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Texas governor signs bill to ban local bans on fracking

Texas fracking bansThe governor of Texas has seized control of the energy narrative in the state by passing a ban on local measures against fracking, advocacy groups said.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that prevents city-level ordinances against hydraulic fracturing. Abbott said the bill does a "profound job" of protecting property owners from the "heavy hand" of local regulation.

"This law ensures that Texas avoids a patchwork quilt of regulations that differ from region to region, differ from county to county or city to city," he said in a statement.


Supreme Court rules felons can sell, transfer guns

Supree CourtThe Supreme Court ruled Monday that convicted felons may be able to transfer their legally owned guns to someone else rather than surrender them to the government.

In siding with a former U.S. Border Patrol agent in Florida convicted on a drug charge, Justice Elena Kagan said authorities can transfer a felon's weapon to a trusted third party, as long as the court is convinced the felon won't use the weapons.

"A felon cannot evade the strictures of [the law] by arranging a shame transfer that leaves him in effective control of his guns," Kagan said.


Shell oil rig access blocked at Seattle port

Seattle protestsHundreds of protesters gathered at the Port of Seattle on Monday to block oil workers’ access to a Royal Dutch Shell drilling rig temporarily docked there on its journey to the Arctic, where it will be used to resume exploration for oil and gas reserves.

Holding signs reading “Shell no” and “Seattle loves the Arctic,” protesters assembled early in the morning to prevent workers from reaching the rig, one of two that Shell plans on sending to the Chukchi Sea off Alaska’s northwest coast this summer.


Former Congressional candidate guilty in plot to bomb, kill Muslims in upstate N.Y. hamlet of 'Islamberg'

Aerican terrorist A hate monger from Tennessee who spent 2014 running for a Congressional seat has pleaded guilty to a charge stemming from a plot to firebomb and kill Muslims in an upstate New York hamlet known as 'Islamberg.'

Robert Doggart, 63, wanted to burn down a school, a mosque and a cafeteria in the small town of Hancock, along the Pennsylvania border some 45 miles southeast of Binghamton, according to intercepted phone calls and Facebook posts described in a federal arrest affidavit.


Bankrupt RadioShack aims to sell 67m customer names and addresses

RadioShack vailable from RadioShack: three-prong adaptors, television antennas, cellphone cases, and millions of its former customers’ street addresses and emails.

Over its 90-year history, the company acquired personally identifiable information about its customers including social security numbers, emails, home addresses, telephone numbers, “and other government issued identification numbers unique to each consumer”, according to RadioShack’s legal filings.


Supreme Court: Two states can't tax the same income

Supreme Court rules on double taxationThe Supreme Court came down against double taxation Monday in a case that could cost some states and cities millions of dollars.

The justices sided with taxpayers over governments in a case that tested Maryland's income tax system, which does not grant a full credit to residents who also pay income taxes in states where they work. The state is among the few that collect some income taxes on residents who work out of state.


Police arrest 192 after deadly biker gang shootout

Bikers arrested in TexasNearly 200 people were arrested on Monday a shootout between rival motorcycle gangs a day earlier where nine people were killed and 18 injured at a restaurant that law enforcement called a horrific crime scene.

The bikers from at least five rival gangs attacked each other with guns, knives, brass knuckles, clubs and motorcycle chains at a Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill in the central Texas city of Waco. No bystanders or police were injured, police said.


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