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Aleppo onslaught: New air strikes hit medical facility
An air strike hit a clinic in a rebel-held district of Aleppo on Friday, the civil defence said, the second time this week a medical facility in... Read more...
What became of 1,400 people who disappeared in Nepal?
More than 10 years after a bloody civil war ended in Nepal, the country has finally started a process of transitional justice.Some 16,000 people were... Read more...
Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.1 million cars, SUVs for rollaway issue
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCHA.MI) said on Friday it is recalling more than 1.1 million cars and SUVs worldwide because the vehicles may roll... Read more...
Biden blasts Israeli government at J Street gala
Vice President Joe Biden several times criticized what he called an Israeli government that causes “overwhelming frustration” in a speech that... Read more...
Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' wins Pulitzer Prize for drama
“Hamilton,” the Broadway smash that’s looked like an awards-season favorite from the moment it opened, has been awarded the 2016 Pulitzer Prize... Read more...
Obama announces 250 new military personnel for Syria
US President Barack Obama has said he plans to send 250 more troops to Syria, a sharp increase in the number of Americans working with local Syrian... Read more...
U.S. to Admit 20 More Civilian Deaths
The U.S. military will admit later today to nine instances of coalition strikes that have killed 20 civilians in a five-month period in the campaign... Read more...
New rules allow more civilian casualties in air war against ISIL
The Pentagon has approved airstrikes that risk more civilian casualties in order to destroy Islamic State targets as part of its increasingly ... Read more...
U.S. sending more troops to Iraq, $415M to Peshmerga for Mosul victory
The United States will increase troop numbers in Iraq, deploy AH-64 Apache helicopters and help fund Kurdish Peshmerga with up to $415 million amid... Read more...
Confessions of a former US Air Force drone technician
Cian Westmoreland was 18 years old when he enlisted in the US Air Force.Now 28, the former serviceman served with the 606 Air Control Squadron in... Read more...
SunEdison files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
U.S. solar energy company SunEdison Inc (SUNE.N) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Thursday, becoming one of the largest non-financial... Read more...
US corporations have $1.4tn hidden in tax havens, claims Oxfam report
US corporate giants such as Apple, Walmart and General Electric have stashed $1.4tn (£980bn) in tax havens, despite receiving trillions of dollars... Read more...
U.S. regulators fail 'living wills' at five of eight big banks
Five out of eight of the biggest U.S. banks do not have credible plans for winding down operations during a crisis without the help of public money,... Read more...
Goldman Sachs to pay $5 billion in U.S. Justice Dept mortgage probe
Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) has agreed to pay $5.06 billion to settle claims that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis,... Read more...
American executives' names surface in Panama Papers
The names of hundreds of Americans have surfaced in the Panama Papers, including a handful of U.S. businessmen accused or convicted by U.S.... Read more...
Top secret documents may hold clues to Saudi backing for 9/11
President Obama is due to visit Saudi Arabia in 10 days. His visit comes at a time of deep suspicion between the two allies. The United States also... Read more...
How the Bush administration ignored this warning from the CIA months before 9/11
Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” The CIA’s famous Presidential Daily Brief, presented to George W. Bush on August 6, 2001, has always been... Read more...
You Only Believe the Official 9/11 Story Because You Don't Know the Official 9/11 Story
I don't believe the official story of 9/11 because I know the official story of 9/11!During the past 10 years I have not met a single individual who,... Read more...
Karzai: Al Qaeda never operated in Afghanistan
Al Qaeda has never operated in Afghanistan, the country's former President Hamid Karzai said in a recent interview, dismissing the notion that the... Read more...
Bush Administration Mulled Using Nukes After 9/11 Attacks
An assistant to former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder claims the Bush government ‘really played through all possibilities’ in responding to... Read more...
Violence follows California Trump rally, about 20 arrested
Raucous protesters and supporters of Donald Trump violently confronted each other in California leading to some 20 arrests as the Republican... Read more...
Donald Trump: The Cry-Bully
On May 4, 2009, @realDonaldTrump toddled out into our world. Back then, Twitter was still seen as a buggy curiosity making grandiose promises that no... Read more...
