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White House Calls Out Fox By Name For Lying

In a new post on the official White House blog, an administration official specifically names Fox News for lying about the administration's push to bring the Olympics to Chicago.

"Last night Fox News continued its disregard for the facts," the post begins, "in an attempt to smear the Administration's efforts to win the Olympics for the United States."


U.S. troops call Afghan region 'Vietnam without napalm'

The men of Bravo Company have a bitter description for the irrigated swath of land along the Arghandab River where 10 members of their battalion have been killed and 30 have been wounded since the beginning of August. "Like Vietnam without the napalm," said Spc. Nicholas Gojekian, 21, of Katy, Texas.


U.S. Judge Refuses to Release Interrogation Documents

A U.S. federal judge refused Wednesday to release records describing interrogation techniques authorized for overseas use by the CIA, saying it was up to the agency to decide if they should remain secret.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled against requests by the American Civil Liberties Union to release documents from a total of 580 that included names and dates of when detainees were captured as well as descriptions of destroyed videotapes that showed CIA interrogations of two suspects.


Ex-bishop in N.S. facing child porn charges

A recently retired Roman Catholic bishop from Nova Scotia has been charged with possessing and importing child pornography.

Raymond Lahey, 69, who stunned his diocese by resigning suddenly as the bishop of Antigonish on Saturday, was charged Sept. 25 by the Ottawa police after images "of concern" were found on his laptop computer.


Israel to Free 20 Women Prisoners to Obtain Video of Soldier

Israel said Wednesday it would release 20 Palestinian women from its jails in exchange for a videotape of a captured Israeli soldier that would prove that he is alive.

Cpl. Gilad Shalit was seized by the Islamic group Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups in 2006 in a cross-border raid and taken into Gaza. The prisoner release offer, announced on Wednesday by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was the first significant sign of progress in negotiations on Corporal Shalit since Mr. Netanyahu took office in March.


TVNL Comment: The number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails reached 9,600, including 345 children and 85 women,  Hamas holds ONE invading soldier.

WARNING: New Evidence Shows Mercury Present in Nearly ALL Fish

According to a new U.S. Geological Survey study, scientists detected mercury contamination in every fish sampled in nearly 300 streams across the United States.


‘Rescue Me’ star Daniel Sunjata headlines 9/11 protest march

A lead actor from the popular FX television show “Rescue Me” joined a large group of 9/11 activists and survivors on Sunday in a march from New York City’s Battery Park to city hall.

During an afternoon rally in the park, Daniel Sunjata, who plays the role of Franco Rivera in the firefighter drama featuring actor Dennis Leary, took the stage with an impassioned call for a new investigation. The march was held to support the NYC CAN coalition, which is currently engaged in a court battle with city hall over the legality of their ballot measure calling for a new 9/11 investigation.


Four degrees of warming 'likely'

In a dramatic acceleration of forecasts for global warming, UK scientists say the global average temperature could rise by 4C (7.2F) as early as 2060.

The Met Office study used projections of fossil fuel use that reflect the trend seen over the last 20 years. Their computer models also factored in new findings on how carbon dioxide is absorbed by the oceans and forests.



US passsengers still unable to make cell calls in flight

Cellphone use on airplanes, it would seem, is on extended hold in the United States. The national union representing flight attendants wants Congress to ban in-flight phone calls, and survey after survey of airline passengers shows strong opposition to allowing cellphones on planes.

So while domestic airlines rush to wire their cabins to provide in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, there is no indication whether, or when, passengers in the United States might be able to make a phone call at 37,000 feet.


TVNL Comment: Then, how did passengers on the hijacked planes on 9/11 make all those cell phone calls?  They didn't!!!

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