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Sean Spicer slams media over inauguration crowd coverage

Sean SpicerWhite House press secretary Sean Spicer came to the briefing room Saturday to chastise journalists for their coverage of attendance at President Trump’s inauguration before leaving the briefing room without taking any questions.

“Some members of the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting,” Spicer said, calling out two examples on Twitter of “inaccurate numbers involving crowd size” as well as reporting from a Time magazine journalist that a bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.


‘We’re Not Going Away’: Huge Crowds for Women’s Marches Against Trump

Women's marchHundreds of thousands of women gathered in Washington in a kind of counterinauguration after President Trump took office on Friday. A range of speakers and performers cutting across generational lines rallied near the Capitol before marchers made their way toward the White House.

• They were joined by crowds in cities across the country: In Chicago, the size of a rally so quickly outgrew early estimates that the march that was to follow was canceled for safety. In Manhattan, Fifth Avenue became a river of pink hats, while in downtown Los Angeles, even before the gathering crowd stretched itself out to march, it was more than a quarter mile deep on several streets.


Justice Department blesses White House post for Kushner

Justice Department blesses Kushner  WH appointmentIn a reversal of legal advice given to prior presidents, the Justice Department has concluded that it is lawful for President Donald Trump to appoint his son-in-law Jared Kushner to a White House post.

A 14-page opinion dated Friday from Justice's Office of Legal Counsel asserts that a federal anti-nepotism law that applies to agencies across the executive branch does not cover the White House itself.


Trump Signs Executive Order To Roll Back Obamacare

Trump exec orderPresident Donald Trump wasted no time in chipping away at the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (sometimes called "ACA" or "Obamacare").

Today, shortly after he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, President Trump signed an executive order giving the Department of Health and Human Services and "other executive departments and agencies" the authority and discretion to roll back certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act.


'It's made in Vietnam!' At inauguration, origin of red Trump hats shocks many

Trump caps made abroadOne of the biggest cheers President Donald Trump received from supporters watching his inaugural address on Friday was his call to "buy American and hire American."

It was a moment rich in irony.

Many of those supporters were sporting Trump's trademark red "Make America Great Again" baseball caps that were made in China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Some were horrified when they discovered their Trump hats were foreign made.


Trump White House website immediately scrubs mentions of civil rights, climate change

Trump WH website scrubs civil rights, climate controlTalk about your high-speed internet.

The White House website, under control of the Trump administration since noon, wasted little time Friday in taking down pages regarding LGBT rights, climate change, civil rights and Obamacare.

All four were previously listed under the “Issues” section of under President Obama — and all four disappeared shortly after Donald Trump took the oath of office.



TSA Head Refuses to Stay on for Trump

TSA head refuses to stay on with TrumpTSA administrator Peter Neffenger spent Thursday saying his goodbyes after only a year and a half at the post, a casualty of the disarray in some parts of the Trump transition process. Team Trump called him only in the last two weeks to ask him to stay—too late to change his plans, U.S. officials tell The Daily Beast.

Widely hailed as competent and innovative by Congress, Neffenger is a retired admiral and a political independent. He’s also the fifth chief of the Transportation Security Administration in as many years. Congressional sources disappointed over his departure say they may draft legislation to set terms for the TSA role, akin to the 10-year term for the FBI director.


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