Trump fails to impress foreign-policy experts
In his address to an elite, invitation-only Washington foreign policy audience Wednesday, Donald Trump promised that, as president, he would restore... Read more...
Trump routs rivals in Northeast; Clinton carries 3 states
In a front-runner's rout, Republican Donald Trump roared to victory Tuesday in five contests across the Northeast, keeping the billionaire firmly on... Read more...
Federal Judge Upholds Voter ID Law In North Carolina
A federal judge upheld a North Carolina law on Monday that requires voters to show certain forms of photo identification at the polls, in a key... Read more...
House committee votes to require women to register for draft
Women would be required to register for the military draft under a House committee bill that comes just months after the Defense Department lifted... Read more...
Former House speaker sentenced to more than a year in prison
- Dennis Hastert, the Republican who for eight years presided over the House and was second in the line of succession to the presidency, was... Read more...
60 Minutes: U.S. Rep. was told to raise $18,000 a day so he could get reelected.
Rep. David Jolly says he was told his first job as a newly elected congressman was to raise $18,000 a day so he could get reelected. On Sunday's 60... Read more...
Palestine is latest GOP offensive in climate change wars
Senate Republicans think they’ve found a powerful way to hobble President Obama's participation in international climate diplomacy through the... Read more...
Senators ask Obama to investigate whether Pentagon misled Congress on sexual assault cases
A bipartisan pair of senators is calling on President Obama to investigate allegations that the Pentagon misled Congress during testimony on sexual... Read more...
Supreme Court won't block Texas photo ID law — yet
The Supreme Court refused Friday to block Texas' photo ID law, the strictest in the nation, from remaining in effect for now, but it left open the... Read more...
Workers Say T-Mobile Created A Fake Union To Kill The Real One
One of the largest cell phone carriers in America is trying to derail a years-long campaign to organize tens of thousands of workers by creating a... Read more...
Abortion rights group defends AmeriCorps after violations
A leading abortion rights group is defending AmeriCorps after a half-dozen of the service program's workers violated federal laws by helping women... Read more...
Les Waas, Mister Softee Jingle Writer And Beloved Prankster, Dead At 94
For the millions who grew up in the northeast over the past 50 years, it was the sound of summer. More than the roar of the waves at the beach, more... Read more...
NCAA takes firmer stance against LGBT discrimination with new championship process
In an effort to protect its teams and their respective fanbases from discrimination — particularly to those in the LGBT community — in states... Read more...
Egyptian cleric defends CIA agent convicted over his rendition
The radical Egyptian cleric who was kidnapped in Milan by the CIA in 2003 has come to the defence of a former CIA officer convicted for her alleged... Read more...
Ex-CIA agent loses appeal against extradition to Italy
Portugal's Constitutional Court has rejected a former CIA operative's appeal against her extradition to Italy to serve a six-year sentence for her... Read more...
7 Extremist Jews Indicted for Terror Plot Against Palestinians
Seven members of an alleged extremist Jewish terror cell were indicted in an Israeli court.The cell, including an Israeli soldier and two minors, are... Read more...
Britain's Big Business: The Modern Slave Trap
Al Jazeera’s investigative unit has revealed that large companies in Britain may be failing to tackle slavery along their supply chains. The... Read more...
Court Rules ACLU Lawsuit Against CIA Torture Psychologists Can Proceed
In a decision today that is unprecedented for a lawsuit involving CIA torture, a federal judge said that he would allow a lawsuit against the two... Read more...
Alex Baer: '183,429 Better Ways to Elect a President'
The best book I've read in quite a while is a nonexistent one called Scorched-Earth Realpolitik Cookbook:  Cajun-Style Political Elexting and... Read more...
Bob Alexander: I'm not on Drugs … Maybe I'm Dreaming
You can find just about anything on The Internet. I was looking for the right words to describe a state of mind so I clicked on Google, typed in... Read more...
Alex Baer: Hello, Dali...
It's been threatening to get out of hand for some decades, and it's finally happened: Every news report -- global, national, local, and personal --... Read more...
Bruce Enberg: Riding Crops and Jack Boots Aren't Just for Sex Dungeons Anymore
Ho hum, another month, another quarter million new jobs. Obama's job creation streak is a new record by what, a year? You don't hear that on the... Read more...
