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Iraq humanitarian crisis 'one of the world's worst'

Iraq's need for humanitarian aidIraqi civilians and officials have voiced concern over the humanitarian situation in the country's western cities of Fallujah and Ramadi.

"The situation is deteriorating every day - the shortage of food is becoming worse," a member of the Anbar Province's security committee, Rajeh Barakat al-Issawi, told Al Jazeera. "ISIL fighters are banning all and any aid from entering the city [Fallujah]," he added.


Brazil's Senate impeaches president Rousseff; trial ahead

Brazil president impeachedBrazil's Senate voted Thursday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff after a months-long fight that laid bare the country's fury over corruption and economic decay, hurling Latin America's largest country into political turmoil just months before it hosts the Summer Olympics.

Rousseff's enraged backers called the move a coup d'etat and threatened wide-scale protests and strikes. Her foes, meanwhile, insisted that she had broken the law, and that the country's deep political, social and economic woes could only be tackled without her.


Italy joins rest of Europe in giving rights to gay couples

Italy offers gay rightsItaly joined the rest of Europe on Wednesday in giving some legal rights to gay couples after a years-long battle and opposition from the Catholic Church to anything that smacked of authorizing gay marriage.

The lower Chamber of Deputies voted 372-51 with 99 abstentions to approve legislation already passed in February by the Senate.

Gay rights activists hailed the vote as historic, given that Italy was the last of the European Union's 28 nations to grant legal recognition to civil unions. But they voiced disappointment that the government had sacrificed a provision to allow gay adoption to ensure passage.


Quietly, Vietnam hosts arms gathering attended by U.S. companies

Vietnam arms conferenceVietnam hosts a defense symposium this week attended by top American arms manufacturers, ahead of a visit by U.S. President Barack Obama and as Washington weighs whether to lift an arms embargo on its former enemy.

Secrecy has surrounded the event staged by the communist country and attended by firms including Boeing (BA.N) and Lockheed Martin (LMT.N). It coincides with the biggest arms buildup in the country since the Vietnam War.


Israel court convicts Palestinian boy of murder attempt

Israel convicts palestinian boyIsrael's Jerusalem District court has convicted a 14-year-old Palestinian boy on two charges of attempted murder after he allegedly carried out a stabbing attack on two Israelis.

Ahmed Manasra was with his cousin, 15-year-old Hassan Manasra, who was shot dead by Israeli police after the incident on October 12 at the illegal Pisgat Zeev settlement in occupied East Jerusalem.

"There was no kind of justice in the court's handling of the case - this was an unjust decision. We did not expect it," Ahmed's father Saleh Manasra told Al Jazeera.


UK report on Iraq war to be published on 6 July

Sir John ChilcotSir John Chilcot’s long-awaited report into the Iraq war will be published on 6 July, an inquiry spokesman has said.

Security checks on the 2.6m-word report have been completed without the need for any redactions. The date of publication was agreed by the inquiry’s head, Sir John Chilcot, and David Cameron.

In a letter to the prime minister, Chilcot said: “National security checking of the inquiry’s report has now been completed, without the need for any redactions to appear in the text. I am grateful for the speed with which it was accomplished.”

TVNL Comment: .....and the US investigation into the Iraq invasion will begin when?  Just asking.


Rousseff impeachment vote annulled, throwing Brazil legislature into chaos

Rousseff impeachment annulledBrazil’s new lower house speaker has annulled last month’s impeachment vote against Dilma Rousseff in a twist that would stretch the credibility of a House of Cards plot.

The surprise move, which comes just days before the upper house was due to consider the motion, throws the legislature into chaos and could provide a lifeline to the embattled president.



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