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Pentagon Report Reveals Confusion Among U.S. Troops Over Afghan Mission

Confusion over Afghanistan role Amid fierce fighting after the Taliban captured the northern Afghan city of Kunduz last year, U.S. special forces advisers repeatedly asked their commanders how far they were allowed to go to help local troops retake the city.

They got no answer, according to witnesses interviewed in a recently declassified, heavily redacted Pentagon report that lays bare the confusion over rules of engagement governing the mission in Afghanistan.


NC Files Suit Against Feds Over Bathroom Law

NC files suit against fedsNorth Carolina on Monday filed a lawsuit against the federal government in response to a letter from the Justice Department that gave the state until the end of the day to scrap a controversial law regarding access to public bathrooms or risk losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding.

Gov. Pat McCrory was given until Monday to notify the Justice Department that he would not enforce House Bill No. 2, which the federal government says limits protections for LGBT people. The measure has drawn a firestorm of protest from across the country.



'Trump' candidate leading Philippines' presidential race

Trump candidate set for win in PhilippinesTough-talking political maverick Rodrigo Duterte took a commanding lead in the Philippines’ presidential election Monday with more than half the vote counted.

Duterte, 71, the mayor of the southern city of Davao who has drawn comparisons to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, held 38.9% of the vote with 60% of precincts reporting. Grace Poe, the adopted daughter of Philippine movie stars, held 22.2% and Manuel “Mar” Roxas, backed by current president Benigno Aquino, had 21.6%.


North Korea detains and expels BBC team

N Korea expels BBC teamNorth Korea has detained a team of BBC journalists and ordered their expulsion over their news reporting, the British broadcaster said.

The network's Tokyo correspondent Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, producer Maria Byrne and cameraman Matthew Goddard were stopped by officials on Friday as they were about to leave North Korea, the BBC said on Monday.

The BBC's @wingcommander1 was one of three BBC staff detained in North Korea on Friday.


Mercury makes rare transit between Earth and the Sun

Mercury transition across sunThe planet Mercury is passing directly across the face of the Sun for the first time in 10 years, as it casts a shadow across South America, Africa, Western Europe and the east of North America.

Mercury, which is slightly larger than the Earth’s moon, is too small to see without binoculars or a telescope, and experts warn that looking directly at the Sun during Monday's event could damage eyes.


Donald Trump breaks the GOP

Trump splits GOPIt was as shocking as it was predictable after a year of slow-motion buildup — the dramatic splitting apart of the Grand Old Party in the 72 hours after Donald Trump became its presumptive nominee.

Asked on Friday whether the organization he now leads is officially Trump’s party, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus responded with pithy double-speak befitting this dystopian moment in our politics.

“It’s the party’s party,” Priebus said.

Whatever party Priebus was speaking of is currently in tatters.


Twitter Bars Intelligence Agencies From Using Analytics Service

Dataminr not fiving info to fedsTwitter Inc. cut off U.S. intelligence agencies from access to a service that sifts through the entire output of its social-media postings, the latest example of tension between Silicon Valley and the federal government over terrorism and privacy.

The move, which hasn’t been publicly announced, was confirmed by a senior U.S. intelligence official and other people familiar with the matter. The service—which sends out alerts of unfolding terror attacks, political unrest and other potentially important events—isn’t directly provided by Twitter, but instead by Dataminr Inc., a private company that mines public Twitter feeds for clients.


Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Indicted Over TV Interview

Vanunu violates parole Mordechai Vanunu, who served 18 years in prison for disclosing Israeli nuclear secrets, was indicted for violating the terms of his parole over an interview he gave to an Israeli television station.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court handed down the indictment on Sunday for the September interview on Channel 2, the station [reported](   “”).


Spice: Americans turn to dangerous 'synthetic marijuana' to evade drug tests

Synthetic pot hits USA man comes into the emergency room in Jackson, Mississippi. Six-foot-four, 240lbs. “Solid, brick muscle”, recalls Dr Robert Galli, a professor of emergency medicine and toxicology at the University of Mississippi medical center (UMMC) in Jackson.

“This big guy was fumbling around in the street, he was rolling around in the grass, he had no shirt on, his pants and underwear were down to his shoes, and he’s flopping around in the rain with about 15 people taking videos of him.”


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