Bruce Enberg: Conservative Liberals and Their Love of Reaganomics
Those of us of certain age remember well the Reagan Democrats, mostly white guys with union cards who thought Reagan would be better at running the... Read more...
Cost for new oral cancer drugs skyrocketed in last decade
A new drug for cancer introduced in 2014 costs about six times the price of a new drug in 2000, with the cost of many other drugs to treat the... Read more...
Mumps cases hit 40 as Harvard begs students: Stop infecting each other
A mumps outbreak that began two months ago at Harvard University is getting worse.  More than 40 students and staff have been struck, despite... Read more...
30 years later, Chernobyl disaster could trigger more cancer, deaths
Three decades after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded and sent a plume of radiation as far away as the United Kingdom, fears remain that the... Read more...
Fructose a factor in disease-related genetic changes in brain, study says
Fructose may damage genes in the brain, playing a role in changes in the brain linked to diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to diabetes, according to... Read more...
CDC: U.S. suicide rate highest in 30 years
The suicide rate in the United States continued its 30-year rise in 2014, growing in nearly every demographic group in the country, according to a... Read more...
Natural gas explosion in Salem Township: Injuries reported, evacuations underway
Crews are responding to a natural gas explosion Friday in Salem Township, Westmoreland County, where at least one injury has been reported and... Read more...
Russia's nuclear nightmare flows down radioactive river
At first glance, Gilani Dambaev looks like a healthy 60-year-old man and the river flowing past his rural family home appears pristine. But Dambaev... Read more...
Study: Oxygen drain will be apparent in oceans by 2030s
Climate models suggest climate change is slowly sapping oxygen from the world's oceans. In some places, declining oxygen levels are already... Read more...
Michigan ‘Covered Up Lead’ in 2nd City
A Michigan environmental official suggested a technician collecting samples for a suburban Detroit private water system “bump ... out” a test... Read more...
Billionaire green donor launches U.S. millennial voter drive
Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer's super PAC launched a $25 million youth voter drive on Monday in seven political battleground states... Read more...
Solar plane reaches California after flight across Pacific
A solar-powered airplane reached the San Francisco Bay area and performed a fly-by over the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday afternoon following 56... Read more...
Why North Dakota (aka Boomtown, USA) is running on empty
In the mid 2000s hydraulic fracturing - or fracking - coupled with soaring oil prices, made it possible to unlock billions of barrels of oil from the... Read more...
New Documents Show Oil Industry Even More Evil Than We Thought
In 1968, a pair of scientists from Stanford Research Institute wrote a report for the American Petroleum Institute, a trade association for... Read more...
Notorious Coal Baron Don Blankenship Sentenced to a Year in Prison
A federal judge in West Virginia sentenced former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship to a year in prison on Wednesday for conspiring to commit mine... Read more...
Big Banks Aided Firm At Center Of International Bribery Scandal
No business can operate without bankers — not even the bribery business.British financial giant HSBC and American bailout kingpin Citibank... Read more...
N. Korea Jails Another U.S. Citizen for spying
North Korea has sentenced a US man to 10 years of hard labour for spying.  Kim Dong-chul, a 62-year-old naturalised US citizen born in South Korea,... Read more...
Belgium Issues Iodine Pills to All Citizens in Nuclear Emergency Plan
Belgium is to issue iodine tablets to its entire population as part of a revised nuclear emergency plan, a measure unveiled just months after it... Read more...
Deadly air strike hits hospital in Syria's Aleppo
At least 16 people have been killed in a Syrian government air strike on a hospital in the city of Aleppo, a source in the war-torn city told Al... Read more...
UN rejects Israel's claim over Syria's Golan Heights
The UN Security Council has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that the annexed Golan Heights in Syria would "for ever"... Read more...
Global financial network warns customers of multiple cyber fraud cases
SWIFT, the global financial network that banks use to transfer billions of dollars every day, warned its customers on Monday that it was aware of "a... Read more...
New York Times boss sued over alleged ageist, racist and sexist hiring practices
Mark Thompson, the chief executive of the New York Times and former director-general of the BBC, is facing a multimillion-dollar class action lawsuit... Read more...
