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Torture by Iraqi militias: the report Washington did not want you to see

Report of Iraq Military torture under Bush Two unpublished investigations show that the United States has consistently overlooked killings and torture by Iraqi government-sponsored Shi'ite militias.

It was one of the most shocking events in one of the most brutal periods in Iraq’s history. In late 2005, two years after the U.S.-led invasion toppled Saddam Hussein, U.S. soldiers raided a police building in Baghdad and found 168 prisoners in horrific conditions.

Many were malnourished. Some had been beaten.

The discovery of the secret prison exposed a world of kidnappings and assassinations. Behind these operations was an unofficial Interior Ministry organisation called the Special Investigations Directorate, according to U.S. and Iraqi security officials at the time.


Former Guantánamo prisoner urges UK inquiry into abuses

Ex-Gitmo prisoner asks for UK inquiryThe last British resident held at Guantánamo Bay says former Prime Minister Tony Blair and other senior officials should be granted legal immunity to reveal what they knew about British complicity in abuses during the "war on terrorism."

Shaker Aamer, 48, was freed in October after almost 14 years at the U.S. detention facility in Cuba. He told ITV News that "we need to hear the truth" from Blair and others but that "you are not going to get the truth from these people if they are scared."


Critical Exposure: Cameras in Hand, Palestinian Women Document Daily Abuses

Palestinian women record abusesHow do people under siege make themselves visible? In an increasingly media-saturated world, the question of visibility haunts the youth of occupied Palestine, whose stories get eclipsed by gunfire and drowned out by geopolitical polemicizing in distant official chambers.

Many generations of war and segregation have left youth locked in a state of suspended disorientation. Everyday life in the West Bank plays like a constant loop of ritual humiliations under military domination, as residents brave harassment and checkpoints on the way to school and watch relatives vanish into arbitrary detention. The banality of this quotidian indignity is especially unbearable for those growing up in an age of social media, where divides of nation and culture are rapidly dissolving amid a proliferation of digital communication.


How a group of 22 men from China's Uighur community were sold in Afghanistan and imprisoned in Gitmo as terrorists.

22 Uighurs in GitmoChina's western autonomous region of Xinjiang is home to the country's mostly Muslim Uighur minority.

But many have fled China in recent years to escape persecution from Chinese authorities who have banned some of their cultural and religious traditions.

In October 2001, a group of Uighurs seeking refuge in Afghanistan and Pakistan, faced a new and unexpected misfortune. Their quest for a better life ended in incarceration.


Gitmo detainee held for 13 years is victim of mistaken identity, says US

Gitmo prisoner mistaken identityA Yemeni prisoner at the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay appears to have been the victim of mistaken identity, suspected of being a significant member of Al-Qaeda when he was in reality just a lowly foot soldier, officials said in documents released Tuesday.

Mustafa al-Aziz al-Shamini has been held at the U.S. base as an enemy combatant without charge for over 13 years after his capture in Afghanistan.


Secret U.S. Hostage Held by Taliban Allies

US hostage held by Taliban alliesA group of Islamist militants aligned with the Taliban has been holding an American man hostage for more than a year, according to U.S. officials and others familiar with his case, which has not been reported previously.

The disclosure of another American hostage raises questions about how many Americans are being held abroad—and what the U.S. government is doing to recover them. The Obama administration has been working to streamline its hostage rescue efforts, which critics say have suffered from a lumbering bureaucracy that hasn’t kept family members fully informed about their loved ones. How effective those efforts have been is unclear.


Immigrant Detainee Hunger Strike Grows As Men Plead To Be Released

Immigrant detainees hunger strikeMen in six immigrant detention centers have joined a hunger strike to demand they be released and granted asylum in the U.S. because they fear returning to their home countries, activists say.

The hunger strikes started on Wednesday in three detention facilities, and advocacy group Desis Rising Up and Moving, or DRUM, said Monday that men in three other facilities had begun refusing food as well. The number of men participating in what the organization calls the #FreedomGiving hunger strikes is now at more than 130, DRUM executive director Fahd Ahmed told The Huffington Post.


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