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Secret Service investigating how intruder entered national security adviser's home

Jake Sullivan The Secret Service said Tuesday it is investigating how an intruder was able to get inside the home of White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan in the middle of the night a few weeks ago.

A spokesman said the agency is looking into "a security incident that took place at a protectee site."

"While the protectee was unharmed, we are taking this matter seriously and have opened a comprehensive mission assurance investigation to review all facets of what occurred," spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement.

"Any deviation from our protective protocols is unacceptable and if discovered, personnel will be held accountable. Modifications to the protective posture have also been made to ensure additional security layers are in place as we conduct this comprehensive review," he added.


DeSantis signs transgender bathroom bill, bans gender-affirming care, expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law

DiSantis signs draconian aamti gay and trans bills

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Wednesday signed four bills that will substantially alter the everyday lives of LGBTQ people in the state in what advocacy groups have condemned as a “slate of hate” against the community.

DeSantis gave final approval to legislation banning gender-affirming medical care for transgender youths, expanding a controversial state education law that limits classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity and placing additional restrictions on drag performances.


Joe Biden is definitely going to prison! As soon as the GOP finds its missing informant.

GOP informant missing

I’ve got great news: President Joe Biden is for sure going to prison!

How do I know this? Because Republican lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee have said they have an airtight case against Biden, and they’ll get down to the business of imprisoning him just as soon as they locate their key informant, who they now say is missing.

“Unfortunately, we can’t track down the informant,” GOP Rep. James Comer told Fox News on Sunday. “We’re hopeful that the informant is still there.”

We’re all very hopeful! And we certainly have no reason to doubt Republican claims of vast criminal wrongdoing by Biden. Just last week, the oversight committee released a preliminary report on its four-month-long investigation that showed, definitively, what Fox News’ Steve Doocy described as “no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegally.”

GOTCHA, SLEEPY JOE! We all know what criminal masterminds like Biden are best at: Not leaving evidence that shows they did anything illegally. Checkmate.


Rudy Giuliani sued for $10 million by former aide over alleged sexual assault

Noelle  DunphyA former associate of Rudy Giuliani is suing him for sexual assault, accusing Donald Trump's former personal lawyer of hiring her to fulfill his desire for a sexual relationship.

In a civil complaint filed on Monday and seeking at least $10 million, Noelle Dunphy said Giuliani began abusing her almost immediately after hiring her as an off-the-books employee in January 2019.

She said Giuliani made clear that satisfying his sexual demands was an "absolute requirement" of her job.

Dunphy had first publicly discussed her accusations in January but added many new details in a 69-page complaint filed against Giuliani and three of his namesake companies in a New York state court in Manhattan.



DeSantis defunds diversity programs at Florida public colleges

DiSantis goes even lower Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday banning tax dollars from being used in state colleges for diversity, equity and inclusion programs (DEI) in a sweeping measure that also places restrictions on classroom discussion of race.

While DEI programs are meant to assist in building racial, social and religious diversity among university faculty and students, the governor and other conservative critics have said they promote left-wing politics and sow racial divisions on campuses.


Florida Teacher Investigated After Showing Kids Disney Movie With Gay Character

Jenna Barbee investigated for showing Disney movieA Florida elementary school teacher is reportedly under investigation by the state Department of Education after she showed students a Disney movie that featured a gay character.

Jenna Barbee, a fifth-grade teacher at Winding Waters in Hernando County, was reported by a student’s parent after screening the movie “Strange World” as a “brain break” in between students’ standardized testing, she said in a TikTok video Sunday.

Barbee said she thought the animated movie was “perfect” because her students had been studying earth science and ecosystems and the PG movie is about a family of explorers navigating an alien world. All of her students’ parents signed a consent form for their children to watch PG movies and she didn’t think there would be an issue.

TVNL Comment: OMG! Strange Wolrd?  Lock her up!!!  This is terrible.  How dare she get parental OK's for the kids to see a super Disney film?  Ecosystems???  Sounds like terrorist propaganda!!!  No wonder our kids are using opioids!  Hide the children..... QUICK!


Special counsel John Durham's long-awaited report on FBI's Russia investigation released by DOJ

John DurhamJohn Durham, the Trump-era special counsel tasked with scrutinizing the origins of the FBI's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, has concluded his sweeping examination into the bureau's conduct, finding the Justice Department and FBI "failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law" regarding the events during the 2016 campaign.

The release of Durham's roughly 100-page report Monday comes four years after his investigation into the actions of the FBI in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election began. Attorney General Merrick Garland received the report from Durham on Friday, and it was transmitted to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on Monday.


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