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Frozen in time: clock that tells tale of Jewish resistance in wartime Amsterdam

Frozen in time

A clock that is the sole surviving object from a second world war Jewish hideout will go on display at Amsterdam’s Dutch Resistance Museum this year.

The round mantelpiece clock may have been one of the last things people saw as they were seized by the Nazis and sent to death camps.

Along with scores of family photographs, documents and a book of poetry, the clock belonged to the family of Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper, a Holocaust survivor and resistance fighter.


Pearl Harbor 'led to a changed world.' 80 years later, a fading memory will be honored again.

Pearl Harbor remembrance day

Eighty years ago, 6-year-old Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson sat down to a Sunday morning breakfast at home on Hawaii's Pan American air base when the walls began to shake.

It was Dec. 7, 1941, and planes were flying low overhead.

She remembers her dad, a civilian, remarking how strange it was for the Army and Navy to engage in practice flights on a Sunday. They ran outside and saw Japanese torpedo bombers skimming the tops of trees along Pearl Harbor.

"I could see the pilots. They were that low and close," Nicholson, 86, told USA TODAY. "I didn’t know at the time they were torpedo planes."

Soon, the walls of Nicholson's family's kitchen would have bullets in them. There would be shrapnel in her front yard.


US claims 2019 airstrike that hit Syrian women and children was justified

US claims Syrian attack in 2019 was justified

The US military has confirmed for the first time a 2019 airstrike in Syria that killed up to 80 people, mostly women and children, but claimed the strike was justified as it killed Islamic State fighters who were attacking coalition forces.

The confirmation from US Central Command followed a report by the New York Times in which former and current Pentagon officials alleged there had been a cover-up of a likely war crime. Central Command argued that because some women and children had taken up arms for IS, whether by indoctrination or choice, they “could not strictly be classified as civilians”.

The strike was carried out on 18 March 2019 on the town of Baghuz on the Euphrates River, which forms the Syrian-Iraq border, where Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with US air support, were besieging the last organised remnants of IS in Syria.


Air Force inspector general says US strike that killed 7 children, 3 adults in Afghanistan was 'an honest mistake'

Air Force Gen.: Afghanistan air strike an errorThe Pentagon has determined its procedures failed to prevent the botched drone strike that killed 10 people in Kabul in August during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But the strike did not break any laws, said Air Force Lt. Gen. Sami Said, the service's inspector general, who led the Pentagon's investigation. He described the tragedy as "an honest mistake."

No single person was responsible for the flawed decisions that led to the airstrike, Said said. His report, which is classified, has been forwarded to commanders who have the authority to discipline those involved, including firing some of them. The officials who authorized the strike, who were located at a military base in Qatar, believed they were "targeting an imminent threat," Said said.


US finishes withdrawal, meeting Aug. 31 deadline after 20 years of war

Last plane bringing troops home from AfghanistanThe last plane carrying U.S. forces left Afghanistan on Monday, meeting an  Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. forces from the Taliban-led nation, after 20 years of war that left nearly 2,500 American troops dead and spanned four presidencies.

The Biden administration has spent weeks scrambling to evacuate Americans and Afghan translators who helped the American military after the Taliban quickly gained control of Kabul on Aug. 15.

The withdrawal also comes in the aftermath of an ISIS-K suicide bombing that killed dozens of people, including 13 U.S. service members, on Aug. 26. The U.S. retaliated with airstrikes targeting Islamic extremists on Friday and Sunday.

Evacuations originally began in July with at least 122,000 people evacuated out of Afghanistan as of Monday, including 5,400 Americans.


U.S. says two blasts near Kabul airport, with American casualties

US trrops and civilians killed in Kabul attackThere were at least two explosions near Kabul's airport amid a huge and chaotic evacuation effort from Afghanistan on Thursday, the Pentagon said, with civilians and U.S. service members among the casualties of what was described as a "complex attack."

U.S. officials said they were concerned that further attacks could occur at the airport following the twin blasts, which a Taliban official said killed at least 13 people, including children, and wounded many Taliban guards.

A U.S. official, citing initial information, told Reuters as many as five U.S. military personnel may have been hurt, including at least one seriously. U.S. officials have said there are about 5,200 American troops providing security at the Kabul airport.

TVNL Comment: Updated reports say that 13 US servicemen  have been killed in this attack.


Historic peace deal in Afghanistan reached with Taliban, allowing withdrawal of US troops

war in Afghanistan may end with new dealU.S. and Taliban negotiators signed an historic agreement Saturday in Qatar that could end 19 years of war in Afghanistan and allow President Donald Trump to begin the promised withdrawal of American troops.

The four-page pact spells out a timetable for the United States to withdraw its 13,000 troops from Afghanistan; in exchange, the Taliban agreed to sever its ties with al Qaeda, the terrorist group that launched the Sept. 11 attacks against the U.S.

It also sets the stage for further negotiations between Afghanistan's government and the Taliban, a militant Islamist group that once ruled Afghanistan and provided safe haven to Osama bin Laden. American officials hope those talks will lead to a power-sharing deal, a permanent end to the bloody conflict, and a full withdrawal of American forces.


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