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At least 9 people are dead after a stage collapsed at a political rally in Mexico

At leasst 8 dead at Mexico rally stage collapseA strong gust of wind toppled the stage at a campaign rally Wednesday evening in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, killing at least nine people — including a child — and injuring 63, the state's governor said.

The collapse occurred during an event attended by presidential long-shot candidate Jorge Álvarez Máynez, who ran to escape. Videos of the collapse on social media showed people screaming, running away and climbing out from under metal polls.

The victims "will not be alone in this tragedy," Máynez told reporters Wednesday night, adding that he had suspended upcoming campaign events.

Afterward, soldiers, police and other officials roamed the grounds of the park where the event took place while many nearby sat stunned and haunted by the tragedy.


The U.N.'s top court says it will rule Friday on Israel's offensive in Rafah

ICJ president Joan DonoghueThe United Nations’ top court is expected to issue an order on Friday on Israel’s offensive in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah, potentially ordering Israel to halt the operation.

The court has no way to enforce its orders, but the case, brought by South Africa, has put increasing international pressure on Israel to show more restraint in its military campaign in Gaza.

Last week, as part of its defense at the U.N.’s International Court of Justice in The Hague, Israel characterized its military operation in Rafah, which lies on Gaza’s border with Egypt, as “limited and localized.” It argued that the court’s judges should not restrict Israel’s actions in Gaza. Lawyers for South Africa argued that Israel’s Rafah offensive was “the last step in the destruction of Gaza and the Palestinian people.”

Israel’s government has accused South Africa of acting as a “legal arm of Hamas” by filing the case in The Hague and it says it is not bound by the court’s rulings.


Billions from Russia's frozen assets will go to help Ukraine's military, the EU says

Billions from Russia's frpzem assets gpomg tp Ukraine

The European Union plan to use as much as $3.25 billion in profits from Russian sovereign assets — frozen by sanctions due to Russia's war on Ukraine — to fund Ukraine and its military.

"Russia must pay for its war damages," Czech Republic Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský said as he shared the monetary amount on X.

The European Council approved sending the money to Ukraine on Tuesday, roughly two months after reaching a consensus on using revenue from hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of assets immobilized after Russia launched a full-scale war on its neighbor in February of 2022.


Putin starts tactical nuke drills near Ukraine

Putin starts tactical nuclear drills

Russia on Tuesday announced it has started tactical nuclear weapons exercises near Ukraine, as Moscow again accused the West of being "provocative."

The Kremlin's Southern Military District troops "are practicing combat training tasks of obtaining special ammunition for the Iskander operational-tactical missile system, equipping launch vehicles with them and covertly advancing to the designated position area in preparation for missile launches," Russia's defense ministry said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made veiled nuclear threats toward the West for years, since he began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, leaving tens of thousands of people dead, and towns and cities in ruins. Western allies have supported Ukraine with military equipment to help Kyiv fend off Putin's aggression.


Israeli soldiers and police tipping off groups that attack Gaza aid trucks

IDF tipping off settlers destroing food trucks for Gaza

Individual members of Israel’s security forces are tipping off far-right activists and settlers to the location of aid trucks delivering vital supplies to Gaza, enabling the groups to block and vandalise the convoys, according to multiple sources.

Settlers intercepting the vital humanitarian supplies to the strip are receiving information about the location of the aid trucks from members of the Israeli police and military, a spokesperson from the main Israeli activist group behind the blockades told the Guardian.


Robert Hall Killed: Canadian Hostage Executed In Philippines By Abu Sayyaf Militants

Rbert Hall killed in Philippines

Filipina Maritess Flor and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad, who is also a permanent resident of Canada, have also been held hostage after being kidnapped last fall.

Sources confirmed to the The Globe and Mail, Al Jazeera, and CBC News that it was Hall who was executed.

A military spokesperson told The Globe and Mail that Hall's family had offered to pay $1.4 million for his release, but that the terror group had demanded $16.6-million or nothing at all.

Austin says 'expectation' is Ukraine won't use US weapons outside its territory, despite Russian advance

Austin says Ukraine will not use weapons outside UkraineU.S. military assistance, another $60 billion of which was passed by Congress and signed by President Joe Biden in April, is arriving as Ukraine faces a Russian offensive that could determine the "character" of the war, ​Can Kasapoğlu, a senior and political- military affairs expert at the Hudson Institute, told ABC News.

Gen. C.Q. Brown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday that Russia's new offensive "aim[s] to establish a shallow buffer zone along the Ukrainian border."

"Russia anticipates that this will divert Ukrainian focus and capabilities from other critical areas," he said.

Kharkiv was recaptured by Ukraine in a fall 2022 counteroffensive after Russia took the city in its initial invasion in February 2022.

Russia has not breached the Ukrainian front line, but Kasapoğlu said the front line is not stabilized, leaving doubt as to whether Ukraine can hold the city if Russia mounts an effort to take it.





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