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Trump Fans Flooded Iowa Caucus Hotline, Democrats Say

Trump fans jammed Dem phone linesSupporters of President Donald Trump flooded a hotline used by Iowa precinct chairs to report Democratic caucus results after the telephone number was posted online, worsening delays in the statewide tally, a top state Democrat told party leaders on a conference call Wednesday night.

According to two participants on the call, Ken Sagar, a state Democratic central committee member, was among those answering the hotline on caucus night and said people called in and expressed support for Trump. The phone number became public after people posted photos of caucus paperwork that included the hotline number, one of the people on the call said.

The phone call Wednesday night between the Iowa Democratic Party staff and state central committee, the party’s elected governing body, came as the party was still counting results.


Trump Celebrates Impeachment Acquittal With Bizarre ‘Blood’ and ‘Bullshit’ Filled White House Speech

Trump celebrates impeachment with blood and bull shitOn Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump went before the cameras and a small audience at the White House to giddily declare victory in his turf war against the Democrats’ (and Mitt Romney’s!) “Impeachment HOAX.”

What followed was a rambling hodge-podge of commemoration, grievance-peddling, right-wing talking points, and gory, violent detail. He namechecked his friends and dragged his enemies.     It wasn’t so much a victory lap as it was a brief history of the Trump era, as told and written by Donald J. Trump.


After Trump's acquittal: new revelations will continue to trickle in

Trump responds to impeachment with vitriolic speechThe Senate trial of Donald Trump has arrived at its preordained conclusion. The president has begun a victory lap to celebrate impunity and settle scores with a long list of enemies headed by Mitt Romney, while the Democrats return to their ill-starred primaries. But there are good reasons to believe that Ukraine, the reluctant focus of the impeachment battle, will continue to haunt US politics for some time to come.

Trump’s factotum, Rudy Giuliani, called on Wednesday for a redoubling of efforts to mine the country for damaging information about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter – the original sin that first launched impeachment saga. Giuliani was joined by two Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, who sought to demonstrate their fealty by calling for Hunter Biden, who landed a job on a Ukrainian energy firm during the Obama administration, to be investigated for using government-funded travel for business reasons.


Courts are the next front in Trump's battle over presidential powers

Courts are next front for Trump conflictsIn federal court and on the Senate floor, lawyers for President Donald Trump have argued that the U.S. Constitution confers on a president broad protection from scrutiny by Congress, prosecutors and the judiciary for his actions.

In federal court and on the Senate floor, lawyers for President Donald Trump have argued that the U.S. Constitution confers on a president broad protection from scrutiny by Congress, prosecutors and the judiciary for his actions.


Giuliani & Co. Plot New Biden Probes as Trump’s Ukraine Team Lies in Ruin

Guiliani plots new Biden probe

President Trump may have been acquitted by the Senate on Wednesday. But some of his allies and most prominent lieutenants are in no mood to let the Ukraine impeachment scandal go.

Rudy Giuliani—Trump’s personal attorney whose Biden-related digging and controversial shadow-diplomacy led directly to this president’s impeachment—is very much in the category of Trumpworld’s unrepentant.


Yovanovitch says Trump administration ‘undermined our democratic institutions’

Yovanovitch: Trump undermined democracy

Marie Yovanovitch, the ousted U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, said Thursday she has “no regrets” about her decision to testify in the House impeachment inquiry and accused President Donald Trump and his administration of having “undermined our democratic institutions.”

“When civil servants in the current administration saw senior officials taking actions they considered deeply wrong in regard to the nation of Ukraine, they refused to take part,” Yovanovitch wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post. “When Congress asked us to testify about those activities, my colleagues and I did not hesitate, even in the face of administration efforts to silence us.”


FBI Director Christopher Wray Says Russia Remains a Threat to 2020 Election

Christopher Wray warns of Russian interference in 2020 election

FBI Director Chris Wray on Friday said Russia still poses a significant counterintelligence threat to the U.S. and continues to use social media campaigns to try and influence American politics.

“They use social media … to try and spin us up and pit us against each other and to undermine Americans faith in democracy,” Wray said at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. “That’s not just in an election cycle threat. It is pretty much a 365 day a year threat.”


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