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Israeli military says it is carrying out operation inside Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital

Gaza hospital battle rages

Here is a summary of the latest developments:

  • The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said early on Wednesday it was “carrying out a precise and targeted operation” against Hamas in al-Shifa hospital, the largest hospital in Gaza.

  • Gaza’s health ministry has been quoted by Palestinian news agency Shebab as saying that “dozens of soldiers” have entered the al-Shifa emergency department building, and that tanks have entered the complex.

  • A witness inside al-Shifa told the BBC they saw six tanks and more than 100 soldiers inside the hospital complex, in the area around the emergency department. The Guardian has not been able to verify the claims.

  • Ahmed Mokhallalati, a surgeon at al-Shifa, has told Al Jazeera that Israeli tanks and bulldozers had entered the complex. ‘The firing is still heavy, and we are hearing explosions everywhere,’ he said.


Canadian peace activist confirmed killed in Hamas attack

Vivan Silver killed in Oct. 7th attack

Vivian Silver, a Canadian-born activist who spent decades working to foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians, has been confirmed killed after initial reports suggested she had been kidnapped during the 7 October Hamas attacks.

In a statement on Tuesday, Idit Shamir, Toronto’s Israeli consul general, confirmed the 74-year-old had been killed by Hamas during the assault on Kibbutz Be’eri in southern Israel.

“Our hearts go out to her family and friends,” Shamir said. “May her memory be a blessing.

Mélanie Joly, the minister of foreign affairs, praised Silver as a “lifelong advocate for peace” adding in a statement that family described the widow and grandmother of four as “kind, generous, and selfless”.


Military training efforts for Ukraine hit major milestones even as attention shifts to Gaza

Ukranian troops trainingBattle cries pierce the smoke and rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire as Ukrainian soldiers fight through and take enemy trenches and dugouts that hide gruesome, bloody remains.

“Grenade!” one screams in Ukrainian. Another yells: “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

This time, no lives or limbs were lost. Because this time, the rounds fired were blanks and the “enemy” troops were, in fact, French soldiers whose intention was not to kill the Ukrainians but instead to help shape them into better, more lethal warriors.

But soon, the war games these troops played in the mud in France will become all too real, when the Ukrainians return home and are sent to the front lines against Russia’s forces.


Dozens of migrants are missing after a boat capsized off Yemen, officials say

Migrant boat capsizes near Yemen

Citing an unnamed coast guard official, Yemen’s state-run SABA news agency reported that the boat capsized due to strong winds and that all those on board — including women and children — fell into the water.

The shipwreck was the latest sea disaster involving African migrants seeking a better life in oil-rich Gulf countries.

Thousands of people each year seek to make the perilous voyage from Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia to Yemen and on to richer Gulf countries as they flee poverty and insecurity in search of work.











Ukraine accuses Russia of looting museums, destroying churches as part of heritage war

Ukraine accuses Russia of looting churches in Ukaine

Last month a UN report found new evidence that Russia had committed war crimes in Ukraine with deliberate killings and widespread use of torture. But they have yet to examine the intentional destruction of cultural property, which also is a war crime.

Ukraine accuses Russian forces of targeting churches, libraries, and looting the country's most important museums. And while plunder is as old as war itself, Ukrainian investigators say this is different. They see a campaign of cultural genocide to destroy Ukraine's identity as a nation. Today, a network of cultural warriors in Ukraine is building the case against Russia. It's a heritage war, one told us. And we joined them on the frontlines.

Not much was left of the tiny village of Viazivka, a few hours northwest of Kyiv, after Russian forces overwhelmed the region last March. But we weren't prepared for this…


Thousands trapped in Gaza hospital as Israelis advance; Netanyahu rejects US plan for postwar Gaza

Al Shifa Hospital

The area around Al Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip was slammed by heavy shelling Sunday as the fate of the thousands of patients, staff and civilians seeking shelter there grew more desperate by the hour.

Dr. Marwan Abusada, head of surgery at al-Shifa Hospital, said the bombardment has continued unabated for days. He dismissed the Israeli military claims that it had provided an escape route.

“No one can get out. No one can come in," Abusada told Al Jazeera. "People who tried to evacuate the hospital, they were shot at in the streets."

Palestinian officials say thousands of civilians have taken refuge among patients and staff, but Israeli officials accuse Hamas of concealing a command post in the hospital compound. Hamas denies it. The regional directors of three U.N. aid agencies issued a statement urging immediate international action to end the attacks on Gaza hospitals.


Russia renews missile attacks on Kyiv, attacks intensify in the east

Attacks on Kyiv resumeRussia on Saturday launched a missile attack on Ukraine's capital Kyiv and the surrounding region for the first time in more than seven weeks and pounded the east and south of the country with drones, Ukrainian officials said.

Ukrainian border guards said they had retaken a village in the country's northeast adjacent to the Russian border.

Officials in the east, the focus of Russia's slow 20-month-old advance, said Ukrainian forces had repelled numerous attacks by Moscow's troops and they anticipated further assaults, particularly around the devastated town of Avdiivka.


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