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U.S. Says for First Time That Christie Knew of Bridge Plot

Anne KellyNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie was told about politically motivated traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge as they crippled a town whose mayor refused to back his re-election, a U.S. prosecutor said for the first time since the scandal became public.

The assertion came at the start of a trial of Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, who are accused of shutting bridge access lanes to paralyze traffic in Fort Lee, New Jersey, during the first week of school in September 2013. Prosecutors say they sought to punish Mayor Mark Sokolich, a Democrat who didn’t back Christie, a Republican.


Reporter arrested at Trump event released

Reporter released after Trump rally arrestA Vice News reporter who was arrested trying to gain access to a Donald Trump event was released from jail Sunday.

Alex Thompson was arrested for trespassing Saturday night at a Trump campaign stop in Houston, Texas.

The news outlet said that Thompson was asked to leave by hotel's staff and then by a manager as he waited for clarification about his press credentials. A few minutes later, the manager returned and told a police officer to arrest Thompson.


Trump has diplomats abandoning vows of silence

Trump There's a longstanding custom among the world's diplomats: You don't trash-talk candidates running for office in a foreign country.

Donald Trump is close to destroying that tradition.

As thousands of diplomats gather for the U.N. General Assembly here this week, many are struggling to hold their tongues about the brash billionaire running for the White House, a man who has managed to tick off much of the planet.


Former Defense Sec'y Bob Gates: Trump is 'beyond repair'

robert GatesNeither presidential candidate has offered a compelling vision on national security, former Defense Secretary Bob Gates writes in a scathing Wall Street Journal op-ed -- but Donald Trump is “beyond repair.”

Gates, who ran the Pentagon under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, is critical of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, citing her advocacy for the invasion of Libya, her reversal on trade agreements she supported as secretary of state, and her opposition to the troop surge in Iraq.


Trump’s Behavior Similar To Male Chimpanzee

Trump behavior like male chimpTrump is set to debate his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, on Sept. 26. When it happens, Goodall told The Atlantic she’ll be thinking of “Mike,” a chimpanzee she studied that displayed dominance by kicking kerosene cans, creating a racket that sent would-be challengers fleeing.

Unsurprisingly, Trump has already boasted that he will come out on top, telling The New York Times “I know how to handle Hillary.”


Trump: Clinton's Guards Should ‘Disarm’

TrumpDuring a much looser rally in Miami on Friday night, Donald Trump, veering way off his scripted remarks, seemed to make another veiled threat against his opponent Hillary Clinton.

In a long exchange about Second Amendment rights, which he falsely claims Clinton will take away, Trump repeated a past suggestion that the candidate lose her Secret Service protection (he has the exact same service).

"I think her bodyguards should drop all weapons," Trump said. "They should disarm immediately. Take their guns away, let's see what happens to her."


How Donald Trump Perpetuated the 'Birther' Movement for Years

Trump bortherRepublican presidential nominee Donald Trump acknowledged for the first time today that President Obama was born in the United States -- after years of leading the "birther" movement, casting doubt on the president's birthplace and fueling a raft of conspiracy theories.

Trump, in fact, refused to acknowledge that Obama was born in Hawaii even yesterday in an interview published in the Washington Post, more than five years after the president released his long-form birth certificate.


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