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The Religious Landscape is Undergoing Massive Change. It Could Decide the 2024 Election.

Religious landscape in US is changingOne of the most significant shifts in American politics and religion just took place over the past decade and it barely got any notice: the share of Americans who associate with religion dropped by 11 points.

It’s a development of tremendous impact, one that will ripple across the political landscape at every level — and especially in presidential politics. Why? Because of what it means for the God Gap — the idea that the Republican Party is the one that fights for the rights of religious individuals (primarily Christians), while Democrats have become increasingly secular over time.

People are not fleeing organized religion at equal rates across the United States. Instead, there are regions of the country where religious adherence is still relatively robust, while other areas have seen a wholesale abandoning of organized religion. We know this because of the tireless work of the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies. Every 10 years, they contact as many religious denominations as they can and ask to see their official membership records. This data provides an unprecedented look at where religion is growing and declining in the United States.


What happens when leaders disregard the truth? Putin and Trump are about to find out

When leaders disregard the truthThe powerful were meant to be afraid of the truth. Journalists were meant to “hold truth to power”. Evidence was meant to destroy wrongdoers as sunlight does a vampire. Find the evidence, the logic went, and the powerful could be shamed and brought to justice.

Historically, the powerful would try to censor and suppress the facts. The Nazis tried to keep the truth about their atrocities hidden. The Soviet leadership would howl with embarrassment when dissidents passed information about conditions in the gulag to the outside world. Richard Nixon was brought down after the facts of his bugging his political opponents, and his ensuing cover-up, were brought to light.

But what happens when the powerful stop being scared of the truth, indeed flaunt their disregard for it – as we see in the behaviour of Russia’s Vladimir Putin and America’s Donald Trump? Why has shame disappeared and why does impunity reign? Are we now helpless to hold the powerful to account?


New Hampshire governor ‘embarrassed’ by crowd’s behavior at Trump town hall

Sununu ashamed of NH residentss at town hallThe governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, said it was “embarrassing” that Republican voters from his state laughed and applauded when Donald Trump mocked E Jean Carroll during a CNN town hall this week.

Sununu may yet have to court such voters in a presidential run of his own.

Nonetheless, the governor said, the town hall audience’s behavior “doesn’t shine a positive light on New Hampshire”.

In New York on Tuesday, a jury in a civil case found Trump liable for sexual battery and defamation regarding a 1996 assault in a New York department store changing room which Carroll described in a book in 2019. The former president was ordered to pay about $5m in damages.

Regardless, at Wednesday’s CNN event in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump said he had “no idea who the hell” Carroll was and called her a “whack job”.


Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Peddlers Removed From ReAwaken America Tour Stop in Miami

McKay and Ward removed from eventScott McKay and Charlie Ward, two purveyors of anti-Semitic and occult conspiracy theories, have been removed from the scheduled list of speakers for the ReAwaken America tour stop at the Trump National Doral Miami resort on May 12-13.

Prominent attorney and Trump family confidant Alan Dershowitz said on his podcast on the Rumble platform that Eric Trump, one of the event headliners, confirmed McKay would not be allowed on the Trump property. According to Dershowitz, Trump relayed a message to him stating, "Don't know the person or anything about them."

Ward and McKay are still featured as speakers on the ReAwaken America general tour webpage.

TVNL Comment:  Of couse, Trump doesn't know David Duke, E.J. Carroll, or these Hitler lovers (among many others).  He lies the same way others breathe.


Dear CNN (from the Editor of TVNL):

Trump at CNN

On May 11, 2023, at 3:14 PM, Jesse Richard wrote to CNN:

It's one thing to watch you guys crash and burn as you fired some of the better people on your network, but it's another thing to watch you crash and burn our country by featuring that chronic habitual psychotic liar last night. You promoted the event as a 'town hall', but exposed the viewers to another embarrassing performance by a seriously ill narcissist who cannot speak the truth.
I have never seen more lies come out of one person. This is the person you chose to showcase and essentially give a free campaign event. What a brilliant move on your part!
FYI: Jim Acosta is the only real journalist left at your station.
And by the way, I see you've adopted that very journalistic style of making everyone stand up and forcing your female so-called journalists to showcase their bodies in inappropriate outfits and high heels. Of course high heels and tight dresses are required for journalists. What a joke you guys have turned into. The only problem is it's not funny and the joke is on us as a country.
Leadership needs to go. Other than Acosta, no more CNN for me.  I'm done.
Jesse Richard, Founder and Editor of TVNL

E Jean Carroll considering suing Trump for his remarks during CNN town hall

EJ Carroll may sue Trump ove CNN commentsWriter E Jean Carroll is considering suing Donald Trump for defamation again after the former US president made disparaging remarks about her during a televised CNN town hall just a day after he was found liable in a civil case for sexually assaulting her.

“Everything’s on the table, obviously, and we have to give serious consideration to it,” Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan told the New York Times about the prospect of a defamation lawsuit. “We have to weigh the various pros and cons and we’ll come to a decision in the next day or so, probably.”

On Tuesday a New York jury ruled that Trump had sexually abused the advice columnist in an upmarket New York department store changing room 27 years ago. It also awarded about $5m in compensatory and punitive damages: about $2m on the sexual abuse count and close to $3m for defamation, for branding her a liar.


Stephanie Ruhle Of MSNBC Gives Awesome Non-Rebuttal To Donald Trump's Town Hall Lies

Stephanie RuhleStephanie Ruhle of MSNBC said Wednesday that Donald Trump’s CNN town hall was “not news,” so she ditched a post-mortem on the former president’s prime-time “lies, smears and bigotry.”

Rubbing her hands, cracking her knuckles and exhaling, the “11th Hour” host began:

“Okie dokie, folks. It is not news what happened tonight at 8 p.m. on another network. And there is no sense in fact-checking or replaying the highlights. We are not going to analyze the former president of the United States repeating lies, smears and bigotry. We’ve all heard it many many times before.”


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