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4.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma

Another earthquake in Oklahoma...4.7

Two large earthquakes have rattled Oklahoma since midnight.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake rocked a large portion of Oklahoma around 1:42 a.m. Thursday.  The epicenter was 8 miles southwest of Cherokee. At 8:24 a.m., a 4.0 magnitude earthquake was reported near Crescent.

KOCO 5 News received reports of shaking after the 4.7 magnitude earthquake from Oklahoma City, Norman, Ponca City and Tulsa, among other towns.

TVNL Comment:  Thank you, frackers. Oklahoma is now the top earthquake prone area in the world.


Big Coal Just Suffered Yet Another Crushing Defeat in UK

Coal takes a hit in the UKLondon's "fog" -- really just the industrial smog of coal-choked Dickensian England -- may be gone, but the power plants that produced it remain largely intact.  Not for long.

The British government on Wednesday announced plans to shutter all coal-fired power plants in the country by 2025, phasing them out with tighter restrictions two years before that.


It’s All But Guaranteed That 2015 Will Be The Hottest Year On Record

October heat recordShockingly high temperatures in October all but guarantee that 2015 will be the world's hottest year ever recorded.

Last month was the warmest October ever recorded -- and the sixth straight month to set record temperatures. It also was the first month to surpass the average temperature by more than 1 degree Celsius, new NASA data revealed Tuesday.


Fracking Goes on Trial for Human Rights Violations

Fracking goes on trialAs convoys of heavy trucks carry fracking equipment into new oil fields in neighborhoods and wildlands around the world, an alliance of human rights organizations is making plans to put the entire practice of hydraulic fracturing on trial. The court is the Permanent People's Tribunal, a descendant of the Vietnam War-era International War Crimes Tribunal. The Peoples' Tribunal is a branch of no government on Earth. It has no power of enforcement. It has no army, no prison, no sheriff.

So what's the point?

The point is that it matters to tell the truth in a public place. It matters to affirm universal standards of right and wrong, to clearly say, "There are things that ethical people do not do to one another and to the Earth."


Brazil's slow-motion environmental catastrophe unfolds

Brzil's slow motion environmental catasropheNine people are now confirmed dead, and a further 19 remain unaccounted for as a slow-motion environmental catastrophe continues to unfold following the collapse of two mining dams in Brazil’s mineral-rich state of Minas Gerais.

Eight days after the town of Bento Rodrigues was swept away by 50m cubic metres of toxic mud, a slow-moving tide of toxic iron-ore residue is oozing downriver, polluting the water supply of hundreds of thousands of residents as it makes its way to the ocean.


Portland, Oregon Just Passed The Strongest Resolution Against Fossil Fuels In The Country

Portland passes restrictions on fossil fuelsIn a landmark victory for climate activists, the Portland, Oregon city council voted yesterday to pass a resolution that opposes any new infrastructure that would transport or store fossil fuels within the city or its adjacent waterways.

The vote, which was unanimous, comes a week after the city council voted to adopt a similar policy opposing any proposed rail projects that would carry crude oil through the city of Portland or Vancouver. Together, the resolutions constitute what environmentalists are calling the strongest city-supported opposition to fossil fuels in the country.


Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by half a metre, say scientists

Collapsing Greenland glaciersA major glacier in Greenland that holds enough water to raise global sea levels by half a metre has begun to crumble into the North Atlantic Ocean, scientists say.

The huge Zachariae Isstrom glacier in northeast Greenland started to melt rapidly in 2012 and is now breaking up into large icebergs where the glacier meets the sea, monitoring has revealed.

The calving of the glacier into chunks of floating ice will set in train a rise in sea levels that will continue for decades to come, the US team warns.


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