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Pentagon plays catch-up as toll of repeat combat duty rises

A Department of Veterans Affairs study reports a three-fold increase in depression and post-traumatic stress after repeat combat duty, raising questions about the Pentagon’s ability to keep soldiers with combat-related psychological problems away from the front.

Emotional pain, depression, and angst among US soldiers seeing multiple deployments in war zones are much more common than the Pentagon has reported, a new Department of Veterans Affairs survey says.



Russia blames U.S. for delay in nuclear arms reduction deal

The United States has slowed down talks on a nuclear arms reduction deal with Russia in the last few days, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Thursday.

Asked to comment on media reports that a new landmark pact to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which expired on December 5, is unlikely to be signed this year, Lavrov said: "Work is continuing, but we have noticed a slowdown in U.S. negotiators' efforts."


FDA dupes Interpol to achieve illegal kidnapping and deportation of herbal formulator Greg Caton

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today stands accused of taking part in the kidnapping and illegal extradition of a permanent resident of Ecuador, in violation of both international law and Ecuadorian law.

Greg Caton, owner and operator of Alpha Omega Labs (, an herbal products company that sells anti-cancer herbal remedies made with Ecuadorian medicinal herbs, was arrested at gunpoint at a road checkpoint in Ecuador, then transported to an Ecuadorian holding facility to await a hearing on December 14, 2009.


Insurgents Hack U.S. Drones

Militants in Iraq have used $26 off-the-shelf software to intercept live video feeds from U.S. Predator drones, potentially providing them with information they need to evade or monitor U.S. military operations.


Officials to examine fluoride content in Darbhanga village

"Till date excess Fluoride was not detected Darbhnga. But I have asked officials to confirm the newpaper reports so that we can take appropriate steps," Choubey said pointing out that 12 districts of the state were afflicted by fluoride which causes fluorosis, a disease nicknamed by medical professionals as "bone crusher". TOI had reported the detection of excess floride by a team of researchers.

Choubey conceded that fluoride and arsenic had been emerging as a major health problem in Bihar.

TVNL Comment: And we add this stuff to our water?


Genetic breakthrough hails new cancer research era

The genetic code of two of the most deadly cancers has been cracked by British scientists in a world first that opens up a whole new era in the treatment for the disease.

All the mutations that turn healthy cells cancerous in both lung and skin tumours have been identified in what researchers described as a "transforming moment" in the search for preventions, treatments and cures for both terminal illnesses.



Bush officials e-mailed bogus rumor blaming Gore for failure to kill Bin Laden

White House emails retrieved from Bush administration records reveal that top Bush Justice Department officials circulated a memo falsely blaming Al Gore for U.S. failure to get Osama bin Laden

The apocryphal Osama-Al Gore-Oliver North story, already debunked on, was forwarded internally to administration personnel by David M. Israelite, Deputy Chief of Staff and Counselor to Attorney Gen. John Ashcroft (pictured above right). The existence of such politicized emails may help explain why millions of emails sent to and from the previous White House have gone missing despite rules for preserving presidential records.


Even in cases the U.S. wins, Guantanamo evidence is suspect

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the United States is unlawfully imprisoning at Guantanamo a Yemeni once accused of training at an al Qaeda camp, just days after a different U.S. judge upheld the detention of another Guantanamo detainee who trained at the same camp.

But even in that order, the judge found the U.S. evidence was the result of coercion and abuse and should not be used "in any fashion, in any court."


Wildlife group fears polar bear protection plan is inadequate

To better safeguard threatened polar bears, the federal government should expand the size of its proposed critical habitat area in Alaska and curb oil and gas development there, the National Wildlife Federation said Wednesday.

The federation criticized the Department of the Interior for promoting expanded oil and gas exploration in the same areas that it wants to designate as the protected area for polar bears.


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