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Countless Acts Of Hate Have Been Carried Out Since Trump’s Win

Hate increases after Trump electionDay one of Donald Trump’s America came with countless acts of hate that were carried out by his supporters against several of the country’s most marginalized groups.

Day two was no different.

Since Tuesday, people from all types of communities ― black, Latino, Muslim, Jewish, Asian, queer people, women ― have been physically harmed, slandered with hate speech or been the targets of racist graffiti.


Portland marcher shot amid nationwide anti-Trump protests

Portland protester shotAn anti-Trump protester in Portland —  one of thousands who turned out in several cities nationwide Friday night and early Saturday — was shot and injured during a confrontation on a Willamette River Bridge, according to police.

The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries as police sought a male suspect, who apparently fled in his vehicle.


Suicide car bomb hits Iraqi forces advancing in Mosul.

Suicide bpmb hits Iraqi troopsIraqi Special Forces advancing inside Mosul were hit by a suicide car bomber Saturday as Islamic State fighters battle to keep their hold on Iraqi's second-largest city in the face of an all-assault  by ground troops and U.S.-led coalition airstrikes.

The IS fighters struck in an early morning in the Qadisiya neighborhood, which the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Service  troops had entered a day earlier.

The militants, defending one of their last strongholds in their self-proclaimed caliphate, which straddles Iraq and Syria, followed the car bombing with a barrage of gunfire, mortar rounds and rocket-propelled grenades, Iraqi officers said, according to the Associated Press.


Former U.S. ambassador Michael McFaul banned from entering Russia

Michael McFaulA former U.S. ambassador to Russia has been placed on the Kremlin's sanctions list and banned from entering the country, a move he believes is retaliation for his "close affiliation with [U.S. President Barack] Obama."

Michael McFaul, now a professor at Stanford University in California and a longtime critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, took to social media to confirm the ban.


Turkey halts operations of 370 civic groups, raids offices

Turkey arrests tens of thousandsTurkey's Interior Ministry has halted the operations of 370 civic associations on terrorism-related charges, with police raiding several offices and detaining members.

Some of the raids Friday met resistance, leading to detentions.

Nergis Aslan, the general secretary of the Progressive Lawyers' Association, told The Associated Press that the Turkish government gave no explanation for the decision to shut down his group. She says "there is serious suppression against any form of organization, association or any sort of opposition group."


Afghanistan: Explosion hits US airbase in Bagram

Baghram bas attackNATO says at least four people have been killed in an explosion inside the largest US military base in Afghanistan, with the Taliban claiming responsibility for the attack.

The explosion struck at dawn on Saturday inside the heavily fortified Bagram Airfield, north of Kabul, as the Taliban step up attacks on Western targets before the onset of winter, when fighting usually ebbs.


Alex Baer: Day Two: Triage Tango

Triage TangoAnother election.  Another Veterans Day.  Another round of triage.  Yes, it's a new day.  Welcome to Group.

Might be nice to start out this session by reminding everyone that those five Kubler-Ross stages of grief are not linear, bim, bam, boom, and all-done.  Elisabeth Kubler Ross has herself had mixed feelings about coming up with that scale, saying it was always meant as a guideline, not a serial shopping list of tasks to be done, and crossed off in that specific order -- nor was it meant to exclude other facets.


Anti-Trump protest leaders say preparing for long fight

Protests against Trump continueThe protests in major U.S. cities against Republican Donald Trump's surprise presidential election victory have been impromptu affairs, quickly organized by young Americans with a diverse array of backgrounds and agendas.

But as they look out at the next four years with Trump in the White House while his party controls both houses of Congress, activists are starting to prepare for what they hope will be the nation's strongest protests since the Occupy Wall Street movement.


Donald Trump presidency a 'disaster for the planet', warn climate scientists

Trump a danger to the climateThe ripples from a new American president are far-reaching, but never before has the arrival of a White House administration placed the livability of Earth at stake. Beyond his bluster and crude taunts, Donald Trump’s climate denialism could prove to be the lasting imprint of his unexpected presidency.

“A Trump presidency might be game over for the climate,” said Michael Mann, a prominent climate researcher. “It might make it impossible to stabilize planetary warming below dangerous levels.”


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