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Brexit vote: Theresa May dealt humiliating Brexit defeat as Britain teeters on the brink

Brexit vote humiliates MayTheresa May has lost the second ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal after failing to win over MPs with a series of last-minute changes agreed with the EU." data-reactid="22">Theresa May has lost the second ‘meaningful vote’ on her Brexit deal after failing to win over MPs with a series of last-minute changes agreed with the EU.

MPs voted against the deal by 391 votes to 242 – a majority of 149 votes – in yet another humiliation for the Prime Minister over Brexit.

Last night Mrs May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced a series of ‘legally binding changes’ to the Irish backstop, the mechanism to avoid a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland if the UK and EU fail to agree a satisfactory trade deal after Brexit.


Canada province to ban mobile phones in public classrooms

Canada province to ban cell phonesOntario's education Minister Lisa Thompson announced the new policy on Tuesday, after a year of consultations.

The ban would apply during LL instructional time, but their would be exceptions for teachers who want to use them as part of a lesson plan, students with special needs and medical reasons.

Many districts have already instituted bans, but this edict would apply to all public schools across the province.

"Ontario's students need to be able to focus on their learning," Ms Thompson wrote.

"By banning cell phone use that distracts from learning, we are helping students to focus on acquiring the foundational skills they need like reading, writing and math. We will be making a formal announcement in the near future."


Appeals court rules Ohio can defund Planned Parenthood

Appeals Court: Ohio CAN defund Planned parenthood

A majority of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Ohio can cut state funding to Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions, overturning a lower court ruling that blocked the state from stripping about $1.5 million of annual support from the network of clinics.

The case was one of several across the country addressing attempts to cut public dollars to Planned Parenthood and other providers who offer abortions in addition to a range of health care services. The 6th Circuit's ruling affects six state public health programs in Ohio, but doesn't touch Medicaid.


Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin among dozens indicted in largest-ever case alleging bribery to get kids into colleges

College admission scandalActresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin and nine college coaches are among the 50 people charged Tuesday in what federal officials say is the nation's largest-ever college admissions bribery case prosecuted by the Justice Department.

The Justice Department charged 33 affluent parents, which include CEOs and television stars, with taking part in an elaborate conspiracy that involved cheating on the SAT and ACT and parents paying coaches "enormous sums" to accept students who fabricated their athletic credentials at elite universities and colleges.


New Data Show The State Of Hate In Texas

The State of Hate in Texas

People searching Google in Texas for violent extremist content overwhelmingly favored neo-Nazi terms, with “Sieg Heil” the top search result, according to data collected since the end of 2017 by Moonshot CVE, a London-based company focused on data-driven solutions to violent extremism.

Texans Googled “Sieg Heil” 7,085 times in that period, followed by 6,220 searches for “1488,” a reference to a 14-word white power slogan and “Heil Hitler” (since H is the eighth letter in the alphabet). The third-most-popular search term was simply “Heil Hitler,” with 4,630 searches.


Mueller May Drop Second Report That Can’t Be Buried

Mueller may drop second report

Breathless media alerts notwithstanding, there is reason to be skeptical that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report is imminent. There are just too many loose ends, including the just-begun Roger Stone prosecution and the not-yet-finished litigation over “Corporation A” and other grand jury witnesses, not to mention the glaring absence of any testimony yet from Donald Trump himself. There may certainly be signs the Mueller investigation is entering its final phases—just not this week.

Still, it’s clearly time to consider the shape of what Mueller will produce as he finishes. The reporting requirements of the special counsel regulations have been exhaustively picked over. What must Mueller report to the attorney general? What may the attorney general do with the report? Will Congress and the public ever see it? The ins and outs of the special counsel report regulations played a significant role in Attorney General William Barr’s January confirmation hearings.



A mysterious payment to Paul Manafort’s lawyer reveals a hidden chapter of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign

Paul Manafort lawyer part of kickback plotRecent court filings from special counsel Robert Mueller shed new light on a mysterious payment to lawyers for Paul Manafort, the onetime chairman of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The payment, for $125,000, was made in June 2017, halfway through Trump’s first year in office. But it wasn’t disclosed publicly until late last year, when prosecutors accused Manafort in court filings of repeatedly lying to them about where the money actually came from. Manafort was convicted in 2018 of tax evasion and bank fraud, and sentenced in Virginia on Thursday to 47 months in prison. He faces another sentencing next week in Washington, D.C.

In the world of presidential campaign fundraising, where millions of dollars are often raised and spent in a matter of weeks, $125,000 can seem like a drop in the bucket.



Tucker Carlson refuses to apologize after sexist remarks resurface

Tucker Carlson refuses to apologizeThe Fox News host Tucker Carlson has refused to apologize for sexist and controversial remarks he made on talk radio years ago, after they were brought to light in a video compiled by the liberal watchdog Media Matters.

The remarks, made on the air with Bubba the Love Sponge, a popular shock jock, included describing women as “extremely primitive” and “like dogs”. Carlson also insulted a number of women individually, calling Alexis Stewart “extremely cunty” and Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “two of the biggest white whores in America”.

In a statement on Sunday night, Carlson said he had been caught “saying something naughty” a decade ago.


Trump’s budget proposal sets up another shutdown battle

Trump budget is dead on arrivalPresident Donald Trump sent his annual budget vision to Congress on Monday, starting a new battle over how to fund the government that sets up the nation for an even more destructive shutdown when money runs out later this year.

The president’s plan seeks deep cuts from agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the State Department. At the same time it would spend $8.6 billion on a border wall with Mexico and boost defense spending to $750 billion, both items sure to raise intense opposition from Democrats.


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