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Strikes kill at least 70 at Qaeda Yemen camp: medics, official

Drone attack kills 70 in YemenU.S. airstrikes killed at least 70 al-Qaida fighters at a mountain training camp in Yemen, the Pentagon announced.

The attack Tuesday morning involved manned and unmanned aircraft, Pentagon spokesman Chris Sherwood said. It was apparently independent of a campaign against rebels in Yemen undertaken by a bloc led by Saudi Arabia. It is unclear if there was any coordination between the United States and Saudi Arabia on Tuesday's airstrike.


22,000 alleged Islamic State militants identified in registration forms

IS membership revealedAbout 22,000 alleged Islamist militants who joined the Islamic State have been identified after the militant group's registration forms were leaked to German intelligence and British media.

The names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of IS militants who registered when they joined the Islamic State were revealed in a flash drive to Sky News delivered by a "disillusioned convert to the group."


Portrait of an Afghan drone victim

Afghan drone victimThe food stand was completely destroyed. So, too, was the body of its owner, 21-year-old Sadiq Rahim Jan.

"My brother was torn to pieces. Almost nothing was left of him," says Islam Rahim Jan.

It was July 2012 and his death plunged his family into despair and poverty.

Sadiq was the family's main breadwinner. His income as the owner of the only food stand in the village of Gardda Zarrai, in the eastern Afghan province of Paktia, provided for his parents and four siblings.


White House to reveal death toll of US drone strikes for first time

WH to release drone death numbersA senior White House aide has pledged to release how many terrorism suspects and civilian casualties the US has killed in its drone strikes since 2009, the first-ever disclosure surrounding the US’s most controversial lethal operations.

Lisa Monaco, Barack Obama’s counter-terrorism and homeland security adviser, said in a Washington speech on Monday that the expanded transparency would bolster public support for drone strikes and other counter-terrorism practices that she indicated would last “for years to come”.


U.S. Drones Kill 150 Al-Shabaab Fighters

Drones kill 150 The U.S. military carried out a drone strike over the weekend targeting a training camp run by Somali Islamist group al Shabaab about 120 miles north of capital Mogadishu over the weekend, killing more than 150 fighters, the Pentagon said on Monday.


American Cluster Bombs Are Being Used To Kill And Maim Civilians In Yemen

Amrican cluster bombsSaudi Arabia is using American made cluster bombs in Yemen, according to reports by Human Rights Watch, in attacks that are indiscriminately killing and maiming civilians.

Cluster munitions emit a large detonation before a number of smaller bombs are distributed over a wider area. While the sale of cluster munitions is not banned internationally, it is widely condemned. “The United States is one of 80 countries, including China, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia, that have rejected a ban on the sale or use of cluster munitions,” CNN reported Monday.


What Donald Rumsfeld Knew We Didn’t Know About Iraq

RumsfeldOn September 9, 2002, as the George W. Bush administration was launching its campaign to invade Iraq, a classified report landed on the desk of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It came from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and it carried an ominous note.

“Please take a look at this material as to what we don’t know about WMD,” Rumsfeld wrote to Air Force General Richard Myers. “It is big.”

The report was an inventory of what U.S. intelligence knew—or more importantly didn’t know—about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Its assessment was blunt: “We’ve struggled to estimate the unknowns. ... We range from 0% to about 75% knowledge on various aspects of their program.”


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