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Inmates at Afghan prison can challenge detention: US judge

A federal judge on Thursday ruled that some inmates held at a US military base in Afghanistan have the legal right to challenge their detention in US courts.

The Supreme Court has previously ruled that detainees held at the US prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba have the right to challenge their detention. But the government had argued that inmates at the US air base in Bagram, Afghanistan did not have such a constitutional right.



Army lied about how my son died in Iraq: Friendly-fire victim was 'misidentified' as enemy gunman

Army brass in Iraq whitewashed an incident of a soldier killed by his own lieutenant by blaming the dead hero, stonewalling his family and promoting his killer, the Daily News has learned.

For four months after the Army knew the truth, it still insisted to Sharrett's father that he was killed by enemy fire - and gave only atemporary wrist slap to Hanson under pressure from the families of Sharrett and two other G.I.s killed in the clash.

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And reinvent themselves they indeed have attempted to do, though their aims and rhetoric have the same old familiar warmongering ring about them as they had during the Bush years. The recently launched and far less grand-sounding Foreign Policy Initiative headed up by arch-neoconservatives William Kristol and Robert Kagan, has taken a different tack from the old PNAC. In there Mission Statement for the new FPI the neocons renew their old animosities toward those they considered past threats.


The New McCarthyism

Today we are seeing once again the heavy hand of the war profiteers trying to reshape the film industry into a tool to propagandize the public into a high war-fever such that they will gladly trade their own blood for gold to line the pockets of the defense establishment. And those individuals who have the courage to speak out are attacked, and once again they are smeared to silence them. In the 1940s it was "Communist", today it is "Anti-Semite", but aside from the particular label used, the methods, goals, and morality are little changed from the days of Joseph McCarthy.


US soldier jailed for 'execution' murders in Iraq

A second US soldier was convicted of murder in the summary executions of four bound and blindfolded Iraqi detainees in 2007 after entering a guilty plea at his court-martial.

Sgt Joseph Mayo, 27, was sentenced to 35 years in prison, along with a reduction in rank to private, forfeiture of all pay and a dishonourable discharge.

He pleaded guilty to charges of premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit premeditated murder at the proceeding at the US army's Rose Barracks in Vilseck, southern Germany. His lawyer said Mayo would testify against another soldier involved in the incident and could be eligible for parole in about 10 years.


UFOs captured on Google Street View hovering over East End bookies

Nine mystery silver discs can be seen above a bookmaker's shop in an image of Bethnal Green, east London, taken last year.

They appear to be flying in neat formation in three rows, attracting the attention of several passers-by, in the photograph of Wolverley Street.


A Museum for Documenting the Israeli Crimes in Gaza

On last 28 March 2009 I went to a charity event in solidarity with the Palestinian victims in Gaza and which had the purpose of raising money to finance a Physical Therapy Center in Gaza, according to Dr. Tariq Afifi, who headed the event. Dr. Hassan Najjar, the Chairman of the Association of Arab Doctors in Europe, said in his address, that “three months after the barbaric Israeli aggression on the Palestinian civilians in Gaza Strip, it is necessary to work together to establish a museum which documents all the past and current Israeli war crimes, genocide and the blockade in Gaza”. This bold and strong proposal, to open a museum documenting the Israeli war crimes proposed by Dr. Najjar was widely welcomed attendants to the event, among them many doctors, diplomats ambassadors and intellectuals and artists.


Concerns Raised About Coastal Levels of Flame-Retardant Chemicals

Flame-retardant chemicals that have been linked to reproductive and neurological problems in animals have seeped into coastal environments even in remote regions and have been found in high concentrations off populated areas such as Chicago and Southern California, a federal study revealed Tuesday.


Police 'fusion' centers criticized for tracking Ron Paul, Barr, McKinney supporters

Formed in the wake of 9/11 as a way to search out domestic terrorist threats, fusion centers today are being bombarded with criticism on all sides for things like improper surveillance of the supporters of third-party presidential candidates and an ambiguous mission directive that has lead to power overreaching.


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