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US to sell to Ukraine $138 million in HAWK air defense upgrades

US to sell Ukraine Hawk missilesThe United States will sell Ukraine up to $138 million worth of equipment to maintain and upgrade its HAWK air defense systems to help defend against Russian drone and cruise missile attacks, a U.S. State Department official told Reuters on Tuesday.

The U.S. began shipping HAWK interceptor missiles to Ukraine in 2022 as an upgrade to the shoulder-launched Stinger air defense missile systems - a smaller, shorter-range system.
Since then, Ukraine has received several air defense systems, including the U.S.-made Patriot system.

Israel's Palestinian citizens grow louder in protesting the Gaza war

Palestinian citizenss protest GazaAfter the brutal Hamas attack last October, which Israel says killed 1,200 people, anti-war demonstrations in Israel were quashed. Some Palestinian citizens of Israel were even arrested on their way to small vigils, which by law do not require a police permit. Legal aid groups documented hundreds of people who were jailed, faced job loss or suspension, or disciplinary proceedings at universities, often for social media posts that appeared to question Israel's invasion of Gaza.

That's why it was such an unusual sight, one recent Saturday afternoon, when hundreds of people marched through the Arab town of Deir Hanna, in Israel's Galilee, loudly protesting the Gaza war.

Police had banned the Palestinian flag — black, white and green with a red triangle. But like many, 25-year-old Haj Amir defiantly hoisted one over his shoulder.


Reuters: Russia seeks gasoline from Kazakhstan in case of shortages, sources say

Rosneft Russia has asked Kazakhstan to stand ready to supply it with 100,000 tons of gasoline in case of shortages exacerbated by Ukrainian drone attacks and outages, three industry sources told Reuters.

One of the sources said a deal on using reserves for Russia has already been agreed.
Shyngys Ilyasov, an advisor to Kazakhstan's energy minister, said the energy ministry has not received such a request from its Russian counterpart.
Russian energy ministry did not reply to a request for comment.
Neighbouring Belarus has already agreed to help Russia with gasoline supply'
Drone attacks had knocked out some 14% of Russian primary oil refining capacity as of end-March. So far authorities have said the situation on domestic fuel markets is stable and stockpiles large enough.

Russian nuclear company reports attack on Zaporizhzhia plant

Russian nuclear plantRussia's nuclear power corporation, Rosatom, accused Ukraine's military on Sunday of launching a series of attacks on the Russian-held Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station and the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog called for such incidents to cease immediately.

Rosatom said three people were hurt, one seriously. Russia urged world leaders to denounce the incidents. Both Russian officials and the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency said radiation levels were normal and damage not severe.

Russia accused of using chemical gas attacks against Ukrainian soldiers

Russia accused of using gas

Russia has been accused of systematically using illegal chemical gas attacks against Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukrainian troops told the Daily Telegraph that they have been subjected to regular attacks from small drones dropping teargas and other chemicals.

The use of such substances, which is known as CS, is banned during wartime under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Moscow was accused of using chemical weapons in a drone assault on the port of Mariupol in the early stages of its invasion in February 2022.

Slava, a senior lieutenant whose unit is deployed near Lyman, in Donetsk oblast, said some Ukrainian units in his area were coming under “almost daily” gas attacks.


Ukraine war: Six Russian planes destroyed by drones, says Kyiv

Russian air base

Ukraine has carried out a drone attack against targets in southern Russia and claims to have destroyed six Russian planes at an airbase in Rostov region.

Security sources told BBC Ukrainian eight more aircraft were badly damaged, while 20 service personnel could have been killed or injured.

The Morozovsk base houses Su-27 and Su-34 aircraft used on the front line in Ukraine, the sources said.

There has been no word from Russia on reports of an airfield attack.

The BBC has been unable to independently verify the reports.


NATO marks its 75th birthday as Russia’s war in Ukraine gnaws at its unity

NTO 75th birthdayNATO marked 75 years of collective defense across Europe and North America, with its top diplomats vowing on Thursday to stay the course in Ukraine as better-armed Russian troops assert control on the battlefield.

The anniversary comes as the now 32-nation alliance weighs a plan to provide more predictable longer-term military support to Ukraine. Plagued by ammunition shortages, Ukraine this week lowered the military conscription age from 27 to 25 in an effort to replenish its depleted ranks and appealed for additional air defenses to counter Russian ballistic missile attacks.

“I didn’t want to spoil the birthday party for NATO, but I felt compelled to deliver a sobering message on behalf of Ukrainians about the state of Russian air attacks on my country, destroying our energy system, our economy, killing civilians,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, who attended a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council.


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