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Russian plane accidentally strikes Russian city near Ukraine border leaving 20m crater

Russian plane hits Russian city

A Russian warplane has accidentally fired a weapon into the city of Belgorod near Ukraine, causing an explosion and damaging buildings, the Tass news agency cited the Russian defence ministry as saying.

Late on Thursday, local authorities reported a large blast in the city, which lies just across the border from Ukraine. The regional governor said two women had been injured.

“As a Sukhoi Su-34 air force plane was flying over the city of Belgorod there was an accidental discharge of aviation ammunition,” the defence ministry said, according to Tass.

Belgorod’s regional governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, announcing a state of emergency, said on Telegram there was a crater measuring 20 metres (65ft) across on one of the main streets. Four cars and four apartment buildings were damaged, he added.




Israel: self-proclaimed ‘racist’ politician nominated as New York consul general

May Golan
Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has nominated a far-right politician who once boasted that she is “proud to be a racist” as his country’s top diplomat in New York.

The appointment of May Golan was swiftly denounced by Israeli and American former diplomats, and the head of the largest Jewish denomination in the US, as an affront to the US and damaging for Israel.

A group of former Israeli ambassadors said they were “shocked” by the move.

“Golan’s appointment is outrageous as she is a racist and divisive figure, which is the exact opposite from what Israel needs in such a critical place,” they said.

TVNL Comment:  This is shameful and disgaceful. The Israelis are in a self-inflicted, rapidly moving downward spiral.


Pentagon prepares to evacuate US embassy staff in Sudan

Pentagon to evacuate embassy in Sudan

The Biden administration confirmed it was placing troops at a naval base in Djibouti in preparation for a possible evacuation of U.S. personnel at the embassy in Sudan.

American diplomats are caught in the crossfire of a war between Sudanese Armed Forces and a rival paramilitary group that has left 185 people dead and more than 1,800 wounded.

A U.S. embassy convoy was attacked this week, but no one was harmed. There are about 70 U.S. staff at the embassy and up to 16,000 private citizens in Sudan.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the U.S. has “good accountability” on its diplomats and there was “no indication that either side is deliberately going after or trying to hurt or target Americans.”


Ukraine: U.S.-Made Patriot Guided Missile Systems Arrive

Patriot guided missile systemUkraine’s defense minister said Wednesday his country has received U.S-made Patriot surface-to-air guided missile systems it has long craved and which Kyiv hopes will help shield it from Russian strikes during the war.

“Today, our beautiful Ukrainian sky becomes more secure because Patriot air defense systems have arrived in Ukraine,” Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in a tweet.

Ukrainian officials have previously said the arrival of Patriot systems, which Washington agreed to send last October, would be a major boost and a milestone in the war against Moscow’s full-scale invasion.

The Patriot can target aircraft, cruise missiles and shorter-range ballistic missiles. Russia has used that weaponry to bombard Ukraine, including residential areas and civilian infrastructure, especially the power supply over the winter.

Ukrainian air force spokesman Yurii Ihnat said late Tuesday that delivery of the system would be a landmark event, allowing Ukrainians to knock out Russian targets at a greater distance.



Wagner mercenary admits ‘tossing grenades’ at injured Ukrainian PoWs

Wagner mercenary toosed grenades at injured Ukranian soldiersA former Wagner mercenary has admitted to killing and torturing dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war, in one of the most detailed first-person accounts of atrocities committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Alexey Savichev, 49, a former Russian convict recruited by Wagner last September, told the Guardian in a telephone interview that he participated in summary executions of Ukrainian prisoners of war during his six months of fighting in eastern Ukraine

“We were told not to take any prisoners, and just shoot them on the spot,” he said.


Photographer admits prize-winning image was AI-generated

AI-generated photo

The winning photograph depicted two women from different generations in black and white.

In a statement on his website, Eldagsen, who studied photography and visual arts at the Art Academy of Mainz, conceptual art and intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and fine art at the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication in Hyderabad, said he “applied as a cheeky monkey” to find out if competitions would be prepared for AI images to enter. “They are not,” he added.


Explosive at Japan PM at campaign event; 1 hurt

Explosion near Japanese PMJapanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was evacuated unharmed Saturday after someone threw an explosive device in his direction while he was campaigning at a fishing port in western Japan, officials said. Police wrestled a suspect to the ground as screaming bystanders scrambled to get away and smoke filled the air.

One police officer was slightly hurt and Kishida continued campaigning Saturday, but the chaotic scene was reminiscent of the assassination nine months ago of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which also came on a campaign tour and continues to reverberate in Japanese politics. Kishida was visiting Saikazaki port in Wakayama prefecture to support his ruling party’s candidate in a local election, and the explosion occurred just before he was to begin his speech.

A young man believed to be a suspect was arrested Saturday at the scene after he allegedly threw “the suspicious object,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told reporters. Matsuno refused to comment on the suspect’s motive and background, saying police are still investigating.


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