Iraq shuts down Al Jazeera Baghdad bureau
The Iraqi Communications and Media Commission has shut down the Baghdad bureau of Al Jazeera Media Network and banned its journalists from reporting... Read more...
Israel silencing detained Palestinian journalist, says wife
The wife of a detained Palestinian journalist said Tuesday that Israel is trying to silence him.Omar Nazzal, 53, was seized over the weekend at an... Read more...
Dutch journalist arrested in Turkey for criticising Erdoğan
A Dutch journalist was blocked from leaving Turkey on Sunday following her arrest on Saturday night for tweets deemed critical of the Turkish... Read more...
Edward Snowden on police pursuing journalist data: the scandal is what the law allows
Edward Snowden has condemned Australian law enforcement for collecting the communications records of a Guardian journalist without a warrant.The... Read more...
Pentagon disciplines 16 of its own for Kunduz hospital airstrike
The Pentagon has disciplined 16 service members following an airstrike that killed 42 at a Doctors Without Borders hospital in northern Afghanistan... Read more...
Federal Court won't force release of more drone-killing info
A federal appeals court has rebuffed an effort to force the Obama administration to release more information about its policies for using deadly... Read more...
Pentagon: 22 percent of military bases will be excess by 2019
A Pentagon report to Congress found 22 percent of U.S. military bases and facilities will be considered excess by 2019.Deputy Secretary of Defense... Read more...
In a changing US Army, turbans and hijabs allowed
This week, the Army granted three Sikh soldiers long-term clearance to wear their beards and turbans, in what supporters see as hope for greater... Read more...
Army approves 22 women as infantry, armor officers
- The Army approved requests from 22 women to become the first female infantry and armor unit officers, opening leadership and ground combat... Read more...
Self-healing' plastic could mean better bandages, tougher phone cases
- A plastic-like material that "flows" back together when cut or scraped could lead to self-healing bandages and cellphones that never stay scuffed,... Read more...
Big discovery about Vikings just came from space
A "high-tech Indiana Jones" may have just done what no one else has been able to for 55 years: find a second Viking settlement in North America, the... Read more...
New 250 million-year-old reptile species found in Brazil
Paleontologists have unearthed the fossilized remains of a reptile that lived 250 million years ago in what's now the Brazilian state of Rio Grande... Read more...
Yearlong spaceman back home in Houston with family, pool
NASA space champ Scott Kelly is finally back home in Houston with his family and the swimming pool that he craved throughout his yearlong absence... Read more...
Debate rages in courts over 'high-sensitivity' DNA analysis
One New York judge ruled the DNA evidence was scientifically sound. Another, just miles away, tossed it out as unreliable.The same scenario is... Read more...
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61 5 U.S. troops die in helicopter crash in Afghanistan Reggie
62 10 companies profiting the most from war Reggie
63 The Worst Mistake in U.S. History -- America Will Never Recover from Bush's Great Foreign Policy Disaster Reggie
64 Too much money spent in Iraq for too few results Reggie
65 NATO says its troops shot dead two Afghan boys Reggie
66 Most charges dismissed against ex-Blackwater execs Reggie
67 The lonely soldier and the moral scars of war Reggie
68 John Brennan and the truth about drones Reggie
69 Afghan Children Deaths: Hundreds Killed By U.S. In Last Five Years, UN 'Alarmed' By Civilian Casualties Reggie
70 Support grows for U.S. "drone court" to review lethal strikes Reggie
71 Afghan corruption, opium, and the strange case of Kam Air Reggie
72 Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans Reggie
73 The Fake Catch-22 of Drone-War Apologists Reggie
74 US Ramps Up Pakistan Drone Strikes Reggie
75 When U.S. drones kill civilians, Yemen’s government tries to conceal it Reggie
76 Afghanistan Teenagers Detained By U.S. Military Reggie
77 U.S. reducing plans for large civilian force in post-2014 Afghanistan Reggie
78 Taliban fighters, suicide bombers attack U.S.-Afghan base Reggie
79 U.S. Election Speeded Move to Codify Policy on Drones Reggie
80 Dronestagram – the website exposing the US's secret drone war Reggie

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