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March for Truth protests calling for independent Russia probe kick off

March for Truth 6/3/17
Protesters in Washington huddled steps away from the White House on Saturday, calling for an independent commission to investigate possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the latest in a series of weekend demonstrations against the Trump administration.
The first protesters in the so-called “#MarchForTruth” gathered in New York City’s Foley Square, where speakers, including “Hamilton” star Javier Muñoz and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), addressed the crowd.

In Trump rebuke, Bloomberg pledges $15 million for Paris climate agreement

Mike Bloomberg gives 15M for climate pactPhilanthropist Michael Bloomberg and others will dig into their own pockets to make sure the Paris climate agreement is met, no matter what happens in Washington.

The billionaire and other "partners" pledged up to $15 million to the United Nations, the same amount the U.N. stands to lose from the United States' early withdrawal from the climate pact. The money will assist the nearly 200 other countries to keep their commitments to reduce greenhouse gases and slow global warming.


Hubble captures image of galaxy passing behind star

Hubble photo of galaxy behind starWhen astronomers talk about transits, most often they're discussing the path of a planet across the face of its host star.

But the cosmos host all sorts of transits. The Hubble Space Telescope captured a unique transit, the passage of a massive galaxy behind a sun-like star that is positioned much closer to Earth.


CIA's 'Dark Prince' tapped to lead charge against Iran

Michael d'andrea in charge of Iran offensiveThe CIA has appointed a senior counterterrorism officer with a strong background in the Middle East to lead the US administration's handling of Iran, signaling a new hardline approach to Tehran, sources tell Al Jazeera.

Known as the "Dark Prince", "Ayatollah Mike", and the "Undertaker" within the halls of the CIA, Michael D'Andrea ran the CIA's Counterterrorism Center between 2006 and 2015. He also oversaw its covert programmes to hunt and kill "terrorist" suspects with drones around the world, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.


Bilderberg 2017: secret meeting of global leaders could prove a problem for Trump

Bilderberg meetingThe storm around Donald Trump is about to shift a few miles west of the White House, to a conference centre in Chantilly, Virginia, where the embattled president will be getting his end-of-term grades from the people whose opinion really matters: Bilderberg.

The secretive three-day summit of the political and economic elite kicks off on Thursday in heavily guarded seclusion at the Westfields Marriott, a luxury hotel a short distance from the Oval Office. The hotel was already on lockdown on Wednesday, and an army of landscapers have been busy planting fir trees around the perimeter, to protect coy billionaires and bashful bank bosses from any prying lenses.


Trump White House Made Secret Efforts to Remove Russia Sanctions

Tom MalinowskiPresident Donald Trump’s administration moved quickly to try and lift economic sanctions on Russia and other punishments former President Barack Obama had put in place as soon as it took office in January, according to multiple sources who have spoken with Yahoo News.

“There was serious consideration by the White House to unilaterally rescind the sanctions,” according to Dan Fried, who retired in February as Coordinator for Sanctions Policy at the State Department.


Fight to stop controversial Canadian pipeline gets fresh backing in BC

Canada fighting to stop pipelineAn alliance between opposition parties in British Columbia has offered new hope to opponents of a contentious Canadian pipeline expansion, and raises the prospect of a confrontation with Justin Trudeau, who has thrown his support behind the project.

After an inconclusive election in the province’s legislature earlier this month, the Green party – which won three seats – agreed this week to form a minority government with the leftwing New Democratic party, potentially putting an end to 16 years of rule by the Liberals. A confidence vote is expected to take place this month, which could force Liberal premier Christy Clark to resign.


Elon Musk and Disney boss quit Trump's business panel over Paris pullout

Elon Musk and Disney boss pull out of Trum advisory panelDonald Trump may think tackling climate change is bad for business. But business? Not so much.

Two of the US’s biggest business leaders, Tesla founder Elon Musk and Disney’s Robert Iger, have quit Trump’s high-powered business advisory panel after the president pressed ahead with plans to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

Trump created his business advisory panel shortly after his election as he sought to show how his administration would revamp the US by “drawing on private sector expertise”.


Special counsel probe to include Flynn's Turkey ties: report

Flynn tis to Turkey eyed in probeThe Justice Department special counsel investigating Russian election interference will also look into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's lobbying work for Turkey, according to Reuters.

Robert Mueller’s probe will look into the grand jury investigation into Flynn’s paid work lobbying for a Turkish businessman, the report said. A Virginia grand jury has issued subpoenas to business associates of Flynn for documents, bank records and communications involving the lobbying work.

Flynn’s lobbying work for Turkey has come under scrutiny in recent weeks. McClatchy reported earlier this month that during the presidential transition, Flynn pushed to delay an Islamic State attack plan that Turkey opposed.


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