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Angela Merkel is Time's first female 'Person of the Year' in 29 years

MerkelTime magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel its 2015 person of the year Wednesday, the first woman to hold the title in 29 years.

Since 1927, the magazine has chosen to honor the one person who has most affected world events, for better or worse. Merkel, 61, was cited for her involvement in Europe's handling of migration issues, and of the Greek debt.

Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was runner-up in editorial voting.


News anchors need to go beyond 'weather porn'

Ginger ZeeExtreme weather and natural disasters account for quadruple as much television network news airtime as they did during 1990s, yet this actually deters viewers from taking precautions and actions. People reportedly find the inundation of information overwhelming, and therefore preventative actions are thought futile.

The idea that too much sizzle is being served up to viewers along with too little substance has been framed as "weather porn." Sure, disaster sights are provocative, but they can also serve to inform. This is where weather news largely falls down. Sights are left for viewers to see and reports for viewers to hear. What about what viewers can do?


Cable networks blasted after showing live footage inside Calif. killers' apartment

Apartment of San Berbardino shooteersCable networks on Friday received swift blowback for broadcasting live footage from inside the apartment of the husband and wife who killed 14 and wounded 21 others in a shooting massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., on Wednesday.

MSNBC, CNN and Fox all showed live footage, saying the landlord of the apartment allowed them into the building.

The networks showed someone prying a wood board off the door frame of the apartment. MSNBC also showed footage of the room of the six-month-old baby of the attackers, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, who were killed in a shootout with police.



NYT and WP Journalists Failed to Disclose Sources’ Funding From Monsanto

Monsanto connection hidden by major newspapersFollowing a Columbia Journalism Review article on whether science journalists should accept money from corporate interests, and whether there is adequate disclosure of sources’ corporate ties and conflicts of interest, U.S. Right to Know reviewed recent articles to assess how often journalists and columnists quote academic sources without stating that they are funded by the agrichemical giant Monsanto, which produces pesticides and GMOs.

Our review found 27 articles quoting (or authored by) university professors after they received Monsanto funding, but without disclosing that funding.


Hundreds protest jailing of 2 journalists in Turkey

HUndreds protest Turkey jailing of journalistsHundreds of protesters gathered outside the Istanbul office of an opposition newspaper Friday, accusing the government of silencing critics and attempting to cover-up a scandal after two journalists were jailed on terror and espionage charges for their reports on alleged Turkish arms smuggling to Syria.

Cumhuriyet newspaper's editor-in-chief Can Dundar, and the paper's Ankara representative, Erdem Gul, were sent to a prison in Istanbul late on Thursday, accused of willingly aiding a terror organization and revealing state secrets.


Reporter: Trump camp requiring bathroom escorts for press

Trump demands bathroom escorts for pressDonald Trump’s campaign is requiring journalists at rallies to have bathroom escorts, according to an NBC News reporter.

“Trump campaign now requiring media to have bathroom escorts at his rallies when leaving 'the pen,' " NBC News reporter Katy Tur tweeted late Tuesday alongside the hashtag "#watchthemedia."

“Media told they aren’t allowed to leave 'the pen' while Trump is in the room,” she continued. "It’s now official policy that the secret service is enforcing.


Greenwald Goes After CNN's Coverage Of Paris Attacks While On CNN

Glenn GreenwaldHow did CNN not see this interview going south?

When CNN's "Reliable Sources" asked Glenn Greenwald, a co-founding editor of The Intercept, on Sunday to weigh in on whether the media has been perpetuating a thirst for war in the days following the Paris attacks, he blasted the network for being the biggest contributor to the problem and for encouraging Islamophobia.


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