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Biker Injuries And Deaths Soar After Michigan Repeals Helmet Law

Biker law repealed in MichiganIn the three years after Michigan repealed a mandatory motorcycle helmet law, deaths and head injuries among bikers rose sharply, according to a recent study.

Deaths at the scene of the crash more than quadrupled, while deaths in the hospital tripled for motorcyclists. Head injuries have increased overall, and more of them are severe, the researchers report in the American Journal of Surgery.

Senior author Dr. Carlos Rodriguez decided to do the study after noticing an abrupt change in the trauma unit at Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, where he works.


FBI investigating fatal Chicago police shooting of motorist in 2013

FBI investigate shooting 2013The FBI is conducting a civil rights investigation into the fatal 2013 Chicago police shooting of a motorist whose family is challenging officers’ accounts that he was armed and opened fire.

A brief mention of the case was contained in thousands of pages of emails related to police shootings that the city released on New Year’s Eve, the Chicago Tribune reported on Saturday.


Maryland officer jailed for putting gun to man's head: report

Maryland officer jailedA Maryland police officer has been sentenced to five years imprisonment for putting his gun to a man's head and mouth during a 2014 incident that was caught on cellphone video, a television station reported.

Prince George's County Police Officer Jenchesky Santiago was sentenced on Friday following his conviction in December of misconduct in office, first- and second-degree assault and use of a handgun during a crime of violence, the NBC affiliate in Washington D.C. reported.


Leader of Oregon militia turns down safety offer; Idaho group arrives to prevent 'Waco-style' escalation

Oregon stand offA constitutional rights militia from Idaho said it traveled to southeastern Oregon Friday to lend assistance to a similarly-styled group that's been occupying a federal wildlife refuge there for a week now -- with the intention of preventing a potential scenario like the one that killed dozens during the fiery conclusion of the infamous 1993 siege in Waco, Texas.

The group, called 3% of Idaho, said it has arrived to "secure the perimeter" to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, where the occupation has been going since Jan. 2.


Union case before Supreme Court draws major legal backing on both sides

Union case goes before SCOn Jan. 11, the United States Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments in one of the most significant cases of this term: Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, a nearly three-year long legal showdown between organized labor and its most implacable foes.

At stake is whether public sector unions can constitutionally charge “fair share” fees to non-union members of the workplaces they represent. The contract that a union negotiates with the management of any given shop applies to all employees, union and non-union alike. As a result, unions in 25 out of 50 states are permitted to charge non-union workers for the expenses associated with representing them. If the court rules that these fees are unconstitutional, the long-term health of American public sector unions could be in jeopardy.


New York police sergeant facing internal charges in chokehold death

NYPD cop to face internal chargesA New York City police sergeant is facing internal disciplinary charges for her role in the chokehold death of an unarmed black man whose fatal police encounter in 2014 spurred nationwide protests.

Sergeant Kizzy Adonis was served with departmental charges on Friday, police officials said, and placed on modified duty. Adonis is the first officer to be formally charged with wrongdoing in connection with Eric Garner's death.


Sorry, Ranchers, You’re Actually Big-Time Government Moochers

Bundy ranchers big time moochershis week, eyes have been trained on the bizarre standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, where upwards of 20 armed insurgents have seized a government building in opposition to the federal government’s continued ownership and administration of public lands in the Western states.

It’s tempting to write off Ammon Bundy and his allies as a group of fringe radicals, but that would be a mistake: The standoff at Burns exposes a widely held belief in the West—stoked by elected officials at the state and federal level—that the federal government has and will continue to encroach on private property. “The [Bureau of Land Management] wants that land bad and they’ll probably end up getting it,” said a local man in Oregon this week. “The federal government wants to take over the state of Oregon and turn it into a park.”


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