facts - Drills

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 How do you feel about body language. How would you respond to the question if you were not guilty?



The Secret Service are springloaded responders. Their job is to protect the president. If someone chewing gum pops a bubble they will jump to protect the president. On 9/11 Bush's schedule was made public. He is in an elementary school in Florida. As he read to the children the first plane already hit the WTC. As he is sitting with the children, his chief of staff Andrew Card whispers in his ear that the second tower was hit and that America was under attack. It is one thing to speculate why the president of the United States did not feel that it was necessary to take action when the nation was under attack (the people who make excuses for this astonish me...we are talking about a nation under attack), but the smoking gun lies in the inaction of the Secret Service.

If it is true that they did not know about the attack details in advance then they had no way of knowing the scope of the attack. It could have very well been a nation-wide, multi-pronged attack using planes, trucks, bombs, whatever. Yet at the time that they, the Secret Serivce, become aware that the nation is indeed under attack, because the second plane hit...THEY TAKE NO ACTION! They acted as if they knew that there was no threat to the president. They acted, as did Bush, as if they were on a schedule. Bush was clearly not supposed to take any action at this point. 

Think back to that day. Do you know anyone at all, who when hearing about what was going on continued along with his or her activities? Is there anyone who did not at the very least bolt over to a TV set? Do you know any cops, firemen or emergency workers who finished reading the sports page before jumping into some sort of action, even if it was only to watch on TV? I do...the Secret Service detail guarding the president. And the President...looked like he was simply awaiting instructions.

Think back to when Andrew Card whispers in Bush's ear is informing him that "the nation is under attack!" Is this the actions of a president? Would anyone in the world who is in charge of something that is being attacked, be it a business, a friend or even a possession, react this way? George W. Bush is a man following a schedule. He may not have been informed of the details of the event but he was clearly informed that something was going to happen and he knew that he was waiting for his next instruction.






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