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Fourth case of drug-resistant E. coli found in Connecticut child

Drug resistant e-coliA two-year-old child in Connecticut has been found to have an antibiotic-resistant strain of E. coli -- the fourth to be found in the United States.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control announced Friday that the E. coli strain, called mcr-1, was found in a two-year-old girl who'd traveled to the Caribbean, and researchers said they expect to see more cases of the drug-resistant bug pop up in the United States.


Trump Foundation gave $100K to conservative group suing NY attorney general

Trump Foundation gave $100K to group suing NY prosecutorWhile New York’s attorney general was investigating Trump University in 2014, Donald Trump’s foundation donated $100,000 to a conservative group that sued that same attorney general, according to a Yahoo News report Friday.

The Trump Foundation gave the money to Citizens United in 2014, the same year the group sued Eric Schneiderman over his push to force nonprofits to disclose the identities of their donors.


California prosecutor to charge 7 officers in sex scandal

California DA Nancy O'MalleySeven current and former San Francisco Bay Area police officers will be charged in a sexual misconduct scandal involving a teenager who was later arrested in Florida in an unrelated assault case, a prosecutor said Friday.

The wide-ranging scandal surfaced in June when the teenager, who described herself as a prostitute, said she had sex with about 30 law enforcement officials in Oakland and elsewhere in the region.


US, Russia seal Syria cease-fire, new military partnership

Russia and USSR sign pact re SyriaThe United States and Russia early Saturday announced a breakthrough agreement on Syria that foresees a nationwide cease-fire starting on Monday, followed a week later by an unlikely new military partnership targeting the Islamic State and al-Qaida as well as new limits on President Bashar Assad's forces.

After a daylong final negotiating session in Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said shortly after midnight Saturday that the plan could reduce violence in Syria and lead to a long-sought political transition, ending more than five years of bloodshed. He called the deal a potential "turning point" in a conflict that has killed as many as 500,000 people, if complied with by Syria's Russian-backed government and U.S.-supported rebel groups.


Federal government halts work on part of pipeline project

dakota pipelineThe federal government stepped into the fight over the Dakota Access oil pipeline Friday, ordering work to stop on one segment of the project in North Dakota and asking the Texas-based company building it to "voluntarily pause" action on a wider span that an American Indian tribe says holds sacred artifacts.

The government's order came minutes after a judge rejected a request by the Standing Rock Sioux to halt construction of the $3.8 billion, four-state pipeline.


In 20 Short Years, We’ve Wiped Out 10 Percent Of Earth’s Wilderness

Destroyed wildernessOver the past 20 years, a mere blink of an eye in our species’ 200,000-year existence, humans have managed to eliminate 10 percent of the world’s wilderness, a new analysis has found.

Globally, the authors write, the “catastrophic declines” in wilderness area over the last two decades add up to about 1.27 million square miles ― an area twice the size of Alaska.

Hardest hit was the Amazon, which has lost 30 percent of its wilderness area since the early 1990s. In Central Africa, 14 percent of the totalwilderness area has vanished.


It’s Time for the Media To Step Up and Call Out Donald Trump’s Many Lies

Call Trump the Liar he isAfter that Matt Lauer debacle Wednesday night, it’s time to stop grading Donald Trump on a curve, don’t you think? He’s not blunt. He’s not refreshing. He’s not a straight talker.

Trump is two things.

First, he’s a liar. Not an occasional liar or accidental liar, but a liar as a matter of course, a liar as strategy, a liar as a means to crush his opponents. This is hard for most people to wrap their heads around because most people aren’t like this and indeed have never even met anyone like this. It’s so shockingly amoral that most people can’t believe that someone would actually be like this. But he is.


Matt Lauer gets rough reviews after candidate forum

Matt LauerModerating a high-profile political debate or forum, not unlike being the umpire in a playoff baseball game, is a role most often talked about the next day when things don't go quite so well.

Such was the case Thursday morning for Matt Lauer, the day after he was at the helm for NBC News' Commander-in-Chief Forum featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


One dead, at least two injured in West Texas high school shooting

Alpine High shootingAt least one person is dead and two other people, including a police officer, were injured in a shooting at a rural West Texas high school, local law enforcement said

The Brewster County Sheriff's Office said the dead person is believed to be the shooter from a self-inflicted wound. An Alpine High School student and an Alpine, Texas, police officer were injured in the incident. The school continued to be on lockdown past noon Thursday.


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