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Netflix to provide one year of paid parental leave

NetflixNetflix is giving new parents on its payroll up to a year of paid leave in a move that could pressure other technology employers to improve their baby benefits as they vie for talent.

The employee benefit announced Tuesday on Netflix's blog is generous even by the standards of Silicon Valley, where perquisites supplement lavish salaries in the competitive battle for computer programmers and other tech workers.


Court Says No To Gagging Those Who Reveal Farm Animal Abuse

animal abuse  reports not gaggedA hard-to-watch video, filmed in 2012 by undercover investigators with Mercy for Animals, shows Idaho dairy farm workers viciously abusing cows.

The state's response: It charged the workers with misdemeanors and then caved to the meat and dairy industry with a 2014 law that makes whistleblowing on farms a crime punishable with a $5,000 fine and a year in jail.


Raging California Wildfires Drive 13,000 From Their Homes

California wildfiresFirefighters were working aggressively to regain control after a raging Northern California fire jumped a highway that had served as a containment line for the massive blaze — one of 20 wildfires burning in California.

Cooler weather had helped crews build a buffer Monday between the wildfire and some of the thousands of homes it threatened as it tore through drought-withered brush in Lake County that hadn't burned in years.

But Monday afternoon erratic wind blew hot embers north of Highway 20 ignited several fires across the highway north of the city of Clearlake.


Alabama officer kept job after proposal to murder black man and hide evidence

Roy MiddlebrookA police officer in Alabama proposed murdering a black resident and creating bogus evidence to suggest the killing was in self-defence, the Guardian has learned.

Officer Troy Middlebrooks kept his job and continues to patrol Alexander City after authorities there paid the man $35,000 to avoid being publicly sued over the incident. Middlebrooks, a veteran of the US marines, said the man “needs a god damn bullet” and allegedly referred to him as “that nigger”, after becoming frustrated that the man was not punished more harshly over a prior run-in.


Ferguson Prisoner Beaten by Cops Has Won His Appeal

Henry DavisMichael Brown’s killing brought to light the horrific case of Henry Davis, who was beaten by Ferguson cops, then charged with bleeding on them. Now he’s finally allowed to sue them.

The Ferguson cops charged Henry Davis with destruction of property because he bled on their uniforms when they beat him.

Then, as if fearing it might be outdone in ridiculousness, a federal district court ruled that Davis could not sue the cops for violating his Fourth Amendment rights because they had not injured him badly enough as he lay handcuffed on the jailhouse floor, a working man arrested on a traffic warrant in a case of mistaken identity.


A prison of debt: Ex-felons trapped by fees, fines and high interest rates

prisoners in debtJason Hill has been free, sober and out of trouble for six years, working, raising a son with his fiancée and seeing his mother through her last days. Yet he maintains the nervous hands and simmering gaze of a man just released from prison. His record seems to cast a permanent gloom over his prospects.

“I’m doing better than a lot of other people are, because I do have a job,” he said, though his commute to the corner store where he works can be a challenge. He’s developed a strategy to reduce the risk of interacting with the police: walking, taking the bus or paying a trusted friend, a white man without a record, to give him a lift. On a scorching day in June, however, he made an exception: He accepted a ride to work in a car with out-of-state plates, a quick drive that takes him two hours by bus.


Memphis Police: Possible suspect in custody for the killing of Officer Sean Bolton

Sean BoltoonPolice have taken a possible suspect into custody for the killing of 33-year-old Officer Sean Bolton.  The possible suspect was located in the Hickory Pointe Apartments located near Mt. Moriah Road and Hickory Hill Extended.

Officer Bolton was shot as he was conducting a traffic stop. He was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition, and later passed away.

Police were notified of the shooting by a citizen, who used Officer Bolton's radio.

Officer Bolton was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. He was hired by the Memphis Police Department in October 2010.


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