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Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech

General McMasterWhen President Donald Trump addressed NATO leaders during his debut overseas trip little more than a week ago, he surprised and disappointed European allies who hoped—and expected—he would use his speech to explicitly reaffirm America’s commitment to mutual defense of the alliance’s members, a one-for-all, all-for-one provision that looks increasingly urgent as Eastern European members worry about the threat from a resurgent Russia on their borders.

That part of the Trump visit is known.

What’s not is that the president also disappointed—and surprised—his own top national security officials by failing to include the language reaffirming the so-called Article 5 provision in his speech.


Why Did Trump Attack London’s Mayor After a Terror Attack? Oh, Right.

Why did Trump attack mayor of London?America's greatest ally suffered another terrorist attack Saturday night at the London Bridge. Seven people are dead and dozens injured after being stabbed or run over at 50 miles an hour.

President Trump took this as an opportunity to vent his spleen via Twitter, railing against gun control, pushing his judicially-blocked travel ban and, most oddly, attacking the Mayor of London.

Here is the offending statement from the Mayor of London: “Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There's no reason to be alarmed.”


Is there a neo-Nazi storm brewing in Trump country?

Neo nazis in Trump  countryWhen the men in black walked into her restaurant one Friday morning and sat at the round table in the corner, Brittany Porter knew exactly what they were.

Pale, skittish, aggressively tattooed, they wore black T-shirts with a cryptic white logo over their hearts. One had a razor inked along his left jaw and two SS lightning bolts dripping next to his eye like a double set of tears. One wore a handgun on his hip.

Porter went to the table, smiled and asked what they wanted. It was just after 8am. Two of the neo-Nazis ordered chicken nuggets.


CIA's 'Dark Prince' tapped to lead charge against Iran

Michael d'andrea in charge of Iran offensiveThe CIA has appointed a senior counterterrorism officer with a strong background in the Middle East to lead the US administration's handling of Iran, signaling a new hardline approach to Tehran, sources tell Al Jazeera.

Known as the "Dark Prince", "Ayatollah Mike", and the "Undertaker" within the halls of the CIA, Michael D'Andrea ran the CIA's Counterterrorism Center between 2006 and 2015. He also oversaw its covert programmes to hunt and kill "terrorist" suspects with drones around the world, particularly in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.


Trump White House Made Secret Efforts to Remove Russia Sanctions

Tom MalinowskiPresident Donald Trump’s administration moved quickly to try and lift economic sanctions on Russia and other punishments former President Barack Obama had put in place as soon as it took office in January, according to multiple sources who have spoken with Yahoo News.

“There was serious consideration by the White House to unilaterally rescind the sanctions,” according to Dan Fried, who retired in February as Coordinator for Sanctions Policy at the State Department.


Special counsel probe to include Flynn's Turkey ties: report

Flynn tis to Turkey eyed in probeThe Justice Department special counsel investigating Russian election interference will also look into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's lobbying work for Turkey, according to Reuters.

Robert Mueller’s probe will look into the grand jury investigation into Flynn’s paid work lobbying for a Turkish businessman, the report said. A Virginia grand jury has issued subpoenas to business associates of Flynn for documents, bank records and communications involving the lobbying work.

Flynn’s lobbying work for Turkey has come under scrutiny in recent weeks. McClatchy reported earlier this month that during the presidential transition, Flynn pushed to delay an Islamic State attack plan that Turkey opposed.


Trump’s tweets ‘a gold mine’ for Mueller probe

Trump tweets a treasure trove for Mueller probePresident Donald Trump’s Twitter feed – packed with more than 35,000 time-stamped missives dating to 2009 – offers a treasure trove of evidence for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his growing team of investigators, according to lawyers and veterans of past White House scandals.

Like emails, handwritten notes or transcribed Oval Office conversations, the @realdonaldtrump account gives investigators a detailed timeline of Trump’s thoughts and opinions – including where they might differ from official accounts – and can also be used to establish intent, which can be critical in a criminal investigation.


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