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'Umbrella Man' who broke windows in initial George Floyd protests a white supremacist, police say

Umbrella manA  man who vandalized an auto parts store in Minneapolis during protests over the death of George Floyd is believed to have ties to a white supremacy group and was trying to stir tensions, according to a new court filing.

Video circulated on social media in late May showing the "Umbrella Man," dressed in black, smashing windows at an AutoZone store with a sledgehammer.

Police have identified a suspect, according to a search warrant affidavit first reported by the Star Tribune and confirmed by NBC affiliate KARE.

The suspect is a member of the Hell's Angels biker gang and a member of the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood, a white supremacist gang, the affidavit said.


Freight train derails and catches fire as bridge partly collapses over Arizona lake

Train drails over collapsed bridgeA train derailed and was on fire over an Arizona lake on Wednesday morning.

A portion of the Salt River Union Pacific Railroad Bridge, which stretches over Tempe Town Lake, has collapsed, and the train on the bridge was on fire. Debris was in the water next to the park.

More than 90 firefighters were on the scene, where thick smoke filled the air and planes from nearby Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport were being diverted.

Tempe police Chief Sylvia Moir tweeted that there were "no injuries known at this time but the scene is very dangerous. Stay out of Tempe Town Lake and away from the area."


‘I Just Don’t Get It’: Republicans Balk at Funding F.B.I. Building in Virus Bill

J Edgar Hoover BuildingMitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate majority leader, looked startled on Monday when first asked why Republicans had agreed to a White House demand that $1.75 billion for a new F.B.I. building be tucked into their emergency coronavirus relief bill.

Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the chairman of the Appropriations Committee, framed the item as a Trump administration priority, not a Republican one. Other Republicans were more blunt.

“I don’t know — that makes no sense to me” said Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a close ally of President Trump’s. “I’d be fine, OK, with stripping it out.”

By Tuesday afternoon, another chapter in Mr. Trump’s long, strange and, to his critics, ethically questionable odyssey to personally shape the future of the J. Edgar Hoover Building seemed headed to a close as Republicans distanced themselves from key elements of their own coronavirus relief bill.

TVNL Comment: It makes perfect sense if you understand that Trump wants no competition to his hotel.  Read on.


America is suffering. Trump offers them a doctor who warns of sex with demons.

Trump brings in crazy doctors

According to the Mayo Clinic, endometriosis is “an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of [the] uterus — the endometrium — grows outside [the] uterus.”

Not so, says Stella Immanuel, a Houston pediatrician and spiritual leader of Fire Power Ministries, a pronouncedly non-orthodox church. Endometriosis and other potentially dangerous gynecological conditions are the residue of sexual intercourse with demons, Immanuel teaches. These demons, known as “spirit husbands” and “spirit wives” (you might prefer their pet names: Incubus and Succubus) once walked the Earth in physical form.

After they drowned in Noah’s flood, however, they carried on only in non-corporeal form. They visit humans in sexy dreams, which aren’t dreams after all but spirit spouses making a booty call. The demons are responsible not only for diseases of the female reproductive system but also for male impotence, most financial troubles, marital discord and spiritual malaise.


The COVID-19 Pandemic: US Death Toll Surpasses 150,000; China Seeing an Uptick in Cases; and More

Coronavirus deaths reach 150,000 in USThe United States has reached yet another grim milestone in the coronavirus pandemic. There are now over 150,000 deaths in the US attributable to COVID-19 (151,494 is the current count).

There are 23 states trending upward in new cases, and while states like California, Texas, Florida (which surpassed New York in confirmed cases), and Arizona have been getting hit exceedingly hard recently, but now Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning several states including Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to get control over the recent rise of cases, saying the US cannot afford to handle the type of surges seen further south and west, as CNN reports.

The US states with the most confirmed cases are:

  • California: 466,825 confirmed cases; 8,549 deaths.
  • Florida: 441,977 confirmed cases; 6,119 deaths.
  • New York: 440,462 confirmed cases; 32,708 deaths.
  • Texas: 404,179 confirmed cases; 5,883 deaths.
  • New Jersey: 185,756 confirmed cases; 15,889 deaths.

ICU Doctor Who Selflessly Cared For Hospital’s ‘Sickest Patients’ Dies Of COVID-19

Dr. Joseph Costa dies of Covid-19

The “beloved” chief of critical care at a Baltimore hospital died Saturday of COVID-19 after caring for the facility’s “sickest patients” during the coronavirus pandemic, according to the facility.

Dr. Joseph Costa, 56 — who a colleague likened to “an older brother that [staff] admired and revered” — was the intensive care unit chief at Mercy Medical Center. The hospital, confirming his death, posted about him on Facebook Sunday.

“He dedicated his life and career to caring for the sickest patients,” Sister Helen Amos, head of the hospital’s board of trustees, and David Maine, president and CEO, said in a joint statement. “When the global pandemic came down upon us, Joe selflessly continued his work on the front lines — deeply committed to serving our patients and our City during this time of great need.”


Fauci Responds To Trump Tweet Accusing Him Of Misleading The Public

Dr. Anthony FauciDr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases, on Tuesday denied misleading the public “under any circumstances” after President Donald Trump retweeted a claim that he had done so.

Fauci, appearing on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” was confronted with Trump’s apparent endorsement of criticism of his failure to endorse the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment. Trump has repeatedly touted the drug ― and claimed to be taking it himself ― although studies suggest it is ineffective and has potentially serious side effects.

“Dr. Fauci has misled the American public on many issues, but in particular, on dismissing #hydroxychloroquine and calling Remdesivir the new gold standard,” the tweet read. Remdesivir, an anti-viral drug, has shown effectiveness in studies of some coronavirus patients.



Police departments withdraw from security agreements for Democratic convention, some citing directive on crowd munitions

Polocs departments withdraw from protecting DNC ConventionAt least four Wisconsin police departments have withdrawn from agreements to send personnel to next month's Democratic National Convention, some of them citing orders to Milwaukee's police chief to cease the use of tear gas and pepper spray during demonstrations.

The moves by police departments in Fond du Lac, Franklin, Greendale and West Allis cast doubt on a program to bring about 1,000 police officers from outside agencies to help shore up security for the event, scheduled for the week of Aug 17. Even though Democrats are holding a mostly virtual convention, protests are anticipated.

Asked on Monday if the agreements were collapsing, Fond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb said, "Yes," adding that he expects other agencies from across the state to withdraw from the program.


Reuters: Trump administration to undertake DACA review in new bid to end program

DACA dreamersU.S. President Donald Trump’s administration plans to allow so-called ‘Dreamer’ immigrants to renew deportation protections for a year while it reviews a Supreme Court ruling, a senior administration official said on Tuesday.

The administration is preparing a fresh attempt to end the program that shields from deportation hundreds of thousands of immigrants living in the United States illegally after entering as children - a group often called ‘Dreamers.’

The review follows the court ruling last month that found the administration had erred in the way that it had decided to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in 2017. DACA was put in place by former President Barack Obama and currently some 644,000 immigrants are enrolled.


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